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Little slave wife I love

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I bought 11 year old slave girl to be my wife and my love slave

am rich and that all you really need to know about me. I’m just business man and well I lived alone in woods.

My name is Rick I’m 50 years old and I lived alone in woods in my house that I bought few years ago I never had a realtinship before when I was younger but by time I hit my 40s I relelize how much I miss out in life.

I don’t have kids,wife and hell not even people I could called family. I have friends but that what they were just friends and that it. Despite that I’m actually lonely rich guy.

In world I’m in you get connection you could say espcaly to one’s where there..underground. one night at a bar I was talking to one of my friends and I talk to him how I don’t have no women in my life and how lonely I am. He look at me and he pull out his wallet and slip a card to me with only a phone number on it.

I turn to him ask ” What this ” I hold card uo to him.” Let just say it how i..got and met my wife ” I didn’t question him further I just simply put in in my pocket and we countine to drink rest of the night.

When I got home I sat by my desk in my office space stareijg at card for while. I look at my phone see it’s already midnight and I didn’t had work tommorow so why not. I dial number on to my phone it start to ring. Phone ring someone answer ” This is dog dealer how can I help you ” man on phone sound like a robot but I knwo he was a human ” Hello I was told I could find a wife with this number ”

Man on phone stood silent for couple of minutes and then he spoke ” looking for full adult dog or a puppy qe have all sorts ” didn’t really understand him but I decided play along.

” puppy”

” age?”

I think for moment and decide a number

” 11 ”

Man was again quiet for another moment.

” what fur you like we have white,black, yellow and brown ”

” ummm white fur is fine”

I could hear man typing soemthing from phone and him speak to someone and then he spoke.

” Are price range from 1,000 to 10,000. Used puppy are cost 3,000 if broken but still good condition or 5,000 for used but in excellent condition ”

I was little dumb founded but I snapped pit of it and replied.

” 5,000 ”

” ok 11 weeks,white fur your order is set sir we have someone called you show you your product if you like it or not

Before I could respond man hang up and I just sat there staring at my phone wondering what the hell just happen. I put my phone charge i went sleep on bed thinking about the call earlier.

A day later I got a text saying ‘ have look on your puppy ‘ I raised a brow I open message see picture of a little girl. Hate to admit this but she was beautiful short blound hair and beautiful pale skin. Should done right thing tell police but something in me decide against it.

I simply replied to message I like my puppy and it replied with a time,place and money in cash to bring.

When day came I was sitting in my car near a park in early in morning where no one was out. I look at back seat see bag I stuff with 5,000 dollars. I waited for bit I noticed a all black car pulling up. Car park few parking spaces away from me I heard my phone buzz with a text ” if here come out and wave your right hand “.

Stepping out of my car I wave my right hand and I turn see a man in suit and sun glasses step out of car. He noded to me follow him. I quickly grap bag of money I wlak over to where he was. I step frotn fo him he open trunk inside of it. It was same girl from photo I saw on my phone. Man turn to me say in low voice.

” her name is Alice, she 11 years old and she was used but not much where she be damaged and she does have few scared on her chest”

I only simply noded I hand him bag of cash. Man reach over he untie rope to Alice. Give look at me with her beautiful blue eyes she simply just look at me. I reach over I pick her up feeling how light she was. Turning to man he look at me with a smile and simply saying ” enjoy your purchase ” he then got into car and drive off.

I look at Alice she was quite ” hey there little one ” I try be gentile with my voice not trying sound threatening. She look at me and her eyes were tired I could see she wore sweatpants and oversize white t shirt. I carry her to my car setting her in back seat buckling her up. I don’t know what say to her but I simply got her settle and I got in and drove back home to my house in the woods.

Once back home immediately gave girl bath. She was too weak and I had help her. She still didn’t say word to me as I wash her. While doing it I notice some cut marks on her chest but decide not ask her yet. I wash her hair I scrub good make sure she sparkly clean ” do you feel better now ” Alice simply noded I ruff her hair. Picking her up I dry her off by hand and dress her in my boxer which were still loose on her. So I need make a note get her cloths that fit her but my boxers and my old oversize t shirt do well.

Take her to living room I put on tv for her keep her distracted as I think of a plan for her. I sat near table I look over to couch see she was gone. I got up went looking for her. Luckily she was jsit near my book shelf looking at my book collection. I could se she was reading Alice in wonderland. ” I see you love that story do you little one” knee down to her I sat woth her on floor. ” yes..it one of my favorite stories my mom used read me ” moment she got done speaking I could see tears were.began fall out. I didn’t know what to do so I think of how my parents especially mom used do to me when I’m sad.

I pull her in hug her ” Shhh it’s ok it’s ok ” when my words left my mouth her tears fall more. She soak my entire shirt but I really didn’t care about it I just let her cry on me.

Over pasts days I finally mange get her used to me as well basically her master. She tole me when she was 7 her parents sold her when she was 9 to strange men who were actually sex traffickers. She tole me how strange men would hurt her and any other girls every night and then one day they told her she wa snow being taken to her new hom. I leanr that that new home was with me.

Now days went along I grow very closed to her. She was like a puppy follwo me around house and waited for me by the front door for pasts 5 nights that I gone to work. When I am home she didn’t like tv but books she loved me read books to her which I did for her every night before bed. Now I find myself growing more attractive to her and I can’t hold it in much longer.

The night was beautiful clear skies no clues in sight. Stars and the moon were shining like gold in dark blue sky. Alice was laying down on rug in living room coloring on her coloring book. I took a deep sight I wlak over sat on couch. I watch her I clear my throat ” Alice dear come here and sit on master lap”. Alice seem to know.what happen she pit her pencil down she got on and settle herself on me ” Master I knwk.what happen all you had to do.was just ask” my.face trun red from embarrassment but Alice jsit laught and kiss me on lips. I was little shocked but I return her kiss back taking her mouth into mine.

I lower my hands down to her waist ” Master let me make you feel good don’t worry I know what to do” she then lower herself down to floor un buckle my pants she pull it all way down. She then pull down my boxer reveling my cock. I was standing on what to do but next thing I knwo she began lick all over my length.

Instantly grow hard as my cock grow full size. Alice was liek a expert she began kiss first and then she used her small tough and likc all over like a popsicle. ” holy shit Alice ” moansign and grunting this felt like the best blowjob I ever had in a while. I look down at her I could see her smiling with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. ” Relax master let me show you hiw much I appreciate your kindness “.

I lower my head back I could feel her warm mouth all over my cock. It was amazing she bob her head I couldn’t hold it in anymore ” Alice I’m going to cum ” even woth my warning aloce just uo her pace and then I burst all in her tiny mouth. I look down I see Alice swallow my entire cum.

I was out of breath from this amazing blowjob ” Oh my Alice that was amazing ” I pull Alice toward me I embrace her in a hug ” but I still have energy left ” I dint have alot in me still as it has been 2 years since last time I had sex with any girl or woman.

Alice give me soft smiled she got position herself on top of me she force me down on my back she was In a cowgirl position. ” Master you ready ” I noded exitly as I then felt my cock sliding into small tight pussy. Alice let out a moan she began bounce up and down on me.

The entire lovign room was full fo me and Alice moaning and grunting and sound of skin to skin contact. Alice was riding my dick crazy watching my cock sliding in and out of her pussy felt amazing. Alice started hodl my hands for better support but I start lose myself stareing into her beautiful eyes and word just spill out of me ” I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ALICE !” It was all I keep repating to her rest of the night she keep riding me.

I could feel me and her were getting closed to our release ” master I’m going to cum ” Alice began bounce more faster I held her tightly ” that it let’s cum together my love” that all it took for her and me cum together couch.

Alice fell on top.of chest I wrap my hands around her keeping her secure. She look up at me with thoses tired eyes ” master…did you say you
..love me”

Lowering my lips down to her head in give her kiss all over her ” yes..my dear Alice I love so much ” Alice began cry but I could tell it was tears of happiness. ” I…I..love you to master ” she spoke uo between sobs I jait hodk her tight not letting her go ” Alice well you marry me ” Alice didn’t hesitate ” Yes I will marry you my master I be your little wife forever”

We both hold lay on couch kissing and suggle up the rest of the night.

* Years laters *

I got home from work I saw a 18 year old pregnant Alice waiting for me by door her hands cross and her beautiful smiled ” Welcome home loved” I smiekd back iamtep in give her big kiss and then I lower my self kiss her belly that hold our baby in it. ” It’s good be home my sweet Alice ” Alice giggle she give me another warm smiled and kiss me again ” it all ways good have you home my love me and baby missed you all day”

I walk in me and Alice spend time together like we all was do everyday. Me and her could never be separated now we realized we both grow so attached non of us could lived with out the other and you know I like it like that I couldn’t never had no other way

Me and Alice lived happily with our son after I retired from work and we were big happy family


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  • Reply 21F CA ID:7fm0umjkm3

    It’s also similar stories where my husband purchased me when I was a little, it was a hard time at first, but I grew to love it!

    • I am alone ID:21c6rtcoid

      Can you tell your story

  • Reply Alexia ID:e9pi4fw42

    Anyone know where I can get a guy to traffic me so they can sell me to a man looking for a young wife/sex slave to give him lots of babies?

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      I would have you

  • Reply Dd88 ID:2bgowvrhrj

    I’d love a sexy mommy daughter duo to breed. SC: Vladdo

  • Reply Subutai ID:2vpr0tbj44

    The grammar and spelling are bad in almost every sentence. Concept of the story is nice though,

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    Use google docs. It’s free and fixed spelling and grammer issues for free.

  • Reply WetMommy ID:1lipmr7b0a

    Give him a break. English probably is not his first language. It was a beautiful story.

  • Reply Daughter slave ID:10vna6zaexn9

    I bought my slave wen she was 8 to be my lover

    • ? ID:1cugqffhs3sk

      where can i get one

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Story literally is riddled with spelling and grammatical error, very hard to read when you have decipher every third or fourth word. Try using the grammarly app and a spell checker, any word that has a red underline is usually misspelled. The sheer number of errors ruin what could have been a really good story

  • Reply Your English Helper 😀 ID:bgix7uepqm

    am rich and that all you really need to know about me. I’m just business man and well I lived alone in woods.

    Instead you write:
    I am rich and that is all you really need to know about me. I’m just a business man and I live alone in the woods.

  • Reply Linda ID:5wwpcn3im9k

    For Rich guy, you sure got a shitty education. I know third graders that can formulate a sentence more intelligently than you did.

    • I am alone ID:1dfu0sexvggj

      Really your shitty guy for making fun someone writing. Instead of being cock sucker how about help someone and give advice for thier writing in future instead of making fun of them you limp dick cunt

    • We're all going hell ID:fzq7a65m2

      I am alone the dude deserves to be bullied for his spelling and writing a story about fucking a child

  • Reply KB ID:1ed7sxx013eu

    “Welcome home loved” I smiekd back iamtep in give her big kiss and then I lower myself… Let’s start there.
    “Welcome home, love,” I smiled back and gave her a big kiss, and then I lowered myself.

    • I am alone ID:1dfu0sexvggj

      Ok thank you for advice. I know Grammer was off but did you enjoy story. I try my best make it good I try go for a more romantically approach.

  • Reply I am alone ID:1dfu0sexvggj

    Never mind I see few were I failed to cheek

    • Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

      Don’t worry. I understood you’re message. No complaints here.

  • Reply Hedwig ID:8bvupujk0b

    If you are going to write any more stories get someone to proof read them for you before publishing them, someone who can spell and knows how to use English grammar. Stories good, but would be much easier to read once spelling and grammar was corrected.

    • I am alone ID:1dfu0sexvggj

      Really can pint out parts where I failed to grammer at I swore I look over over like 5 times saw no error.

    • I am alone ID:1dfu0sexvggj

      Can you point out where I failed at grammar. I swore I look over it 5 times

  • Reply N ID:3zxjpuz1d9a

    i usually don’t post comments but your grammar sucks bro I can’t even get through the first paragraph😭