Sisters are the best

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My plans were to mow the lawn on Saturday, take a nap, shower, and go hang out with some friends from high school. There was going to be all sorts of people from our class, and I was excited to catch up with some of them.

I finished the backyard first. As I was working on the front lawn, I saw my sister Sally walking around the edge of the pool, she was looking fucking hot! She had a very short skirt that I’m sure would show her panties if she bent over and a tight top that was showing off her perky teenage tits and her hard little nipples. As sweaty as I was, she came up and asked if I could give her a ride home to the mall when I was finished. She kept me company as I finished the yard, following me around and asking if I liked how she looked, telling me she had dressed up extra nic because she was going to meet her friend Brian. I almost ran over my foot with a lawnmower staring at her to tits. I said why do not you go inside and wait until I am done, she gave me a smirk and walked towards the house. A couple minutes later I glanced over at Sally who was sitting on the steps to the patio smoking a joint, she was opening and closing her legs and I could clearly see the white outline of her panties. I was wearing gym shorts and my cock suddenly grow, its head poking out along my thigh turned off the mower and walked towards her adjusting my shorts so she would not see anything. I said why do not you go inside and play on your iPad until I am done and then I will take you to the mall. She said that she cannot, mom has walked her out of the iPad. I asked why and she said that mom had caught her masturbating with a carrot and watching porn in her bedroom. She got really angry and took away the iPad. I did a double take and said carrot? She just knotted her head and said that her fingers were not doing the trick anymore and she needed something longer besides, she could eat it afterwards. She took a deep drag on the joint, give me a wicked smile. I went back to cutting the grass.

I finished the yard and went inside. Sally fixed us some sandwiches and we had lunch, she kept adjusting her boobs inside her bra and making relentless flirtatious comments. Sally had turned 14 a couple of months ago, but she was slender but she had developed larger than average breast, they jetted out like little missiles silos, she still had a very tight stomach and a slim waist. I was a year and half older, I was physically active and played on the school baseball team. Because her parents worked long hours, we had become been extremely close, and we talked about everything, no subject was out of bounds. When she started talking about oral sex, I cut her off and told her and told her this is not a conversation that she should be holding with her brother. Sally said that it was no big deal as she sat at the edge of the counter deep throating a banana, she kept pushing it in and out of from mouth and looking at me. I watched as the banana went in and out of her mouth and could feel my cock growing under my shorts. I finished my sandwich and said I needed to go for a shower. When I stepped into the shower I thought about jerking off and wondered what it would be like to fuck my sister, after exiting the shower I stroke my cock until it was rock hard and wrapped a towel around my waist.

I walked to my room Sally was sitting on my bed. I asked what she was doing in my room and, unconvincingly, told her to leave. She looked at my waist noticed that my cock was already standing straight out and asked if I really wanted her to leave. She cossed her long shapely legs as she placed her hands on the bed causing her to lean back slightly. I wanted to ask you something she said. Hear me out before you say anything ok. She said a few of my friends have had sex and most of them regret who they did it with. Either the guy was a jerk and never talked to them or the asshole went out and told everyone about it. She paused for a second, biting her lower lip. I have thought about it for a while, and I decided I want you to be my first. I’ve seen how you’ve looked at me. I know by the look on your face when I walked in you find me attractive. I know you won’t go around telling anyone or anything will you be my first Keith? She asked innocently. I said you know this is insane right. It’s not right. It is illegal and shit.” I moved my arms to my lap to obscure her view before she could catch sight of my rapidly swelling cock. As much as I tried to sound like it was a terrible idea, my cock had other ideas.

She said I know neither of us are going to tell anyone about it. I have been on birth control for over six months, there is no was I can get pregnant and I want to know what it feels like to have a guys thing inside of me. She glanced down at my crotch, despite my attempts to hide my rection she could tell I was getting very hard at the thought. She stood up, standing close to me as she reached down and grasped the edge of her T-shirt and began to slowly pull it up over her head. I could not help but watch as she lifting the shirt it moved over her stomach and up to the two perfect fleshy half globes. She removed her bra and her breasts bounced up and down. I felt a little sick to my stomach as I contemplated just throwing her on the bed and taking her. I knew it was wrong. Hell our family would disown us if they ever found out, but we were all alone in the house. No one would ever know what transpired between us. I had a steady girlfriend, and we had been having sex for months, but when I saw my sisters breasts I couldn’t stop staring at her pink nipples as they proudly stood out. I wanted to pop one into my mouth so badly but I fought the temptation as best I could. I don’t think you’ve thought this through I said, I mean I’m your brother. You can’t really think this is a good idea, I said trying to convince myself. You should put that back on. Sally bit her bottom lip and slid her fingers under the sides of her lace panties, and began to push them down over her hips. I froze, watching her reveal her trimmed mound and virgin flesh. My breath caught in my throat as I stared motionless at it. She stepped closer to me, causing me to step back. This gave her enough room for her to gingerly place her hand under the towel. She began to rub my cock as she stared into my eyes. You. You shouldn’t. My word trailed off as she released my cock and swiftly moved her hand to the towel and ripped it aside she stepped close the warmth of her soft skin against my swollen member forced the words “OH GOD” from my throat as my eyes closed. I felt Sally’s hand on the shaft of my cock as she gently squeezed and released then she cupped my nuts with her other hand I almost blew my load when I felt her cool hand on my nuts.

I opened my eyes to see her face now closer to me. Her lips were just inches from mine when she purred please Keith. Her lips met mine. I tried to resist but her touch made it impossible. My lips parted and the kiss immediately deepened. I could not fight it any longer. I reached out and touched her shoulder guiding her towards the bed Sally climbed up onto the middle and laid on her back. I had often dreamed of screwing my sister I couldn’t believe that I was about to do it. I looked at Sally’s gorgeous firm body, the nipples on her breasts were standing straight up. She squirmed against me, causing me to get painfully hard. I was no longer thinking about the fact that she was his sister. She was just a beautiful girl who desperately wanted me to make love to her. She threw her head back and gave a soft moan as I flickered the tip of my tongue against her nipple as I sucked. Precum was leaking from the tip of my cock from her rubbing against me. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and effortlessly lifted her up and laid her down on the bed, staring at her naked body for a moment. Sally lay on the bed breathing rapidly I looked at those beautiful firm to tits and then down at her shaven pussy. Sally has a cute set of breasts, maybe b-cups, but they fill out her chest nicely,I lowering my head to her bare breasts. I caught her left nipple between my lips and began to suck I kept alternating kisses on each of my sisters nipples. Soon, I was slurping more and more of her tits into my mouth as I did so, I had her entire chest wet from my lips and tongue!

I slid down the bed, pushing her legs apart gently as I stared at her. She watched me closely as I grinned wickedly at her. I positioned myself between her long tanned legs and lowered my head. My the tip of my tongue lightly brush over her clit. Her body stiffened at the sligh touched her pussy. I began to tease it, working my tongue over it gently until the hood revealed the perfect bud. Her breathing changed with each change in pace or direction. When I took it into my mouth and began to suck she drew in a sharp breath. I played with her pussy like this for several minutes, alternating between licking and sucking. The sound of her moans had grown louder as my tongue continued its sink deeper. Her hips began to lift as she squirmed. I placed one hand on her mound, feeling the soft skin. Her eyes squeezed shut as she held onto the comforter tightly. I pulled back, blowing lightly on her clit before licking it again. After a couple more minutes, I slipped a hand between her thighs, my fingers gently parting the lips as my tongue traced over them before I began to tease the tight little slit. Her sweet juices were leaking, she tasted so pure and amazing. I could not get enough, I gently played with her quivering sex with my tongue for several more minutes, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

The words “OH GOD. OH GOD I.”rolled off her lips repeatedly as she bucked and squirmed while my thumb began to gently explore her clit. Her body stiffened as she felt the waves of bliss rippled through her naked body. I knew she was on the verge of her first orgasm. I looked into her eyes and asked if this was better than using a carrot, she said hell yes don’t stop. I could not believe how incredibly sexy she looked lying there staring up at me. I carefully moved over her, kissing my way up her body as I went. She shivered as my tongue traced around her belly button and up her flat stomach. This time, I moved past her breasts, kissing across her collarbone toward her shoulder, then back toward her neck. Her back arched slightly, pressing her breasts against my bare chest.

I gripped the base of my cock and gently traced the tip up and down her slick pink lips. I pushed the head of my cock between her lips, pushing in until the tip rested against the membrane pushing forward, I broke her hymen with a smooth stroke. Sally yelp loudly, I held my hips still, letting her adjust to feeling of my cock inside of her. She was incredibly tight. I stopped and asked if she was okay and if she wanted me to stop, she took a couple breaths and said no I want you all the way inside me. My mouth found hers and we shared a deeply sensual kiss as her hips began to move slightly. I knew she was ready for more. I began with slow thrusts, taking it gently with her. Her hands slid up and down my back as I thrust into her. Her hips bucked into mine as my speed and force began to increase. I felt her hands on my back, urging me to go faster. I broke the kiss, staring down into her eyes. Her chest was starting to heave as I drove my cock deep inside her. With her trapped against the bed, I thrust as deep as possible inside her. Her pussy walls hugged me so tightly I knew it wouldn’t be long before I drop my load. Her eyes were squeezed shut gasping once in a while as I pushed my dick deep into her. I pumped faster when I was getting close to cum. The only sound now was the wet noises from the pumping and my sister’s panting. With the last few deep pumps I started to cum, loads after loads of my juice shot out deep into my Sally’s pussy. Finally as the last bit of my cum came out, we laid there on the bed panting for awhile. Finally I looked at her face, she was blushing but and she was smiling at me. I held her close and kissed her face like she was my girlfriend. After awhile I asked her: “did it felt good?” Sally said it hurt for a while, she had expected something like when she puts in a tampon but my cock was much bigger. I collapsed against her. The two of us laid with our bodies still entangled as we panted. It took me a couple of minutes to roll off of her. I laid there next to her, shocked by the intensity of what had just happened. Neither of us moved or said a word for several minutes. Sally got up and went to the bathroom, when she came back she said she had to clean up the blood and my cum keeps leaking out and running down her leg. She crawled back up onto the bed and laid beside me for a few minutes she didn’t move and then she sat up and reached down and touched the shaft of my cock. As soon as her cool hands touched me it started to stiffen. Sally stroke my cock a few times and it became semihard, she looked at the head and and squeezed it gently before saying that she had never really looked at a guy’s cock before. As she squeezed the head a few drops of come leaked out she reached over with her finger and collected the droplets, she brought it to her mouth and smelled it she said it smells a little bit like vinegar and then she stuck out her tongue and tasted it, giving a weird little smirk she said it doesn’t taste that bad maybe next time she will take it in her mouth. I said next time? Sally said of course this wasn’t going to be a one time lesson as soon as her pussy stops hurting she wants to do it again. Just then we heard the garage door opening and I said oh gosh mom’s home, Sally said she always has the worst timing. She grabbed her clothing in ran out of my bedroom. I can hardly wait until our parents go to work tomorrow.

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    A part 2 would be sensational. Very well written

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    My sister before, then talking about ‘her’ parents. Same trash all the time ruining stories

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    Find her pills and throw them out, then properly breed her

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    Can u do anal and outdoors in the woods

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    This was just wow.

    Apart form the few spelling and grammar problems the story itself was very hot