Knotted with Love

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It was a summer night during my highschool years, when I had my first sexual experience with a Dog. And I can assure you, once you ‘go to dogs’, you can never go back to enjoying human cocks.
I had my first sexual experience at a very young age. I turned out like my mother. A nympho with a very curvy body, with big boobs, bigger butts and a very small waist. I had a pretty face and gorgeous wavy hair to boot.
My mother was very young when she gave birth to me and didn’t know who my father was. She had a wild life and used to leave me at a neighbour’s house every night. He was an old man in his sixties and used to give my mom gifts and foods on different occasions and I liked him a lot as well.
He was my first man. He used to invite his friends over as soon as my mom would leave and they played naughty games with me. One of them was, me getting naked and sitting on a table spreading my pussy wide and let them look into it. They called it playing ‘doctor’. Another was, one of them hiding small things in my pussy and the others guessing what it is by putting their fingers in and out of it. We used to watch porns together and I ended up sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. I did it on my own free will. I wanted to suck their cocks dry, so I did.
Everyone around my age was having sex with their boyfriends so why not me? The only difference is the age gap which I was totally okay with.
He used to lend and share me with men I didn’t know. He wouldn’t let them use protection as I didn’t like how it felt. As a result I got pregnant once and had to go through an abortion as I didn’t want to be like my mother. After that I wanted to take pills but grandpa (the man I was talking about) wouldn’t let me. He was angry at me for not continuing the pregnancy. So I continued to have unprotected sex.
So one day he took me to a party, at his friend’s house (with a pool), during my summer vacation. There were lots of them and I was the center of their attention. I had to wear a very small bikini and at midnight I lost track of that as well.
After having a wild gangbang party, I had Cum all over my body. On my breasts, my belly, in my ass, in my hair, in my mouth, on my face, just everywhere. Cum was dripping out of my pussy as the last cock slipped out. There were at least fifty of them at it was the most fertile time of the month for me. I started crying like a baby when I thought of the possibility of going through an abortion once again.
Suddenly someone proposed that we should take a birth control method but only the most natural way, as these old men were against pills as well. He told everyone that he knew an birth control method that was the most harmless and would work for sure. I just had to have more sex. With a Dog!
I was amazed. So It’s possible to fuck a Dog? Suddenly everyone around him agreed that they had heard about it too. Dog cum can kill human sperms, they said. So I believed them.
I felt my pussy throbbing again. With all thet wild thrusting, it was already a little sore. But I agreed in hope of experiencing something new.
They made me lay on the corner of the bed my legs and pussy wide open and brought the Black German Shepherd the house owner had.
It had a red cock with pointy tip and large balls. I licked my lips without noticing and everyone laughed out saying, what a thirsty whore I was. Of course I couldn’t drink his cum. I needed it inside my pussy.
After they lead the dog to my pussy, it kept thrusting into me wildly for awhile and then stopped moving inside of me. He started cumming so I kept lying on my back, while rubbing my nipples.
The old men around me kept laughing at me and calling me names, while a few of them occasionally shoved their dicks in my mouth and make them swallow their cum. I did suck every last drop of their jizz but I was in no situation of paying attention to them. I was enjoying every moment of the dog’s dick.
After cumming for awhile, I felt like the dog’s penis was growing bigger, pushing me to my limit. I wanted to get up and see what’s going on down there but a few of those old men pushed me back and pinned me down. “Here comes the real part honey. Don’t get up!” they said.
After one of them checking the place, where my pussy was connected to the dog’s penis, the old men around me, let my hands go.
I wanted to get up and wash myself but I realized I was stuck with the dog’s penis. The dog suddenly twisted it’s body and turned around, with his dick still inside of me.
I started panicking as I didn’t know what was happening. I felt like the base of it’s penis had a ball at base that’s bigger than a gorrila’s fist!
I wanted get away as I was scared but they told me they couldn’t do anything as we were stuck together. ( I didn’t understand they were pranking me) I started crying like a baby which made some of them laugh and others kept jerking of to my situation.
I begged for their help and they agreed with the condition that I will only drink their dick milk for two days straight. I wouldn’t eat or anything else during these two days. I actually liked the idea very much as I am a cum thirsty whore.
So they went straight to the action. A few of them held the dog while a big fat black old man held my waists from the other side of my head as his dick dangled on my face.
They kept pulling as the dog kept screaming. I was crying as well as it hurt a lot. I wanted to be free but at the same time I loved the sensation. It was pain and pleasure at it’s max.
At that time I suddenly realized, although I was telling them to separate us, I was squeezing on the dog’s meatball very hard. “Ahh…ahh… No! don’t take him away. Please don’t separate us…” I kept moaning and screaming. I was going crazy with all the sensation.
It made everyone laugh and they kept jerking and yelling “Just tell us exactly what to do bitch! Pull him out or not…” I kept moaning “umm…Yes! Yes! I mean no. No!! Ahh…uhmm…ah…” I felt like we could stay like this for eternity.
They kept on pulling and I kept on holding him in tight so the pain was intense. Suddenly they pulled very hard and it popped out of my pussy. I whimpered in pain and pleasure. It could injure my vagina or the dog’s dick but somehow nothing happened to the dog and I ended up with a little pain down there.
I started crying “Why did you take him out? I feel lonely down there. Put him in back.” They were making fun of me and one of them showed me the knot and explained me everything. “See this huge thing? Do you think you can take it back?”
I started throwing tantrums like a baby and said I wanted him back. So they forced it in my pussy once again. I cried in pain but as soon as he came back in my pussy, I wrapped my legs on his back and hugged him on my bare breasts.
But one of the old men had a wicked idea so they forcefully pulled him away from me. I tightened my vagina immediately. “No! don’t take him away!” But they didn’t listen to me. They forcefully pulled him out and pushed the knot in, again and again until he went limp and I almost fainted.
Next they brought a giant Bulldog and did the same with it. I was begging them to take it out for a moment while still holding it in tightly but the next moment I would want them to pull it out. We kept playing tug and pull like this all night long, until I fainted at last.
I was still pregnant and had to go through an abortion even after all that.
After that amazing experience I became addicted to dog penis. Or more like being knotted. It’s not only about physical pleasure but emotional satisfaction as well. Knotting gives me a feeling of security that my ‘man’ is never going to leave me.
I still fuck men but nothing can beat a Dog Knot. I think I will get married to a dog someday.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1d3k7oou5kn7

    Very hot and erotic

  • Reply Florence masuku ID:2liqenr40

    I also want to get fucked by a male dog and get knotted it’s in my wish list am not interested in men’s dick I want to feel the knot growing inside my pussy

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      Have you made it happen yet

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      Has it happened yet

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    I wasn’t forced to have sex with my dog but I started very young also. 3rd grade I was going through a phase of puberty my tits were well developed and I was having my period. Sexual things were going through my mind daily. I didn’t have any boys living close enough to me to give it a try so I turned to my dog. He was a cross breed of a Labrador and a hound dog. He had been my partner for about 3 years now and he protected me with his life. I noticed him wanting to put his nose between my legs more and more. I decided to see what he would do one Saturday morning when mom was at work and I was by myself. It was the last week of school 3rd grade and I was 9 years old 2 months before my birthday going through puberty. I had to see what my dog would do with me. I undressed and Straight to my pussy that had never been touched besides my finger playing around with it very little. His tongue made its first lick and I almost peed myself. He didn’t stop I remember I was trying to be still My nipples were stinging and my stomach was turning. I remember this moment like yesterday. He pushed some of his tongue in me and it made me shiver all over. Without knowing I grabbed his head and pushed it against my pussy more more was all I wanted. In seconds I came my first time. Then he jumped on me and was humping I felt his dick push my lips open and right then I felt it going in I didn’t know what it was going to be like but it wasn’t bad he was a little tight and deep in there but it was funny because it felt very good. Without knowing again I had picked up my legs and was pulling him against me.. and it happened so quickly I couldn’t stop the orgasm that knocked me out it was so much intense that I had to scream and scream. He stopped humping and was stuck in me. I was still in space shaking he was trying to get out of me while I was still shaking and having that moment. A little bit later he pulled out of me . I’m 39 now and have been having sex with dogs since then.

    • Johnnyboy1 ID:se50ckbnhyg

      I would love to hear more about your adventures all of them that shit really turns me on also would definitely love to talk to you

    • dan ID:10yus4giuhz5

      tu a bien raison fait toi baiser par des chiens , ils sont meilleur amant que les hommes

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    Sex with dogs sounds so fun. I have to try it

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    What an experience, lucky gal.

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