Author: Keith

Helping Sandra

Sandra my girlfriend sister had come to visit us after she had graduated from university. Sandra decided to take the entire summer off to recoup from all the hard work that she had... #

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Soccer practice

My wife Sharon and I are both thirty-nine, we have good professional jobs and are financially secure. We do not have any children, we had talked about putting off kids until we were... #

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Girl next-door part two

I met Cindy on her way to school, I said that my wife would not be home for at least another two weeks and then I would love to get her in my bed. Cindy was chewing some gum and she... #

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A rainy afternoon

In the summertime I like to wear shorts since I always go commando, my cock and nuts sometimes slipped out the edge of the shorts and sometimes I pull them out and let them hang because... #

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My sister Samantha

I have to admit that my sister Samantha had the nicest looking tits that I had seen in years. My steady girlfriend Brooke had nice looking breast but nothing compared to what my sister... # #

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Sisters are the best

My plans were to mow the lawn on Saturday, take a nap, shower, and go hang out with some friends from high school. There was going to be all sorts of people from our class, and I was... #

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The Neighbours daughter

Our neighbours had moved in in February and I had not had much to do with them, the only thing I knew about them was Barbara was going through divorce and she had her 16-year-old daughter... #

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filling up Candace

Candace stood in front of me, and I admired her firm breasts. Her nipples had retreated back and were no longer sticking out. I reached out and pulled Candace towards my chest and gave... #

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Canda’s willing cunt

Candace backed away from the fridge I still had my hand between her ass cheeks finger her ass hole. I slid my finger a little way into her ass she resisted pulling away a little bit.... #

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Treatments from Candace Vol 2

When I woke up in the morning, I quickly replayed what it happened yesterday with Candace, just thinking about her mouth on my cock made it stiffen up. I was thinking about masturbating... #

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Treatments from Candace

My wife Barbara decided to visit her sister Jennifer for a couple of weeks. It had been some time since they had spent quality time together and Barbara desperately needed a mid winter... #

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First time with Kelly

I have been married to my wife for 20 years. Since my wife decided that she didn’t want to have children, we’ve spent a lot of time over the years with her friends. Especially... #

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Trish comes for a late night visit

When our mother got home she asked Trish how she was feeling and if she felt up to going to school tomorrow. She said that she was better because she had napped most of the day. I threw... # #

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Trish’s obsession

When I was fifteen a group of my friends on the school baseball team were in the school’s change rooms smoking marijuana when the Vice Principal walked in. Since I happen to be the... # #

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