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My wife Sharon and I are both thirty-nine, we have good professional jobs and are financially secure. We do not have any children, we had talked about putting off kids until we were stable and then it just seemed to get pushed to the side sideline, we took extended holidays together and purchased whatever expensive toys and gifts we desired. A couple months ago my wife had said that she is going to get a vasectomy, when she turns 40 because she is too old to have babies, that came out of the blue because a couple of months before that she had said that she was no longer on birth control and she wanted to get pregnant before she turned 40. We had gone through multiple tests and the doctor had diagnosed that we were both healthy, my sperm count was high and all we needed to do was have sex eventually we would have a baby. I am not sure what changed but all of a sudden Sharon has decided that babies are not in her future, she has gone back on birth control.

We are both very active with my wife’s family, her sisters both have three kids a mixture of boys and girls. We have been involved helping out both of the sisters ever since their kids were little and whatever they needed a babysitter or someone to pick the kids up from extracurricular all afterschool activities one of us always managed to check our schedules and do it. Her sister Kimberly was a very good soccer player when she was younger, she could’ve made the national team if she had not got pregnant with Michelle. Ever since Michelle was old enough to chase a ball Kimberly had her out in different soccer leagues which often meant that the weekends were tied up travelling to tournaments. At 13 Michelle is a star goalie for the Barons soccer team. Kimberly had been talking about a big tournament around Mother’s Day for quite some time, she had planned to drive Michelle and some of the other girls to the tournament. Three days before the tournament Kimberly phoned and told Sharon that Michelle had a dentist appointment to remove her braces late on Friday. The problem was that their team had rented a couple of vans and would be leaving early Friday so that they would be able to take part in the opening ceremonies for the tournament. Kimberly, and her husband Greg were going through a bitter divorce, and he would do absolutely nothing to help Kimberly, he had simply said that he was busy all weekend and could not take Michelle to the tournament. Michelle was extremely upset on one hand she wanted the braces off on the other she wanted to be with the team for the tournament. Sharon said that she had to fly to Tulsa on Wednesday and would not be back until Saturday afternoon. I overheard them talking and since Michelle had always been comfortable around me, I said that I could pick her up after the appointment and driver to about midnight get a hotel and we would arrive at the tournament early Saturday. Everybody agreed that was a workable solution.

Greg picked Michelle up from school and dropped her off at the dentist office, I always thought that Greg was an ass hole, so I did not bother to try to interact with him I just waited for him to leave and then walked into the dentist office. A couple of hours later Michelle was good to go, and we got in my truck, I asked Michelle if she wanted anything to eat and she said something from McDonald’s. I made a slight detour picked up some food and then we hit the highway. Michelle has always been a chatterbox and today was no different she told me all about what the dentist had said and what she had done at school that day. She was really excited about being in the tournament as its one of the first big tournament that she would get to play in. After about 45 minutes we had stopped talking and I told her that she could put whatever music she wanted into the stereo, she selected some modern noise and sat there tapping on her legs to the beat of the music.

Michelle turned off the music and turned to face me, asking why her father and mother had all of a sudden started hating each other she was wondering if it was because of her and her siblings. I really did not know the details of what had happened in the family, but I emphasized that it had nothing to do with her or her siblings. Sometimes adults just grow apart, and they do not want to live together anymore. She seemed to think about that for a while and then said she had seen her father jerking off. The comment surprised and shocked me and I swerved a little bit on the highway. Definitely not the conversation I thought we would be having. I said that is something you might want to talk to your mother about. She shook her head and said no she will not talk about sex. I said Michelle your barely thirteen you should not be thinking this sort of thing at that age. She looked at me and said why not a lot of her friends have steady boyfriends and are already having sex. It is no big deal! She said do you jerk off? I blushed said sometimes when Sharon’s not around. Why do you do it? I could see this conversation going to places where I really did not want to be. I simply said again that she needs to talk to her mother about this.

At about 11:30 I saw a hotel at the edge of the highway, and I pulled into the parking lot. The plan had been for me to get adjoining rooms and Kimberly would reimburse me for Michelle’s room. When I went to the desk, they told me that they only had one room left that had two beds all of the other rooms had been taken up by a travelling hockey team. Since she was not my daughter, I felt uncomfortable about sharing a room with her, so I phoned Kimberly and explained the situation to her. She said that it was okay Michelle had always been comfortable around me and she was sure she would be fine. Michelle nodded her head, so I took the room.

I took the bed closest to the door, Michelle sat down on the other bed next to me. She had not yet changed since coming home from school and was still wearing her short school skirt, a button, white shirt. She undid the buttons on her shirt, revealing her white bra and she took the shirt off. I was frozen. She unsnapped her skirt and pulled the zipper down. I could see baby blue panties I said you should not be undressing like this, go into the bathroom and you can change into your pyjamas. I could not believe it my 13-year-old niece had undressing for me, she was standing in front of me in just her underwear. Her cotton panties and bra. I marveled at how well developed her breast were, she was beautiful her ass filled out her panties. Blood surged to my cock and it twitched uncle Keith; do you think I am sexy? I think my breasts too small. I said Michelle your perfect for your age. She said I want to see what you look like take your pants off, I pretended that I did not hear her. She giggled and stood up. I said Michelle this stops now! She turned and went into the washroom coming out a couple minutes later in her pyjamas and climbed between the sheets on the bed. She said you are no fun and turned towards the wall. I went into the washroom changed into my pyjamas and came out and got into the bed.

It took a while for me to fall asleep, thinking about what it happened I could not believe that a 13-year-old would have such a nicely developed body. I woke with a start when I felt something touching my groin, I flicked on the light and Michelle was sitting on the side of the bed she had her hands shoved up under my shorts she stroked my shaft with one hand and tickled underneath my balls with the other. I could not help it I groaned as she continued playing with my nuts. She had stripped out of all of her clothing and sat there naked. Uncle Keith, your penis is so hard and it is so big! I know it is because you think I am sexy. It makes me feel good to make you happy. I looked at her perky breasts and between her legs. She continued to stroke my cock. I repositioned her so she laid on her back, I smell my teenage niece’s cunt. I knew it was wrong, but I gently pulled the pussy lips apart and stuck my tongue into her cunt. I stuck my tongue deep inside and sucked licking all of her little juices, I inserted a finger and felt Michelle stiffen and give a little moan as I probed her inside, moving my fingers faster and faster inside her little pussy, she arched her back and said that she was going to pee. I said that is an organ as warm juice leaked out of her pussy. I kissed her stomach and moved onto her breasts sucking each into my mouth and gently nibbling on them, she said that she liked it, and it tickled her all inside. She looked into my eyes and said are you going to take my virginity, I shook my head and said that what we were doing was very wrong and I was not going to make it worse by stealing her virginity.

I moved and sat on the edge of the bed beside her, she said that she had watched her father masturbate and wanted to see me do the same thing. I moved onto the bed beside her laying flat on my back and started stroking my shaft I stroked myself harder until I was almost ready to explode, I rolled onto my knees and shot a huge load of cum over her pussy, thighs and her belly. Michelle had a shocked look on her face, she reached and touched the mess between her fingers. She said it was so warm and sticky really gooey. I motioned for her to move closer, positioning my cock in front of her mouth I said open your mouth and taste it. She shook her head but then slowly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, I rested my semi-hard cock on her tongue and gently pulled her head towards me. She gagged a couple of times and there were tears in her eyes, I pulled it out saying try again. This time she took it into her mouth without gagging. I said that’s a good girl’s do they always clean their man up after their finished. I climbed off the bed and said that she should get cleaned up make sure she washes off all of the sticky stuff. She went to the bathroom, and I heard the shower running five minutes later she came out with a towel, when she dropped the towel, I noticed her nipples were sticking out, I suck each one into my mouth nipping on each of them. I said she should try to get more sleep. I went in and cleaned up in a shower. When I came out, I climbed a into the bed beside her and pulled her close to me resting a hand on each of her breasts. I kissed the back of her neck and said that this has to be our secret no one can ever know about it.

I had set the alarm for 6 o’clock but I was awake at about 5:30, Michelle’s ass was wedged tight against my groin, as I lay there unmoving because I did not want to wake her up, I could feel my cock starting to grow from of her body against me. Michelle opened her eyes, smiled at me, and then reached down to touch my cock as soon as she touched it became very hard. She said that she had seen her father when he jerked off and his penis was much smaller. I want to help you jerk off again. Only if I can taste your sweet pussy again. I put my fingers inside and played with her bud gently rubbing it I bent forward and started kissing and licking her pussy there was a slight taste of urine, but I did not care I stuck my tongue in his deep as I could reach. Michelle made little grunting noises as I explored her pussy. I rolled onto my back and started stroking my cock, Michelle put her hands on my nuts and squeezed a little too hard and I grunted and pulled away, she said did that hurt, I said yes, a little bit there are very sensitive. I stroke my cock faster and felt my that is about to shoot my load, I pinched the head of my cock preventing anything from getting out, its spasm the couple of times and then relaxed. Michelle asked what I was doing, and I said it is always better to hold it as long as possible. When a man makes love to a woman, he should hold his load until the last possible second. I started stroking my cock again but this time when its spasm I release it in its shot sperm straight up on the air and splashed back down onto my stomach and groin. She reached forward and gently touched the head with her tongue tasting the sperm and then pulled away saying that it spells really strong. The alarm went off a couple seconds later and I said we had to get up quickly shower and get going I needed to pick up breakfast and get her to the tournament before the first game. She went into her bag and selected her soccer uniform then went to the bathroom to get showered. When she came out, I quickly showered and got dressed, as we are heading for the door, she turned her face towards me and said next time can you put it inside my pussy I want to feel what it is like to have you inside of me.

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