The Neighbours daughter

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Our neighbours had moved in in February and I had not had much to do with them, the only thing I knew about them was Barbara was going through divorce and she had her 16-year-old daughter living with her. I had waved at them as I noticed them leaving their driveway a couple of times but have never actually spoken to Barbara. I remember seeing their daughter leave the house each morning and walk towards the bus stop I guess so she could go to school. During a couple heavy snowstorms, I had shoveled their driveway. Barbara had come over and thanked my wife, Sharon. My wife had warned me not to make it a habit because they would expect it. I did not think it was important.

My wife works with the diplomatic corps and a lot of the time she has a way from home for months at a time. It is not a big deal because we do not have any kids, the only commitment we have is an eight-year-old German shepherd. I am a captain with the fire department, and I like to work the night shift because it gives me the freedom to do whatever I want during the daytime. My shift starts at three in the afternoon and ends at three in the morning. Normally there is not a lot going on during the evenings and I get a good night sleep. In March Sharon had taken a temporary assignment to Dubai, supposedly at three months temporary assignment. I was not happy with the temporary assignment, but Sharon told me that she would make extra money that we could put on our mortgage and pay it off faster.

In the middle of May I was on one of my scheduled five days off, I like to keep physically act oh, so I always go for a run a couple times during the day. I was coming back from my run, and I noticed our neighbours out struggling with their lawnmower it seemed like they could not get it started. I walked over and talk to Barbara and asked if I could help. She said that her daughter Cindy was supposed to cut the grass but could not get the lawnmower started. It was the first time I had ever seen Cindy, I noticed that she was very tall and very thin almost zero breast. I gave a couple tugs on the pull cord and quickly decided that they had flooded the engine. I said that I would get a tool to take out the spark plug and asked if they had a barbecue lighter which I could use to purge cylinder. They both looked at me like they were deer in a headlight, and I said to Cindy that I had one on my barbecue in the backyard and asked her to get it why I got a spark plug wrench. I watched Cindy walk towards my gate I noticed that she had a nice firm looking ass. I retrieve the wrench and get back to the lawn mower at it with the same time as Cindy. I removed the spark plug cleaned it, purged the chamber replaced the spark plug and within two tugs had the lawnmower up and running. Barbara thanked me a couple of times and I got ready to leave Cindy had not said anything, but I figured that she was uncomfortable around a strange man. I was sitting in my sunroom, and I saw Cindy cutting the backyard, I wondered why she would bother wearing a shirt, she could go topless, and no one would even notice they would assume that she was a guy.

I adjusted my jogging schedule so that I would be on the same route that Cindy used in the mornings several mornings I jogged by and said hello and she give me a quick smile and waved. I ran this fantasy through my head of getting to be her friend and popping her cherry, more than one night I masturbated thinking about spreading her ass cheeks. Whenever I am in my house, I like to walk around nude, not a chauvinist but I like the feeling of being nude. A couple of mornings I intentionally walked across our bay window as Cindy was leaving for school, I definitely got the opinion that she had seen me, she would definitely look towards that window each morning when she left for school. Our houses share a couple of common windows, which allows us to see in each other homes. Whenever I home at night I would walking around nude, I noticed that the lights in the upper level would suddenly go out when I walked in front of one of those windows. I started to stroke my cock into a semi hard on and then casually walked in front of the windows that affronted my neighbour’s house. The light on the upper level would all of a sudden go out as if somebody were there and did not want to be seen.

In early July I was in my front yard weeding my wife’s flower garden, my wife Sharon was supposed to be coming home in four or five days and she always got so annoyed if I allowed the flower garden to be overrun by weeds. I was lost in thought about finally getting fucked by Sharon. I heard this voice saying are you always nude? I did not hear Cindy walk up behind me. We talked about the garden for a few minutes before she dropped me with the, are you always nude? I pretended that I did not hear her and asked what she said, she looked into my eyes and said every time I see you in your house your naked. You make me so horny that I just want to come over and jump your bones. Cindy said that I made her so horny, that she actually thought about breaking into my house at night and fucking me in my own bed. She said that if she was not on her time of month right now that she would fuck me on the lawn. I am not a shy person and I normally have a response to any sort of question but her comments left me with a gaping open jawed at her. I said what part cock!! Cindy said do not pretend you did not hear me; I want to fuck your brains out and I know you want to fuck me. I said but you are only sixteen and you need to be with someone your own age. Cindy said that she was seventeen and now legal besides all the guys her age has dinks the size of pencils and they do not know what to do with them, she wants a real man. She said she lost her virginity at 12 to her cousin. She said why do not we go inside so that I can suck you off. I looked into her brown eyes, but her gaze did not change she looked deep into my eyes and said I am no virgin. I felt my cock growing inside my shorts and I was really uncomfortable.

I picked up my gardening tools and said that there are too many nosy neighbours around, they watch everything that is happening. We walked around to my storage area under the deck and stepped inside. Cindy dropped to her knees and unzipped my fly, she reached in and pulled out my growing cock, giving me an admiring glance gave the head of my cock a wet kiss then started unbuckling my shorts saying let us see what your nuts look like. My shorts dropped to the ground and Cindy said oh yes, they will do nicely before taking my cock into her mouth. Within minutes she had me exploding in her mouth before I realized what was happening. I grabbed the back of her head and held it close to me as my cock unloaded loads the build up spunk into her mouth. She swallowed each load, calmly reaching around and grasping and squeezing my nuts and milking them for everything I was worth. The coolness of her hands made me explode one more time into her wet mouth. She sucked off every ounce of come before using her finger in collecting the overflow from her chin putting it into her mouth and said this is really tasty. As she stood up, I reach for her and pulled her close to my chest sliding my hand down onto her pussy, she shook her head and said that’s off limits for right now, but my ass hole is ready if you are.

I slid me easily onto her ass cheeks and said I would love to fuck her ass hole, but not here in a storage area I want her in my bed. I want to be able to suck on your tits want to be able to treat you like a woman. I said that my wife was due home in a couple of days, so I need to be careful and be horny when she shows up otherwise, she’ll be suspicious. But once she goes back, I would love to have Cindy in my bed for a sexual experience. She pulled up her shirt and said that I have better man breasts than she has breast. When I saw those little nipples sticking out, I could not resist reaching forward and taken them into my mouth gently nipping one and then the other. Cindy arched her head back and gave out an audible sigh as I sucked and nipped on her tiny nipples. She reached down and grabbed my nuts and massaged them with her hand. My limp cock flopped,

I was extremely disappointed that my wife called and said that she needed to go to the capital for a briefing before she came home, that gave me and at least a week to recover. I went for my morning run before intercepting Cindy, I said my wife’s not coming home for another week how long before I get the fuck your pussy. She gave me a knowing glance and said that I would be able to fill her cunt several times before my wife got home.

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    When I was younger I would stay at the neighbors house until my mom got home from work sometimes when she called I would just meet her as she was pulling in the driveway once in a while she would say ask me if I just wanted to stay the night instead of getting up in the middle of the night once in a while I would see the wife come out into the kitchen wearing her robe and I was 12 years old so my mind was telling me to take a look at her when she got back into bed the husband worked until 8am

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    Learn grammar

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    Nice!, I love naughty neighbors, they can be so much fun specially when they are young. Make her smile with a fresh load of cum. Tell her you vitamins are good for her boobs lol!