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My sister Samantha

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I have to admit that my sister Samantha had the nicest looking tits that I had seen in years. My steady girlfriend Brooke had nice looking breast but nothing compared to what my sister Samantha showed day after day. Every morning that I woke up I wanted to get my mouth on those beautiful tits. We had to normal brother or sister dynamics, she pretty well ignored everything I did and squealed to my parents about missing underwear. My mother always yelled at me for always taking my Samantha’s side, she figured that I was doing ungodly things with my sisters dirty panties. Thankfully my parents decided to go to the Republican convention in St. Louis. I still remember the silly directions my father had given me, do not let your sister go out by herself, you are her big Brother and you need to protect her.

My parents had probably only reached the end of the driveway when I told my sister Samantha, that I was going to fuck her. My sister Samantha was 13 with a really nice tits and a slim body, I had dreamed of sticking my dink into her pussy since she was 10 years old. Samantha always like to play the innocent little girl, she would instigate a wrestling match, I would always fighting and wrestling but it ending in the same scenario where she would grab my groin and claimed that I was trying to do something strange with her, mom would come to her rescue and I would spend the rest of the day repenting some imaginary outfits.. Samantha was 14 and I was 16 my hormones were at it peak. After our parents left we were downstairs watching a video on TV when I looked over at her and said I’m going to fuck you. Samantha looked at me and ran for the stairs but I caught her before she managed to get to the first level. We wrestled for a while on the stairs and I managed to pull off her spandex bottoms. Samantha squirmed and tried to round stairs but I caught her by the back of her panties and dragged her downstairs. When I her on the carpet downstairs, I pinned her to the carpeted floor. Samantha wrestled and fought with me, I felt her firm young body push against me. She tried to get away but I pulled off her panties exposing her pussy. I looked at the her pussy, the fight went out of her, she lay there her bare little pussy right in front of my face. I pull down my shorts and my 8 inch cock popped out, I crawled on top of her spreading her little legs, Samantha tried to fight me but after all these years there is nothing that I wanted more than to fuck her. I pinned her to the carpet holding her arms above her head, I put the head of my cock against the slit of her pussy. Then I pushed my cock into her pussy, I first I felt the resistance then my cock was deep into her. Samantha kept crying that it hurt and for me to let her go but I held her down and started to stroke with my hips into her pussy. My cock felt so hard as I thrust into her, I felt her diaphragm pop and then my cock went deep into her pussy. I picked up my rhythm faster and faster until I couldn’t control the urge to release. I shot my load deep into her pussy. Samantha squirmed and tried to move and escape from my cock but I exploded inside her, shooting hot screams of cum deep into her pussy. I released Samantha’s arms she kept trying to hit me screaming at she was going to tell mom about what I had done.

I was absolutely terrified, I figured that my parents would disown me for fucking Samantha. A couple nights later I was laying in my bed thinking about jerking off, my parents had gone to sleep and the house was quiet when my door opening. Samantha came into my bedroom my bed. I said what you want? She said she wanted to fuck. Then she climbed between my sheets, I gently rolled her onto her back, sticking my cock into her wet pussy I fucked her shooting streams of hot cum into her. Samantha is now 37, whenever she comes for a visit she always comes to my bedroom and I get to fuck her.

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