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Trish’s obsession

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When I was fifteen a group of my friends on the school baseball team were in the school’s change rooms smoking marijuana when the Vice Principal walked in. Since I happen to be the closest to the door when he walked in, he instantly grabbed my arm and held on while he screamed for the other kids to stay where they were. All my friends scrambled out the back door and ran down the hallway. He took me to the principal office she tried to get me to identify the people that were involved, since I would not do it, she suspended me for two weeks. I instantly thanked my lucky stars thinking that a two-week holiday in early May is just what I needed since school would be ending in a couple of months for summer break. That all changed when my mother showed up to pick me up from the principal’s office, she was royally pissed and when I got home, I had to listen to a lecture from both my parents about using drugs. My father droned on and on about how lucky I was to be in California where use of marijuana is legal, saying that if I was in other states, I might be facing some serious jail time. I listen to my parents chastise me all the while thinking about how great it would be to have two weeks off with no school. My mother soon popped my bubble.

As soon as she learned about my expulsion mom had contacted my teacher and requested that she provide a list of assignments that would keep me busy for the next two weeks. She also contacted the coach of my baseball team and insisted that I not be allowed to play on the team for the next two weeks. Still, I figured I was getting off easy. I plan to sleep in and catching up a lot of my video games. I quickly learned that was not about to happen because my parents produced a list of chores that they expected to be done while I was at home. Bright and early the next day my mother woke me up and told me that she wanted me to take the dog out for a walk before she took my 13-year-old sister Trish to school. After that she said that I was to clean up around the house, cut the grass and clean all the crap out of the swimming pool. My sister kept mentioning things that she thought I should be doing and insisted that they take the power cords from my Xbox and PlayStation so that I would not be able to sit around all day playing games. As I sat soaking on the couch in the living room, I could see Trish standing at the bottom of the stairs making faces at me and laughing. The next day my mother woke me up and happily told me that it was time to get up and take the dog for his morning walk, after that she said she wanted me to change the sheets on all the beds. I looked out the window and said its raining, she said so what, put on a raincoat and get going Mr.

I walked for about 10 minutes before the light rain to turned into a downpour and I was soaking wet in no time, I hid in a bus stop until I was sure my mother had left to drop Trish off at school. By the time I got home everything was soaking wet including my running shoes. I went down to the basement and sat on the stairs and stripped off all my wet clothing before going and putting them in the dryer. I looked at the laundry basket and I saw a pair of my sisters’ panties and her bra. I picked up her panties and smelled them, my cock instantly started to become hard, I had often masturbated holding her panties against my cock. I went back and sat on the stairs and started playing with my cock, as I rubbed it against the panties it got really hard. I went and laid on her bed, pulled off the blankets and started masturbating all the while holding her panties against my throbbing cock. I shot my load all over her panties and lay back onto her pillow still stroking my cock. I opened my eyes; Trish was standing in the doorway. She said that I was a pervert and that she would be telling mom as soon as she came home.

I jumped up wrapping myself with her sheets before running after her, Trish ran into the main floor bathroom, locked the door, and told me to leave her alone. I stood there for a couple of minutes trying to think what I might be able to bribe her with so that she would not say anything to our mother, I told her that she could have anything that she wanted. After about 15 minutes of yelling back and forth I gave up and went upstairs so I could get cleaned up and dressed. I was in my room changing the sheets when she came in and stood across from me, she stared at me for a couple of minutes and said did I mean it, that she could have anything, I said yes, I would basically be her slave as long as she did not say anything to our parents. She looked at me for a couple minutes biting her bottom lip and then she said I want to see and touch my thing. I stared at her for a couple of minutes wondering if she was serious, she came into the room and said that she wanted to watch me do what I did before. I asked if she wanted to have sex, she said no, she did not want to get pregnant, but she wanted to know what it felt like the touch a guy’s penis. I was desperate to make sure she did not tell my parents about what I had done earlier, I pulled off my shirt and push down my shorts and boxers before kicking them off. My 7 inch cock lay limp against my waist, Trish slowly reached out with her hand and gently squeezed and released my shaft a couple of times, as soon as she touched my cock it began to get hard, she gently squeezed it a couple of times before stroking her hand up and down the shaft, her cool little hand felt so good on my cock. My nuts moved back and forth as she stroked my cock, she reached out with her other hand and did not leak cupped my nuts. As soon as she did some pre-cum started to leak from the head of my dick, I could feel my nuts starting the tighten and I knew it would not be long before I shot my load. I stopped her, looked into her eyes, and told her that I wanted to see her naked.

Trish is wearing an oversized T-shirt and I could see that she was wearing her bra because I could see the straps on her shoulders. Before she could say anything, I reach down and grabbed the bottom of the T-shirt and pulled it up over her head, exposing her breast and pussy. I had glimpsed her budding breasts when she was around eleven but was pleasantly surprised to see her orange sized breasts, she was wearing training bra and a black thong that barely covered her pussy. I put my hand on her thighs and then started slowly move my hand upwards before gently brushing the thong over her pussy slipping my fingers inside her wet little pussy. She gave an audible sigh and stiffened up before relaxing and letting me probe deeper inside of her. I asked if I could see her tits she unfastened her bra, I moved my hand and pressed against her breast her nipples were standing straight out, I leaned down and gently kissed her breast before nibbling on one of her nipples, I then sucked one of her breasts into my mouth. Tricia let out a little moan and pushed her pussy into my groin. I put one of my hands on her pubic area and played with the hair above her pussy, before massaging her clit and sliding my fingers back inside her wet pussy. I stood up and gently pushed her back onto the bed before climbing on the bed and pushing her legs apart. Moving up her body and again sucking and kissing her breasts. I reached down and put the head of my cock against her wet pussy, partially pushing the thong out of the way and sliding the head of my cock up and down the opening of her vagina. Trish said please do not come inside, she did not want to get pregnant. I got up on my elbows and knees and started stroking my hard cock as fast as I could, Trish lifted her head and watched for a couple of minutes until I shot my three long streams of sperm all over her stomach and pussy. After I stop ejaculating, I lay down beside her on the bed.

Trish reached down and felt the warm cum, all over her stomach. She brought her hand up to her mouth and slowly stuck her tongue out to taste the sperm. Then looked at me and said it tastes salty and sweet. She moved down and took my limp shaft into her hand and stared intently at the head of my cock which still had some sperm dripping out. She opened her mouth and slowly took the head of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue washing my cock head, she moved it and out of her mouth for a couple of minutes before looking into my face and saying that we had better get cleaned up and dressed before our parents get home. With that she jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I finished straightening up the sheets on my bed grabbed my clothing and was about to go into the bathroom when she came out fully dressed. She walked over to me and put her hand on my cock and asked how long it would be before we could do that again. I said it would be a couple of hours, and that I really wanted to come inside of her.

Trish gave me an evil -looking grin and said that she would go to the nurse’s station in her school the next day and get condoms. I woke up the next morning and started playing with my cock before remembering what Trish had said, I was determined to build a hot steaming load and save it all for her hot wet pussy when she got home.

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    The best of both worlds are young pussy that happens to be your sisters that’s horny as hell that’s a win-win keep on playing with her dude maybe she’ll give you a baby girl

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    Fuck this is hot

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    fuck this story is so hot you definitely have to fuck that bitch into her tight pussy and her asshole too

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    Fuck the condom. Cum in her pussy like your supposed to.

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      Very nice story. Would be amazing if she got a mouth full of cum but I am a huge fan of oral.