Posing as a mannequin on Valentines Day

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My parents were out of town and left me in charge of the display window. I decided to pose as a mannequin for all to see, I was just 15.

When I was a freshman in H.S. I enjoyed the art of exhibitionism. I didn’t exercise it during school, but after.

At the time, my parents owned a mid-sized department store in Southern Ohio. I assisted my mother with different projects including dressing the mannequins in the display window. One afternoon, a thought was born.

About six months later my parents went to London for a week and put me in charge of the display window while they were gone, smiles* I went in on Saturday evening before closing. I wanted to be sure that all the employees were gone before I put my plan into action. Once the building was cleared, I locked the doors.

I walked over to the lingerie section and selected a red & black lingerie set and some stockings to match. I chose a pair of stilettos from the shoe department. It felt so erotic strolling around the store like that. I pictured imaginary customers gasping at my presence, yet I had bigger plans.

I jumped behind the cosmetic counter and stripped down. I painted my whole body and face with a pale foundation so I could blend in with the existing mannequins. Since it was Valentines Day, I knew I had the advantage.

Once I was fully prepared, I walked towards the front of the store that faces a very busy street. In the display window sat two male mannequins dressed in masculine sexy attire, and two females dressed in lingerie. I was so nervously excited. That sort of display always draws a crowd indeed. I didn’t know if I had the courage to execute my desire to be seen. I strolled the store in an attempt to relax my inhibitions. ‘This is my chance,’ I said to myself, ‘don’t chicken out.’

The female mannequins were tall and much larger than I was at the time. I was hoping my smaller frame would draw some attention. I was so jealous of the mature body of a female, I had to know. I kept telling myself as I strolled around, ‘you can’t blink an eye’, in that window. I also knew I had to ‘freeze’ in position and never ever, move a muscle. I paused until I found the strength to continue. I could hear the voices of people as they stopped to view that view in the window. When the coast as clear, I quickly closed the showcase curtain, now blocking the view from the street.

I placed a chair in the center of the display. I sat among them as I pre-positioned myself. The lingerie I selected was VERY revealing. The top barely covered my nipples, and I chose to wear a thong, instead of panties. Those stiletto heels were naughty. I practiced different poses. I wanted to find those positions I could maintain for long periods of time, without even a twitch.

I could hear the sound of high heels and voices as people strolled past that curtain. My adrenaline kicked into high-gear, I was more than ready to expose my fifteen-year-old body to the world. It was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

Picture a chair in the middle of four mannequins, angled to the side, 20 degrees left. I posed my body in a seated position. My left leg was crossed over my right, my left hand was on my thigh, and my right hand was on the armrest. I tilted my head slightly to the left, and my mouth as closed. I was ready,…

I must have waited for 15 minutes before I found the courage to forge onward. I waited until I couldn’t hear any approaching footsteps, then I pulled on that cord, and the curtain swung open.

Instantly, I felt so nervous. There I was, just fifteen and dressed to kill, and on display in a showcase window. I immediately focused my eyes on a nearby parking meter that was about 15 feet from the window. I was flanked by adult mannequins, all dressed in similar attire. My heart was banging in my ears.

There were three lanes of traffic all moving to my left, on a one-way street. I knew the traffic light was red when I noticed the cars were stacking up. I couldn’t believe what I was attempting to pull off.

As I stared at that parking meter my peripheral vison was riddled with movement. Cars, people, it was a kaleidoscope of activity. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from my left… an older couple strolled calmly past without looking. ‘OMG,’ I thought to myself, they’re so close.

Then I heard more footsteps coming from the same direction. As I’m laser focused on that parking meter, I see them come into view. They slow down and I hear, ‘Wow, I think I’ll stand here for a while,’ I heard in a male voice. The woman next to him was wearing red, that’s all I could see, my focus was on that meter. There’s another female with them, but I can’t see her well. ‘Hot stuff,’ I heard from a female voice. I am dying inside. I feel so vulnerable, yet I can’t move a muscle! My heart was pounding at an incredible rate. I can feel their eyes scanning the bodies in the window. I am just four feet away,… behind this wall of glass. ‘Come on Larry,’ I heard, ‘you’ll be here all night’, she added, then I heard them laugh and they disappeared from view. I was stunned… completely stunned.

‘They didn’t notice,’ I said to myself. My shallow breathing was working well, yet I yearned to take a full breath.

Out of the blue, I saw two women coming from my right. One stopped and stared directly at me, ‘she’s too young to be wearing that,’ I heard her say. The other woman stopped and approached the window too. Then they were joined by I presume was their husbands, ‘Wooaahhh’, I heard one of the men say. As they stood close to the window I began to panic. ‘Oh shit,’ I said to myself, as my nipples began to rise. I was unable to do anything about it. I saw one of the men look closer. ‘Look at her nipples,’ I heard him say. ‘Which one?’ the other guy replied. ‘The younger one in front of me,’ he said. He looked closer too. The ladies laughed and scolded their husbands as the two of them stared at my chest. A few seconds later, they went on their way.

‘Oh shit’, I said to myself, ‘that was close.’ I was overwhelmed with arousal, and it was beginning to show. With no one at the window, I took a few full breaths.

I heard an approaching conversation coming from my left. Two men about forty-five paused by the window. I could see black trench coats in my peripheral. ‘Damn, look at the body on this young one here,’ one of them said. ‘Would you let your daughter wear that?’ he asked. The other man said, ‘my daughter has her mother’s ass, if I saw her dressed like that, I’d pop a boner,’ he said and laughed. I was shocked by his statement. A few seconds later, they were gone.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard, my nipples were standing indeed. The internal thoughts I was having made it difficult to remain motionless, yet I couldn’t move a muscle. I had now been in the window for about thirty minutes focused Soley on that parking meter. When the coast was clear, I slowly turned my head in the opposite direction to ease the tension on my neck, then I froze in place. Now, I focused my attention on a sign across the street. I took a few seconds to blink, blink, blink, to clear my eyes of water. I was so turned on. My desire to exhibit myself was being well fed by absolute strangers.

I heard footsteps coming,… it sounded like a group of people. I saw three of them peel off and approach the glass. ‘Look how real they look,’ I heard a man say. ‘Look how real her legs look,’ he added. ‘Which one?’ the other man asked. ‘This young one here,’ he said. ‘How do they do that?’ he asked. A womans voice stated, ‘they use molds to make them appear more realistic,’ she said. ‘That’s incredible,’ he said. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting. He actually positioned himself in my line of sight, looking right into my eyes. ‘Don’t blink,’ I said to myself, as I stared right into his eyes.

‘She’s too young’, I heard a female say. ‘I’d do her,’ I heard one of the guys say. ‘MMM”, I said to myself. That was the validation I was looking for. ‘Jesus Kevin,’ I heard from one of the females. Eventually they too, strolled away.

Another hour had past and the voyeurs were in great supply. I was so captivated by this. My left leg was going numb from the ongoing position. I knew I had to adjust my pose. There was so much activity in the window I was forced to wait for the exact moment to change positions. When the coast was clear, I crossed my legs the other way, and froze in place.

People continued to stop and gaze in the window. Their comments were sensational. About four minutes later, I saw a couple walk past the window and glance my way. Suddenly the man stopped and stared intently. ‘Christie, come here! he yelled. He walked right up to the glass window, staring into my eyes. ‘I walked past here twenty minutes ago, he said. ‘I remember this one had her left leg crossed over her right, I swear,’ he added. She laughed and gazed at me too, ‘Yeah, sure you did, she said, and laughed. ‘I swear, I’m telling you the truth, he said. He put his nose on the glass, staring into my eyes. I was amazed that he noticed my shift in position. ‘She looks so real,’ he said. ‘Look at her face, it looks so real,’ he added. I saw him lick his lips. ‘You shouldn’t be looking at her, she’s too young,’ she said to him. ‘Like what you see?’, I thought to myself. I didn’t move a muscle.

Ninety minutes had passed by now. I must have had over a hundred voyeurs stop for a view. I was in great need of a break. I patiently waited until the traffic was gone, then I quickly closed the curtain.

I collapsed in that chair in utter excitement. I giggled uncontrollably. I rose to my feet and began to stroll around the store absorbing the moment. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe the attention I was receiving.

I playfully strutted past a male mannequin in the sporting section and kissed him on his plastic lips, ‘hey stud,’ I said and laughed. I drank some water and headed back to the front of the store.

I stepped back into the display, ‘let’s try something more sexual,’ I said to myself. I didn’t want to move the mannequins, so I decided to pose in a standing position this time around.

The female mannequin on the left was in a lounging position, seated on the floor. I crawled up behind her and appeared to be kissing her neck. My other hand was on her left breast, then I pulled that cord,… and opened the curtain. ‘Jesus Carrie’, I said to myself, now I wasn’t drawing individuals, a small crowd began to form. I almost panicked, yet I couldn’t move a muscle.

‘Look at that,’ I heard from a voice in the crowd. ‘She’s all over that woman!,… yeah she is,’ another proclaimed. ‘Look how real they look,’ I heard from many. Thank God they didn’t notice the goosebumps that were rising all over my body. I focused my eyes on a side mirror of a car parked nearby. Their comments were VERY sexual. One by one, they started peeling away, a few minutes later, they were all gone.

I noticed that the onlookers were now remaining at the window for longer periods of time. When the coast was clear, I blink, blink, blinked, to clear my eyes again. The internal emotions I was having were so enticing. The conversations I was over hearing were unbelievable. I was beyond aroused.

Two women approached the window and stood directly in front of me. One was wearing a green jacket, it was all I could see. I heard, ‘look at the body on this younger one.’ ‘The fun we could have with her huh?’ she said to the other. ‘Definitely’, the other woman replied. I was stunned! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. ‘She looks delicious’, I heard one of them say, as she stared closer. ‘Come over here,’ I heard one of them say. ‘Stand right here,’ she said. ‘Look at that ass!’ she said loudly. ‘Look at that!’, she added. It was all I could do to not quiver in my heels. My focus was just inches away from their eyes. Seconds later, they were gone.

I was soooo turned on. Lustful comments from total strangers echoed in my brain. Some of them lingered for more than ten minutes saying things you wouldn’t believe. I was shocked.

One couple walked over from across the street and stood so close to the glass. They were in theirs 30’s, I think. I couldn’t quite see them well. They were off to my left. ‘Imagine that young girl coming into our bedroom,’ I heard her say. ‘Would you enjoy watching me do her?, she asked him. ‘I would pay to watch you eat her out,’ he said so seriously. ‘Really?’ the woman said. ‘Would you do it?’ he asked. ‘In a heartbeat,’ she said so casually.

I felt my pussy juicing up fast as I focused my eyes across the street. Sometimes, I felt as if I was invisible, listening to their sexual desires without their knowledge. I was fascinated by this.

Then I realized something, no matter how big the crowd becomes, if I remain statuesque, I have nothing to fear at all.

I was certainly drawing an audience with the present suggestive position. By now, I had been in the window for over 2.5 hours. In that time, I was able to change positions three times. My hand on her plastic breast was drawing a lot of comments, yet no one seemed offended. A guy and dog jog past the window. I wanted to try another pose, something even more daring. I reached for the cord and closed the curtain.

My entire body collapsed. The amount of energy and focus it required to remain motionless was exhausting. I again, giggled uncontrollably, over aroused by the experience. I was basking in what I so desired. But I had one more thing to try.

Again, I strutted around that dark and empty store as I sought the courage to continue. What I had in mind was very provocative. What a rush it was to stroll the store dressed like that. All I could hear was the click of my stiletto heels. After a few laps around the store, I steered myself towards the display window,… one more time.

It was now about 10:30pm. I knew the traffic would be less congested. I knew I could take it a step further, without drawing a crowd. I removed the chair I was using earlier. I grabbed the sunglasses off of the female mannequin, something I should have done earlier. I was going to pose my fifteen-year-old body in a way that would stir some thoughts indeed. I waited until I didn’t hear any nearby footsteps. I peeked thru the curtains to ensure that no one was silently waiting. I slid those sunglasses on and got into position. A few seconds later,… I pulled that cord.

The sound of passing cars ricocheted off the glass. I couldn’t believe I was this brave. My heart was cranking. About two minutes later a couple approached from the right. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them. ‘Damn, look at that!’ I heard from a male voice. ‘Wow’, I heard from a female. ‘That is very suggestive,’ I heard her say. ‘Look at that ass on that mannequin,’ I heard her say. ‘Holy shit!’, that guy said, over and over.

This is what they were looking at. The female mannequin to my right was sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. I was positioned in front of her, yet turned ninety degrees, facing the other mannequins. I’m on all fours,… my back is arched,… and my legs are parted wide. My thong was buried in my crotch, and my ass was popped out for all to see. My head was lowered, pointing to the floor. My hair like a waterfall, is shielding the shock on my face.

‘That ass’, I heard her say. ‘MMM’, I said to myself. It turned me on immensely knowing I was arousing another woman. A few seconds later I heard others join the party. It became a chorus of comments. Both men AND women were offering praise. My ass was drawing most of the attention from the curious voyeurs outside. ‘Look how real she looks’, I heard from a female. ‘That’s a hot ass’, she said and giggled. ‘I would eat that’, she said, then I heard what sounded like a ‘high-five smack.’

‘Come here,’ I heard a man say. ‘Look at that’, he said, ‘doesn’t it look like she’s wet?’ he said. ‘Oh shit’, I thought to myself, my pussy was soaking wet, yet I couldn’t move a muscle. ‘See it?’ I heard so clearly in the window. ‘Yes, I see it,’ I heard from a female. ‘That’s great advertisement there.’ she said. ‘That’s really bold’, I heard him reply. More footsteps were growing closer. Now I could hear a group of about 8 people, all talking about the view. They were broadcasting their observations. My ass was just three feet from that window. I was nervous as hell, but I was living out a fantasy. I couldn’t just leave I was trapped in the window.

I was surprised that the females were just as graphic as the men. They talked about what they wanted to do to me, so casually. Their comments certainly contributed to the moistness that was flooding my thong. A part of me wanted to change positions right before their eyes, but I knew that would jeopardize my existence. One by one, they peeled away.

I must have had a hundred or more people walk past and admire that view. I could hear everything they said as they paused by that glass window.

In essence my age seemed to startle the majority, but their comments were not governed. Those were the comments that stood out, laminated in my brain forever. That excursion is what birthed my love for exhibitionism.

I began at 7pm and the final curtain closed around midnight. Absorbing that volley of remarks triggered my arousal button. I remember laying in the center aisle of the store, masturbating to several orgasms immediately after. I showered in the bathroom upstairs. I called for a taxi to take me home. I didn’t know what to do with the lingerie, so I left it in the back seat of the cab.

As an adult, I know now that I was merely seeking validation. I wanted to see if my smaller frame could compete with the mature shape of the female mannequins. I didn’t expect to take center stage, the others were equally enticing.

There are some experiences that are so profound it becomes something you carry forever. That’s what happened one evening in 1993 during the Valentines Day weekend, in the great state of Ohio.

That was an evening I’ll never forget. / The End.


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    Love it so hot

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      Thank you Hank 🙂

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    Fantastic. Erect as usual and edging all the way! Carrie for Best Seller!

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      KISS* thank you Rik 🙂

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    Beautiful writing as always

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      Thank you !

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    Hello Carrie, such an erotic experience that I’ve not heard, wow! I love reading about your experiences! Kisses, Dean

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      Thank you Dean 🙂 you know my past better than some indeed. (smiles) – KISS*

    • Alwaysreadymn ID:5wwod7bwxid

      Hello Carrie, yes i do! I miss your almost daily profile and wall updates on the other site, however I am very much enjoying reading your posts here too. Have a great day hun! Kisses, Dean

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      WOW, (KISS) thank you 🙂

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    Definitely would’ve been a new experience for you. I wonder what they sent to your parents when they came back about the display.

    • Carrie ID:101b1o7xzrj

      I was concerned too, yet I never heard anything from any of the employees. /Lucky*

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    Holy hell I was rock hard the entire time reading this, great story

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    That was hot as hell, the fact that you was able to pull that off was amazing at that age.

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      Thank you Slim, I couldn’t believe I pulled that off either, I was soooo nervously aroused.

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    Reason I love your life.
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      I’m glad you enjoyed it. It would have been fun to have someone else join me that evening.

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