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How my dog journey started

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This is just a short story of how I was exposed to dog sluts and eventually started training them on snap

Just to make it clear, the title can be misleading as some of you may expect this to be a story of me (m22) and my first sexual experiences with a dog. This is just how I got expose to the ‘zoophilia’ world and the girls I have interacted with.

It started when I was about 14/15. Never had I heard of people and animals having sexual relations or that it even existed. I was brought up in a Christian home so you can imagine how strict that was regarding anything sexual. No sex before marriage, masturbation is wrong, all of the above. Which didn’t stop me as I started experimenting with porn and masturbating at 9. But that’s a story for another time. As I said, I was 14/15 and a religious talk had been organised for my year group at school. This all had to do with puberty and our bodies changing and sex and the Bible.

What started off as any conversation about puberty and teens being horny turned just towards the end of the talk. The pastor started talking about porn and just how bad it is for you, how once you start you start spiralling down this circle where it gets worse and worse. Using the example of watching woman and dogs he looks me dead in the eye, called my name and said “Isn’t that right”. The embarrassment was unreal as I had no idea how to respond, but thinking back it’s almost as if he knew I would be obsessed with watching sluts pleasure and get pleasured by their dogs. Maybe it was him mentioning that that got me into this or maybe I was always going to end up here. Who knows.

This didn’t have an effect on me until I was about 17. Before that I was very happy just watching porn on the internet but as I got older I discovered Snapchat and sending nudes. I was messaging sluts on Snapchat, kik, telegram, insta, twitter hoarding nudes. Wanting more and more and more. I joined groups where porn was shared daily. One day one of those videos was a girl getting licked by her little pug, and the moment I saw it I was hooked. I couldn’t look away. Seeing how desperate a girl can be to have a dog lick her out, the sluttiness, horniness and sheer taboo of it make my dick so fucking hard. Hearing the dog lap up her pussy and the noises she made while moaning was unlike any noises I ever heard from porn. Kik was really the gold mine of animal porn, I was at least in 30 at any given time and every day I would watch girls get licked, ducked and playing with any sort of animal. I loved watching sluts eagerly get dominated by animals. Especially the amateur videos. The videos a girl sent to a guy after he convinced her to try it and promised she could trust him. That gave me the idea.

Not long after that I made a second Snapchat account. With its only purpose to get sluts. I was posting porn, doing shoutouts and building a following of thousands of horny people. At one point I had 10k subscribers. Getting nudes from girls was like taking a breath of air. It was effortless and if one slut stopped another one took her place. One day I posted a story saying “ girls, if you have a dog hmu, I have a question” and like moths to a flame they did. I know this is something not a lot is people agree with so to not sound weird I always said oh I heard about it or some girl sent a vid and I was wondering if other girls do it blah blah blah. Most of them said no and that they wouldn’t try. But I remember two girls that obeyed me like a king. One was a young teen and the other a little older. The younger had a little Yorkshire terrier and the older a black lab. I trained those sluts to get their pussies wet and have their dogs lick their cum every single day. This is getting long now so I’ll stop here and do a part two another time.

I still love watching sluts have their pussies licked by their dogs and am currently training another one. If any girls on here are dog sluts and want to show me add my snap theskiimaskboy 🐶🖤

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