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Sharon and I moved into our house about six years ago, it was a beautiful house with a large aboveground swimming pool. Neither Sharon or I were much into swimming but since it came with the property, we hired a company to maintain it, and everything went well. During the summertime, we quickly learned that we were the most popular house in the neighbourhood because all of the neighbourhood kids wanted to come to the pool when it got hot in mid June and July. Since we both worked, we installed a high fence and gate around the property the last thing we wanted was for one of these kids to fall then and drowned. Once we became friendly with most of the neighbours, we gave them the electronic code for the gate and told them that as long as a parent went with the kids, we had no problem with them using the pool when we were at work. That pleased everybody, most were stay-at-home moms and they all gathered around the pool during the afternoons when their kids were swimming.

Sharon and I are both thirty, we have no kids of our own and as far as I can tell there is nothing in the oven. We had been married for just over eight years every time the topic of kids came up, Sharon would talk about taking some sort of holiday. It became the standard joke in the family that if I wanted a holiday just bring up the kid’s topic. A couple of years ago Sharon and her sisters decided that they wanted to go to Las Vegas. I was wondered why they wanted to go at the end of June when it would be so incredibly hot in Las Vegas. My brother-in-law Joe quickly pointed out that the kids would be out of school full time and the girls wanted to get the heck out of town before the little monsters were home all day long. The girls always drove to Las Vegas instead of flying because that would give them more money for gambling. As the date of the trip got closer my other brothers-in-law invited me out for coffee, once everyone had arrived, Larry took a straw and cut it into four pieces and then put it into a paper bag. I had no idea what they were doing so I just went along. He passed the bag around and everybody took out a straw, he said who has to has the shortest straw. I said I do, the other guys all let out a breath and patted me on the shoulder. Larry said thanks for taking one for the team. I asked what was going on and they said that I had just volunteered to drive the girls to Las Vegas. I did not think it was important, so I said sure. Little did I know that it was a road trip from hell. The morning that we were leaving, Joe dropped his wife Brenda off before he left, he pulled me to the back of his vehicle and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. He said he have one of these for the trip, I was confused and shook my head I do not think I am going to need one I said. He shoved it into my hand and said that I could thank him later.

We had barely left the outskirts of the city when the women started bitching and complaining, as we drove to Las Vegas they complained about anything I could imagine. Their kids, their crappy jobs, the lousy sex, I looked at Sharon and said lousy sex, she tapped my hand and said they were not talking about me, there was a course of laughter from the back seat and her sister said at least when you’re sitting here once you get out the fill up the car with gas then she’ll tell us the truth. Once we got to Las Vegas and checked into the room the girls all headed off gambling, I went down to the pool found a good location and watched the pretty ladies. The whole trip turned into nothing but a nag, fest. After that any time I got wind of them planning another road trip I would make sure I was busy, I decided that even if I had to break a leg, I would never go through that again.

One of my favourite kids from the neighbourhood was Nora, from the first time her mother brought her over at age 8 she has been a chatterbox. Whenever we bump into them, she talks nonstop. During the summertime whenever I was out cleaning up around the yard she would often come over and just talk asking questions about everything. Sharon and I have always had an open-door policy for the neighbours, if they notice that our interior sundeck door was open, we expected them just a come on in without knocking. Many times, they have come up from the basement to find Nora in her kitchen chatting with my wife, she just wanders over whenever she gets bored. Whenever I am at home I like to walk around in the nude, Sharon has reprimanded me many times telling me that Nora could just walk in and see me, she always had a pair of underwear handy that she would throw at me whenever she heard someone opening the screen door.

This year, the end of June was a scorcher, every day temperatures reaching near hundred degrees. When I heard that the womenfolk were planning a trip, I quickly said that we were short manpower at the fire station because some of the guys had been transferred to fight wildfires in the North. I could not take any time off. All of the guys managed to duck the trip from hell. I like to work the evening shift at the fire hall from 8 PM to 8 AM most nights there is nothing happening, and I get a lot of sleep. If we do get respond to calls, I normally grab a nap once I get home which lets me have most of the day to do whatever I want. A couple of days after Sharon had left, I was naked sitting at the kitchen room table working on a jigsaw puzzle. I had a headset on listening to some music, so I did not hear the screen door opening, when I looked up Nora was standing there looking at me. Nora was a nicely filled out young girl, she was tall for her age and had firm breasts, tight stomach she could pass for an 18-year-old. I did not want to stand up with my junk hanging out so I put my hand over my midsection and pulled the chair in tighter to the table hoping that would just leave. I am horny about 99% of the time, Sharon had often complained that I would screw all weekend if she let me. I have been playing with my cock while sitting at the chair, gently rubbing my nuts, I had planned to go jerk off. Nora walked over to the table and quickly said what are you doing? I said just working on this jigsaw puzzle, she watched me for a couple minutes and then pulled the other chair out and sat down picking up a piece of the puzzle. Once she had put a couple pieces in the place she said, why are you naked? I said I just like the feeling of being naked. She picked up a piece of the puzzle played with it for a few seconds before dropping at onto the floor, she bent down to pick it up. She said, is your Willie always big like that? She said that she had seen her brothers Willy’s a couple of times and none of them were that big. I said Nora this is not the conversation or place you want to be right now if you mother comes along, I will be in a lot of trouble. She said that her mother was shopping and that her father was sitting in from the TV drinking beer and watching football. I put my hand over my privates and walked to the foot of the stairs where I had left a pair of gym shorts. Sitting on a step I pulled them on, I was surprised that Nora had watched everything I did. Once I stood up, she said this is going to be boring if all we have the do is this jigsaw puzzle.

After I regained my composure, I came back into the kitchen and sat at the table. I said I am really sorry, Nora your only fourteen and you should not have seen me naked. She shrugged and said that she had seen lots of naked pictures of guys on the Internet, whenever she has sleepovers with her girl friends, they all watch porno on their iPads. We sat and talked for about her friends and school, half an hour later she asked if she could use the bathroom. I showed her where it was, after a couple of minutes I heard the door opening and I looked up to that Nora had removed shirt her bra, my mouth dropped open and I stumbled for words, before finally saying that she should get dressed. She said why, do not you like my breasts all of the other guys in her class stare at them. I could feel my cock growing and within seconds the head hung below the seam of my shorts, Nora said so I see your Willie like them. I took a couple steps towards her before reaching down and gently touching her breast the nipples they were standing straight out just begging to be kissed, I sucked one after the other into my mouth feeling the coolness of her skin on my cheeks, my cock stood straight out forming a miniature tent in my shorts. Nora looked down and said it looks like Willie wants to come out. She moved in closer and slowly pulled down my shorts, my cock’s snapped straight up and bounced a couple of times. Nora reached out and took my shaft into her hand squeezing a couple of times before saying it feels silky. I sucked on her breasts and gently nipped on her nipples; I heard her inhale as I closed that my teeth against her nipples. Nora reached between my legs and cupped my nuts in her hand squeezing, I said ouch be careful they are very sensitive she apologized then went back to examining the head of my cock. I started to kiss her neck and nibbled her ears pushing her back towards the door of the guest bedroom.

Nora cell phone started ringing, I quickly bent pulled up my shorts and walked into the kitchen to retrieve her phone. Nora’s mother was checking up on her wondering what she was doing, she said that the family were going to go to a movie, and they wanted her to come home right away so they could get ready and go. Nora said that she really wants to stay and work on the jigsaw puzzle because we were almost finished. Her mother insisted and after she hung up Nora looked into my eyes and said do not jerk off, I want you to save what is ever in your nuts for me. She said that she would come over again whenever she could get a chance, she wanted to watch me jerk off. She said that she was not on birth control so we cannot have sex, yet. She quickly put on her bra and shirt before given me as quick kiss on the cheek and going out the door. I watched her cute little ass as she walked across the yard, I was hoping that no one was watching because my cock was sticking straight out in my shorts, I could feel pressure from my nuts the head of my cock dripping pre-come and I knew that I had to go jerk off otherwise I would never be able to relax.

It was almost Six months before we had an opportunity to be alone again, I had a couple of days off between shifts and Nora was on a PE day from school. She called and asked if I were still working on the jigsaw puzzle, I chuckled and said no I had finished that a while ago, she asked if she could come over and see it. I said definitely come on over. We never looked at the jigsaw puzzle because we are busy doing some other things. She had given away her virginity to one of the neighbourhood boys and had sex with kids from school. But she never forgot the size of my Willie and she wanted to try it out. I was happy to oblige. I led her to the spare bedroom, pulling her close I kissed her on the lips before slipping my tongue inside her mouth. As we kissed, I slid my easily her hips and squeeze her ass cheeks. I slid my hands under her sweater and lifted it over her head, I was pleased to see that she was just wearing her bra, her breasts seem to be bigger than before. Reaching around behind her I unsnapped her bra before pulling her left breast into my mouth and sucking on the nipple. After playing with both of her breasts I push my easily her waist hooking the top of her jeans and pushing them down. Nora stepped out of her jeans before pushing down her thong. I quickly took off my T-shirt and gym pants. My 9-inch cock was standing straight out as hard as a board, I pushed it against her belly, she stepped back dropping to her knees took shaft into her hand, staring at the head she said Willie did you save all of that goodness for me. I guided her to the bed, and she crawled up and laid on one of the pillows, she was gorgeous her firm nipples sticking straight out from her breasts. I move between her legs kissing her thighs before reaching her hairless pussy, pulling the lips apart and licked the entire length with my tongue, squirmed she lifted her mound against my mouth. I forced my tongue inside quickly darting it in and out of her wet hole, sucking the sweet juice from her cunt. I gently sucked in the lips of her pussy gently nipping them with my teeth, I could feel Nora move as I explored her pussy. I stepped two fingers inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her, at the same time, I moved up and started kissing and sucking her breast. I moved between her legs so that the head of my cock rested against her wet pussy, gently pushing I felt its head sink into her hot wet pussy. Nora sucked in a long breath and tap my arm saying stop, she said I did not expect it the field so big inside me. After a couple of minutes, I gently started pushing into my cock was all the way in and I felt the wall of her pussy. I did not move for a couple minutes and then I started thrusting my hips moving in and out of her wet hole. Nora lay on her back biting her bottom lip; I could feel her move as she tried to accommodate my hard cock in her pussy. I picked up my pace and I could feel my nuts lapping against the opening of her cunt I knew it would not be long until I shot my load. With one final thrust my nuts tighten as I shot long streams of sperm into her. I brushed the side of her face before gently kissing her cheeks, slipping my tongue into her mouth and kissing her passionately. I could feel her pussy spasm as it gripped my cock, I kept thrusting until she pulled away and said that she was about to pee. I said you are having an orgasm; she arched her waist up against me I held my cock deep inside of her I could feel her warm juices on my cock. I slowly went limp and as I did, I pulled out and laid beside her letting the head of my cock rest against her stomach, the sperm was still leaking out and she reached down and rubbed it with her fingers. Bringing it to her nose she smelled it and then slipped one of her fingers in her mouth. I rolled over on top of her so that my cock rested between her breasts looking into her eyes I said good girls always clean up after sex. Moving forward I put my cock close to her mouth, she opened her eyes really wide and said do you want me to suck it, I nodded. Nora opened her mouth, and I gently shoved the head inside, she immediately started gagging and pulled away. I stroked the shaft a couple of times and a gob of sperm dropped onto her chin it rolled down onto her neck, she looked at the opening of my cock and slowly stuck out her tongue licking the end after a couple of attempts she was able to get some of my cock into her mouth, she closed her lips and I gently moved back and forth so that she could suck up all of the remaining sperm.

I lay on my back, Nora moved and laid her head on my chest, she slowly started to play with the hairs on my chest with her fingers. She looked down at my nuts that were moving in the ball sack, and asked what they were doing, I grinned and said there recharging and filling with more cum. I said soon they will be ready for round number two. She lifted her head, looked into my eyes, and said but she still wants to watch me jerk off. I asked if she would help me with a with a confused look, she said help you, I told her to put her hand on the shaft of my cock and started pulling back and forth. As soon as her cool hand wrapped around my shaft it started to grow in her hand within seconds it was stiff again. I told her to move her hand quickly up and down and gently brush against my nuts. Nora tried like a real trooper, but she was not going fast enough so I grabbed my cock and started stroking it and long form strokes. Within a minute I could feel that I was going to shoot another load, I pinched they had so the pressure would build up then released it, my cock shot a scream of sperm landing on her to its and chest. When it stops urging, she looked at me and said I am I supposed to clean that up to. I said of course, this time she did not hesitate to open her mouth and cleaning my cock. We just lay on the bed talking for the next half hour until I said we needed to take a shower and get cleaned up. I let Nora into the shower and washed away any evidence. As I lathered her pussy my cock started to grow, she reached down and touched it looking over her shoulder she said you want to do it again? I pulled her little body tight to me her nipples pressed into my chest and kissed her on the mouth, I said I would love to but were out of time. I so my wife would be home in about an hour and she would not be all that happy to see me fuck a new. Nora laughed and said I am betting that she would not.

I had sex with Nora dozens of times during the summer, when she went back to school in the fall, she quickly hooked up with the captain of the football team. I did not see her much after that since she was always busy with her friends. She eventually went off to university a short time after that I heard that she had gotten married. About five years later, I received a phone call as I was cutting the lawn. It was Nora, she said she was in town visiting her mother and wondered if I had a jigsaw puzzle on which she could work. I said I just started a big one, she giggled and said I bet. I decided to meet her at a hotel outside of town the following day. We fucked all morning until I was totally spent, as Nora sucked the last drops out of my cock I flopped back on the bed and said I needed a rest. She laid her head on my chest like she had done years ago, looked up into my eyes and said you know you are still the best in bed.

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  • Reply Nate ID:3zm5lcywxid

    You are a good neighbor!!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    Nice story and oh so true. I to this day get phone calls from some girls in the past grown up some married some single and a few with kids. This past winter I got a phone call from a mother daughter combo. The girl was all grown up with daughters the age she was when we fucked and she wanted her daughters to experience what she had. Well it happened and I trained both her daughters well. I fucked her also then she told me her own husband couldn’t get her off like I can. I just found out a few months ago she is getting a divorce and I will be seeing more of her and her daughters. When you treat them right they always come back no matter what.

  • Reply aaaaaa ID:crabbri8i

    lovely, try to make it short, rated it 5 stars!!