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Finally it was time

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A father succumb to his desires with his daughter.

She laid out her tender young body on the bed, her spread exposing her pussy, for my eyes to feast on. Her beautiful face looked so innocent, but the sight of her chewing on her lower lip as eyes followed my hand as I stroked the bulge in my pants, told that she had already accepted what was going to happen, and there was nothing innocent about that.

She began to play with her bald young pussy, sliding a finger up and down between her tender lips before pushing a single slender finger into her honey hole with a slight moan.

I wonder how I’ll feel when her young body begins to develop more and her tender pussy lips are covered by hair.

The speed of her finger sliding in and out matched my hand sliding up and down the bulge of my cock hidden in my pants.

“you need to stretch that pussy to be ready for me,” I told her with a wicked smile.

“Yes, daddy, I will! Watch me!“ my sweet baby girl replied, even as she pressed a second finger up between her lips into her hole. After a few moments a third finger joins the other two, stretching her hole to prepare herself for the cock still hidden from her view inside her father’s pants.

I watch as her young innocent face twists as her fingers stretch her pussy wider to ready herself for want is to come.

I watch as her thrusting fingers speed up while she begins to moan, and with each thrust, her moans get louder. Suddenly her fingers stop moving, her thighs close on her fingers and I have to fight not to cum as I listen to the long soft moan this young ten year old makes herself climax in front of me.

I ask if she is ready, to answer me she pulls her fingers from her pussy and holds out her hand, fingers spread. Her fingers are shiny and her juices stretch between them like silvery spiderwebs. I stripped completely naked, my cock was standing straight out, dripping pre cum from the show my young daughter had put on for me.

I walk around her bed, letting my bouncing cock point the way. I know I’m a bastard for what I’m about to do, but ever since my wife, my daughter’s mother abandoned us, two years ago, I haven’t been able to keep my hands off my young developing daughter.

First, getting her to sleep with me in the same bed. From there it was a matter of getting her comfortable sleeping together naked.

Then getting her into the bathroom to shower and bathe together. So I could touch her tender bits and she could help soap my naughty parts.

The next part of my plan was to masturbate with her in bed with me. Which led to her wanting to know how a girl masturbated and me showing her where and what to touch. Quickly that led to us touching each other and helping each other masturbate, almost nightly.

Next step was oral how she moaned and twisted as my tongue flicked between her lips and over her tender clit. Being too small to fight me off there were times I ate her pussy until she passed out from the intense pleasure.

It was not long before it was time for her to return the favor. at nine, she couldn’t take much more than the head of his cock and an inch or so before choking and gagging. what a sight her innocent face, my cock looking huge, in her mouth, her lips stretched open around the head of it.

With practice comes skill and I made sure my little girl over the last year practiced a bunch. Now close to a year after the first time she ever had a cock in her mouth, my sweet little girl could easily take my cock head and four or five inches of my seven inch uncut cock. it shouldn’t be long before my baby girl would be about to deep throat my cock without gagging. I couldn’t wait for that day. when I can throat fuck my daughter but until then…

I crawl onto her bed, bringing my cock to my daughter’s face. She knows what I want, so she leans forward, opens her mouth, pulls my foreskin back to wrap her lips around my cock. she bobs her head, taking half my cock easily into her mouth. I wish I had the words to describe the pleasure her mouth was giving me.

It wasn’t long before I was climaxing in her mouth and on her face. she swallows cum in her mouth before she returns to licking my cum leaking from my cock head.

Having cum I felt I was ready but I had to be sure my ten year old was ready. I slid down her bed and began to feast on her honey sweet pussy. From my lapping and licking it isn’t long before my daughter’s first orgasm hits, I continued to feast on her snatch. A second then a third orgasms hit. My daughter began to moan, another and another orgasms, now she is pushing on my head, trying to push my mouth and swirling tongue off her clit but I’m a full grown man doing as I will to a ten year old child. Another and another and another racks her body and I hear her panting and feel her stop struggling.

I look into her innocent face, her eyes are nearly completely rolled up into her head. As times before I had cummed my daughter stupid.

Now it was time, I sat on my knees between my daughter’s spread limp legs. my sweet baby let out a soft whimper as I swiped my cockhead up and down her wet slit to find the open to her cunt.

I whispered, “I’m sorry. it has just got to be this way.”

I wrapped my hands around her thin waist and thrust forward. I was thankful that I had her cunt slick from the tongue lashing I had given her. otherwise I would have never gotten half my cock in her tight virgin hole. I pulled back until only the head of my cock was still inside her tight fuck hole.

I licked my lips, and thought ready or not her it comes, then slammed forward nearly the full length disappeared inside my daughter’s fuck hole. even out of it as much as she was, in her half conscious state, when I tore through her hymen, her half closed eyes popped open and she let out a squeal.

her hands flew to my belly to try and push me out, but of course she couldn’t. I grabbed her hands, forced them above her head and pinned them there.

“I’m sorry,” I said again. “it will only hurt for a little bit, I promise.”

With that I began to thrust, She whimpered and cried, begging me to stop and my hard cock, pushed open her inside, stretching her as my seven inch uncut flesh spear drove deep into her tender young body. Over the next five minutes of thrusting, my daughter’s whimpering cries slowly turn into moans of pleasure.

By the ten minute mark her cunt tightened down and it took every bit of will power I had to not cum as my daughter let out a squeal of pure pleasure as I fucked her to an orgasm. thankful for her orgasm wetting her tight hole, I managed to last another five minutes or so before one of the most powerful cum of my life, shot up from my balls, through my cock, and splashed into my daughter’s womb.

I was breathing heavily, continuing to slide my softening cock in and out of my daughter’s once virgin hole. when my brain could think again, and not totally consumed by the need to ejaculate.
I was thankful my ten year old had yet to have a period, meaning it had been safe for me to cum in her.

If she had, with the massive size of my load, I would have certainly knocked up my sweet baby. As I cuddled up against my daughter I told myself I’d have to be careful from now on, at least until my daughter was older. Then if she got pregnant it wouldn’t matter.

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