First time with Kelly

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I have been married to my wife for 20 years. Since my wife decided that she didn’t want to have children, we’ve spent a lot of time over the years with her friends. Especially her best friend, Sabrina and her husband. My wife Trish and Sabrina are nurses. Eight months ago, Sabrina’s husband John lost his job, so they decided to relocate. Because they were having difficulties selling their home my wife, invited Sabrina and their daughter Kelly to move in with us until they were able to finalize the sale of their home and buy a new home in our city. Sabrina was around 45 with a nice fit looking body she was hopelessly in love with her husband and they used to face time each other every day. I had occasionally gotten glimpses of her body when she went back and forth to the bathroom. I had many dreams about getting her into bed with me and Trish as a threesome but it was obvious she did not have any interest in fooling around on her husband. Her daughter Kelly had just turned 22, after they moved in Trish quickly got a job in one of the local bars. She dated occasionally but didn’t seem to have a full-time boyfriend. She was about 5’3 115 pounds, she had 36 C Breasts, and a nice ass, and sexy legs. She had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes.

Last year, we decided to take a long weekend together, the three of us. We went down to Hilton Head for some fun in the sun and relaxation. The first full day we were there, the three of us were out by the beach. Kelly, after a few hours decided to go back into our rental that we were all staying in. She wanted to cool down and get something to drink. Her mother and my wife, decided to stay out and go into the ocean and swim. After a while, my wife asked me to go and bring Kelly back out. I said to her, “why don’t you go in and get her,?” She replied, “I’m going to go swimming” So, I went inside.

I got to our rental, and Kelly had changed out of her bathing suit. She was wearing a short sundress, she looked stunning. “I asked why are you in here all by yourself?” She said that she was tired of being in the sun and that she was just going to chill in here for a while. Why did you come in?” She asked me. “I was sent back in to drag you out”, I told her. Kelly said, “Why don’t you stay in with me while the other 2 swim, we can drink a little and talk”. “Talk, we never talk alone together, “we started drinking and talking. About 30 minutes went by of this. We were both feeling a little buzzed, but that is nothing unusual because the 3 of us drink together. Be it at home or out at the clubs. Kelly looked at me and asked me “Do you think I’m sexy?” I was rather uncomfortable with this question, and she could obviously tell as she said “don’t worry, its between you and me. I always have thought you were sexy”. “Well, since you put it that way, of course I’ve always thought you were very attractive.” She smiled. I did not think anything of it. So, for another 15 minutes we talked some more and drank some more. I looked out the window and saw that my wife Trish and Sabrina were still swimming away and playing in the water. “I wonder how long they will be,” I blurted out,

Kelly got up and came close to me. She whispered into my ear, “Are you feeling naughty?” I blushed, not exactly sure what she meant. She pulled my head close to her and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I was shocked. At the same time, it excited me. I have been with my wife so long and haven’t fooled around with someone else in a long time. She looked at me and smiled “Do you want to kiss me some more?” I was hesitant because you never know if this is some setup. However, she looked so hot, being a guy, I could not resist. She leaned in towards me and kissed me. This time, it was a long, deep kiss. My cock instantly grew. She seemed pleased with that result, “Your wife has always talked about how big you were, but I thought she was exaggerating, now it seems she wasn’t”. She pulled down my bathing suit and started licking her lips. “She definitely wasn’t. I like what I see. At this point, I said Kelly I’m not sure we should do this. They might come in at any minute.” She replied, “that’s part of the excitement. you can stop at anytime, but you know you don’t want to” She was right. I had no desire to stop. Only the desire to take off her sun dress and checked out her gorgeous body.

Kelly started rubbing my cock with her hand, making it even harder. It felt so good. While she was doing this, I pulled off her sundress, exposing her sexy 36 Cs. Her nipples were huge! Nice and hard too! And her pussy, wow! it was dripping wet, nice, and shaved. “You like what you see? I can tell,” she told me. She rubbed her fingers into her pussy and brought her fingers to my mouth. I licked her juices off her fingers. She tasted wonderful! We stayed on the couch, she got on her knees, and started licking the shaft of my cock. She really knew her way around a cock. All of a sudden she took my entire cock into her throat. It felt amazing. My wife never was able to deep throat it , I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it forward, gagging her, she pulled away coughed a couple times and then put my cock back in her mouth.

While she was deep throating my cock, she was squeezing my balls…She knew just where to play. She continued to take my cock deep into her throat for what seemed like a long time. She then suddenly stopped. “I want you to lick my pussy. It is so wet, and I want to squirt my pussy all over you!” This made me so hot. She stood up on the couch, as I was sitting and started grinding her pussy into my face. Her taste was amazing! She was fucking my tongue with her pussy. I was sucking and licking her pussy and clit. She screamed “My pussy is going to squirt!” And did it ever! She squirted that pussy all over my face and it ran down my chest. I was soaked! and so was the couch. She slides down my chest and started kissing me again and whispered, “Do you want to fuck me?” She did not give me time to answer! She just sat right on my cock. Her pussy was so wet, warm, and TIGHT. She rode my cock for a while, but then I pushed her off and laid her over the couch.

Then I used her juices as lube and slide 2 fingers in her tight pussy. She loved it! She begged me to fuck her, I slowly started pushing my cock in. She stiffened and took a deep breath, I stopped, but she said “Keep going! I did and my cock slowly slid into her pussy. Her tight hole gripped my cock hard. It felt great! She loved it as well. She kept screaming “fuck me HARDER FUCK ME HARDER!” I fucked her pussy hard and fast. She continued to squirt while my dick was slamming her cunt. I finally got to suck on those huge titties! It was unbelievable. We fucked for 10 more minutes, and she squirted over and over Finally I felt like I was ready to cum. “Kelly, I’m going to cum in your pussy” She smiled as I rammed my hard cock deep into her pussy one last time and I exploded inside her.

She squirted as I was cuming inside her. It was amazing! My cock stayed inside of her for about another five minutes. We then stopped and clean up our mess we turned over all the cushions so no one would notice the wet spots. Just as we were finishing getting dressed I saw Sabrina walk towards the rental I slipped out the back door and splashed around in the little wading pool, I wanted to get rid of as much of Kelly’s juices as I could. Sabrina walked in wondering what happened to us Kelly said that she had too much sun and had a bit of a headache, I had been a real champion by staying with her and getting her some water and making sure she was okay. As I got out of the wading pool I pretended that I tripped and fell onto the sand, when I came into the house I said that I was going to take a shower to get rid of all of the sand. That evening after supper my wife and Sabrina decided that we should all go clubbing. Kelly faked sunstroke and I offered to keep her company I said that I wanted to watch the ball game. Kelly went off to her bedroom to sleep I turned on the TV to watch the baseball game. After they had left, I went into Kelly’s bedroom and we had 3 hours of earth shattering sex! After we had finished Kelly laid on my chest and made little circles on my stomach with her finger. She said that I was a really good in bed and that she couldn’t wait until we could do it again. I slid my fingers down her ass and gently played with her ass hole, I told her that I wanted to fuck her up the ass. I will keep you updated.

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    Im 12 and virgin and I am wet by reading this is it normal

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      i am delighted for you

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  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    This story was good but you stuffed dup one of the scenes.
    You said “Her daughter Kelly had just turned 22, after they moved in Trish quickly got a job in one of the local bars. She dated occasionally but didn’t seem to have a full-time boyfriend. She was about 5’3 115 pounds, she had 36 C Breasts, and a nice ass, and sexy legs. She had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes.”

    This makes no sense. Trish was your wife that you said is a nurse. Then all of a sudden she is dating occasionally etc when you were meant to be talking about kelly
    Proof read your stories and it would have been good

  • Reply Ella ID:1ah770leoij

    Enjoyment 8) i <3 this story a lot, i wish to fuck my dad someday O.o

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      I’d happily pretend to be your dad