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forced by my neighbour and wife

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Im 17 now, I’ve been pregnant three times, only one of which I carried full term which I had six months ago. My story starts when i was 12, . I lived with my drug addict mom and baby brother Sean 3yrs old, who is 8 now, I had to cook, clean and look after my baby brother. My life was not the same as my 12 year old friends. They had nice clothes, phones and lots of other stuff, I just had my brother. I was a chubby 12 year old, 4’5″ brown hair blue eyes. My breasts had just started to grow as my nipples had become large puffy mounds on my chest, but I couldnt afford to get a training bra, as I never had any money.
One of my daily tasks after school was to take my brother to the park. In the park I met Dave and Gemma, Dave and Gemma would sit outside their house watching their young kids who were 4 and 5 play in the park.
Gemma would mostly get involved with play in the park, getting the park kids involved in games. During the summer school break, Gemma set up a water fight in the park, lots of kids were involved and I got absolutely drenched. At the end of the game, people disappeared home, my mum was out finding her drugs as usual, so I was locked out, with my baby brother; with nowhere to go.
Gemma knew this, as this was not the first time she would find me in the park until 9 or 10 at night with a 3 year old in a pram. But tonight I was drenched and Gemma invited me in to dry off.
Dave took charge of Sean down stairs, whilst Gemma took me upstairs to find a towel, she took one from the bathroom, took me in to her bedroom and told me to strip off whilst she went off to dry my clothes, so I could get dry.

I was in her bedroom for a few minutes wrapped in a towel, when I noticed the door opening slowly. Dave was stood there watching me. I was 12 years old, nearly 13, I’d only just started to look at boys, I’d never had a boyfriend and I froze blushing, not knowing what to do whilst this grown man stared at me. Dave walked towards me, stopped infront of me and stroked my face. I looked down and could see a huge bulge in his shorts. As I started to mumble “what are you doing” he pushed me backwards onto the bed. As I fell back I lost grip of half the towel, showing one of my small breast, my belly and my hairless groin area. As I panicked trying to cover myself, Dave grabbed my neck and pushed me back on the bed, squeezing my neck. I grabbed both his hands but had no chance to move a 220lb man off of my 80lb 12 year old body. Dave looked straight in my eyes and said, “if you scream I will kill your brother” when he let go of my neck I just lay there with tears welling up. I knew what he wanted, its what I hear my mum do with men at night.
Holding me flat on the bed, he forced his legs between my legs and lay on top of me takng all my breath out of me. His wet shorts were pushed up against my bald vagina, I could feel his huge lump under his shorts. He had one hand pullng my hair really tight, the other he put between us, raising his hips slightly, pulling his penis out the top of his shorts.
It only took seconds before I could feel his solid penis pushing against my vagina, he couldn’t find my hole as I was much to small, so he slid it up and down my slit pushing at the same time, the third time I felt my labia seperate and suddenly he pushed really hard. I felt like I was being ripped in two. He forced his whole 8 inches into me in one hard thrust, it was pure agony, I had been invaded by this massive object and all I wanted to do was push it out. My eyes were closed tight, I couldnt breath or move with him laying on me with his cock forced in me as far as he could get it. He then pumped his cock in and out of me about four times before he started grunting in my ear, his body shaking and his cock spasming inside me. Inside my hole was stretched and I felt like I was being filled with warm liquid. I didn’t realise he was cumming in me. His cock stopped twitching and he just lay on me and still inside me. I had a full grown man laying between my tiny legs, crushing my body, with his penis going soft inside me, with liquid seeping out of my hole. Dave didn’t move, I was trapped, the pain was subsiding with him shrinking, more liquid was coming out, and I opened my eyes to see Gemma stood at the door watching and smiling.

Gemma had also gotten drenched in the water fight, she was stood just inside the door nude, 5’6″ huge breasts sitting on a tight fat belly, she walked over to the bed and kneeled right next to my head with her legs far enough apart I had to look up at her woman vagina. Compared to mine it was huge, a huge mound with a long slit, separated by long thick swollen labia, partly open, and wet.

I was terrified, I said please get him off me, Gemma smiled, stroked Daves back and said to Dave ” was she a good little girl for you?” Dave just lay on me not moving, Gemma moved to pull Daves shorts and shoes off, she put her hand between both our legs and started to play with Daves balls, I kept feeling her fingernails touch my legs, and under my broken hole. After a minute I felt Dave start to get bigger inside me. My brain started to panick. I started begging Gemma to get him off me but she ignored me. Dave got fully hard again growing inside me, I was crying, he pulled my hair and head back again and start to pump me again, with all the cum from the first time and the short break, it did not hurt so much this time, only when he pushed it in really deep, it felt like he was stabbing my stomach. With Gemma talking to him, asking him how tight I was and how wet I was inside, I did not know what to do, so I just lay there and let him rape me. This time it went on for about 15 minutes. Again Dave started to judder and grunt, he went really hard, pushing himself in me as far as he could and filled me with more warm liquid. This time after cumming, he pushed himself up and flopped out of me. I felt relief and a gush of warm liquid on my bum, he rolled to the side, grabbed Gemma and pushed her head between my legs. Gemma was gentle, she gently licked me, cleaning all the cum with her toungue, gently pushing her tongue inside me and sucking my hole playing with my tiny clitoris. I didn’t want to, but I did get aroused and hard but I didn’t cum. My legs and hips hurt, I was terrified and sore. Gemma finished cleaning me, got up and left the room, saying dont worry, I will be back with your clothes soon.
As soon as she left ,Dave was on me again, sucking my lititle puffy nipples hard, making them go purple, pushing his cock in me again and again, and fucking me for what felt like an hour. It just went on and on, turning me over onto my front, then on my back again. He didnt cum in me this time. Gemma came back with my clothes, she was still naked. She gave me my clothes and told me to get dressed, Dave stopped fucking me letting me up, I could hardly stand, as I was dressing , Gemma lay on her back opened her legs raising them for Dave who mounted her infront of me entering her huge slit with ease. I got dressed as quickly as could, grabbed Sean from downstairs went home and waited outside my house for Mom to come home.

I have spent the last 5 years being fucked by Dave and Gemma. More to cum.

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  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5w49i

    You are exactly the little girl I fantasize about finding and rescuing . Shitty parents. Lonely neglected unloved little girl that I find in the park. I Befriend and then bring home. Except it would not have been a rape but rather love. I would have spoiled you in every way.

  • Reply None ID:3q4fpapx49a

    If this was real which I highly doubt it was. I’d repot them.
    The fact you didn’t makes Me believe this didn’t happen.

  • Reply Daddy ID:13q1db224gfc

    Dragonsegg you should add me on snap chat I would love to hear more 🤤 daddyisback11

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Can’t wait to read more about them fucking your young cunt

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    They should of ripped thtew your cervix and stop being gentle

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      I agree and I wish I was one of them

  • Reply MR C ID:o3y57rqi

    You shoulda reported them both……………………………20/11/22

  • Reply Zz ID:16oingw2qrk


  • Reply Daddy ID:13q1db224gfc

    Wow that’s amazing 🤤 daddy would love to hear more about it. Add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11