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My Dirty Cousin part 2

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Tit use and abuse, submissive cousin, incest

As you know from my first recollection that my cousin loved having here 34c titties used and abused. I discovered that when the 15 year old visited my house and I learned to slap her tits on the garage. She gave me a handjob and when i was ready she knelt in front if me and let me cum on her beautiful tits.
We cleaned up and talked and i learned her 20 year brother had been fucking and using her since she was 13. Her brother was now away to college. But she stated she liked my 6inch cock better than his tiny dick. The day at our cottage and the episode in my garage was just the beginning of me exploring my sexuality and wanting to be in charge. I think this mostly came from my addiction to bdsm porn magazines.

A week later I picked my cousin up to go to a movie. She was dressed in a skirt and halter top that was popular at that time. When we got inside the theater and the lights went down I reached my arm around her. Soon i had my hand inside her halter and discovered she was braless. I fondled her right breast and at times pinched her nipple. She then snuggled up to me. We went through the whole movie with me playing with her right tit.

We left the theater and got into my car. She then told me I made her very horny. I had a heck of a hardon. I drove to this secluded park near s school. I said let’s go to this picnic table in the back of the park. As we walked she was squeezing my ass cheek. We sat at the picnic table and I leaned in and started french kissing her. Her tongue was very eager for mine. As we kissed I looked around to make sure we were alone. Seeing no one I reached into her halter and grabbed her right tit, she moaned then said her right tit was sore from the movie and to pay attention to her left tit. As I fondled her left tit she stroked my cock through my pants. I then reached over and untied her halter letting it fall to her stomach but exposing her luscious titties to the night air. Soon she had my shirt off and my pants.

As my cousin stroked my cock she started sucking my man boobs. ( I must tell you that when I was 12 the doctor gave me a series of shots for a.long forgotten ailment. However, the shots had the effect of making my tits bulge out a bit and I developed small man boobs the rest of my life.)
This is when I discovered my little man tits were a direct line to my cock. As my cousin sucked my nipples my cock got very hard.
I leaned down and pulled her breasts to my mouth and started sucking her right tit. As I sucked her tit I bit her nipple to which she moaned and said to bite and suck her left tit. I did. As we continued to make out on the picnic table I laid her out and admired her hairy pussy. I put 2 fingers in and fingered her pussy and clit until I felt juice covering my fingers. I leaned in and started licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit.
Then for the first time I fucked my 15 year old cousin. We weren’t very bright about sex so she said all i ask is that you don’t cum i side me
I continued to slide my dick into and out of her very wet pussy. I got ready to explode and told her so. She said I should cum on her tits. I pulled out and placed my dick over her n breasts. It only took a minute of jerking off and I shot a load of cum onto her tits.
We then heard a man say bravo and realized that an elderly man was standing about 20ft away. . We quickly got dressed and into my car to drive away.

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