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I wish it was me – Part 8

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The following summer with my Uncle Jim I spent as much time as I could, naked with him in the corn fields. But as Fall came the corn was harvested and we could no longer spend our special time in the field. Uncle Jim suggested that I help him feed the animals in the barn, there were two barns on the farm, the one that held the chickens and goats was near the house. But the barn which housed the horses was across a great big field, far away from the house and this barn had a second level known as a haystack to store hay over the winter months.

Uncle Jim and I would go to the horse barn to feed the horses oats and hay. I loved being near the horses. Once we got in the barn, I wanted to get naked for my Uncle, because I know how much he liked looking at my naked body and I really enjoyed him touching my small boobies. But Uncle Jim said for me to wait a second and we would go up to the haystack so we can have more privacy. Once the horses were fed, Uncle Jim showed me the ladder to climb to the haystack. Once we were in the haystack Uncle told me that I could now get naked, and he said that he was also going to get naked because it was about time that I saw a full-grown man naked. Up to this point I had only seen my Uncle Jim’s cock when he pulled it out in the field to show me and let me touch it.

Looking back, I guess my Uncle Jim must have been nearly 50 years old and I was your age, about to turn 11. My Uncle was 15 years older than my dad, and I believe my dad was 24 or 25 when I was born, so my Uncle was 40 years older than me. But my Uncle’s body was unbelievably attractive, all those years working on the farm kept my Uncle very fit and muscular.

My uncle laid his shirt down on one of the bales of hay and with no effort at all my Uncle lifted me up and had me lay down on my back on his shirt with my legs falling over the side of the bale. My Uncle asked me to open my legs. Up to this point my uncle had only really caressed my boobies and told me how beautiful I was. I opened my legs for my Uncle and he moved in close and started to lick my pussy. I had no idea what was happening but, I knew it felt amazing and I loved it. My Uncle continued to lick my pussy for a while and then he stopped and placed his finger against me. My Uncle asked me how old I was? And I proudly told him that I was going to be 11 soon. He asked me if I had started to menstruate yet? I really had no idea what my Uncle was asking me, so I just said no. My Uncle told me to relax, and he told me he was going to put his finger in me. I really didn’t understand where he was going to put his finger, I guessed it was my bum…and I didn’t know why he would do that, but I liked my Uncle too much to question him.

Slowly I felt my Uncle’s finger enter me…it felt odd, Uncle asked me if it hurt and I said no. He said, good, he was happy to hear that. My Uncle held his finger in me for a moment letting me adjust to the sensation, then he started to move his finger in and out of me, it was starting to feel really good. Then my Uncle lowered his lips back to my pussy and started to lick me as his finger was moving in and out of me. That felt unbelievably good, I never wanted it to stop….we continued like this for a while, then I felt my hips moving up to meet the thrusts of my Uncle’s finger and I wanted it deeper and faster. I heard myself moan and grunt as I tried to get my Uncle’s finger deeper inside me. Then suddenly, I arched my back and cried out…and shook all over. My Uncle held his finger in me and his lips to my pussy sucking gently until I calmed backdown and caught my breath again. I had no idea what had just happened, but I knew I loved it and wanted it to happen again. My Uncle explained to me that I had just climaxed, and he didn’t know such a young girl could have such an intense climax. But my Uncle said he was very happy that I could have that experience with his finger and mouth and he couldn’t wait until I climaxed on his cock. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but eventually he explained that too.

My Uncle removed his finger from my pussy and got up above me and rested one of his hand on the side of my body on the bale of hay. He used his other hand to maneuver his cock near my pussy. My Uncle started to rub his very hard cock up and down my pussy, and this also felt really good. He didn’t rub my pussy with his cock for very long before I felt him spasm and groan and the next thing I knew he had covered my pussy and tummy with wetness. At first I thought my Uncle had peed on me. But once my Uncle caught his breath he explained to me that I had just given him a climax and it was his cum on me. My Uncle explained that since he loved me so much and because I was so beautiful it excited him and he wanted to share his climax and cum with me. He told me that I was special, and I did feel very special in that moment.

My uncle then wiped his cum off me with a rag he found nearby and said he would make sure there was a blanket and more towels for the next time we were together. I was just excited to hear that there was going to be a next time.

My uncle told me that with Winter coming he didn’t know how often I would be visiting the farm and I should know that I can give myself my own climaxes when we were not together. I had no idea at the time how generous my Uncle was to provide me with this information and teaching. My Uncle took my hand and guided it to my pussy and instructed me to use my finger to find my hole. I fold my hole pretty quickly because it was still stretched out by having my Uncle’s finger in it. My uncle said that I could put one or more of my fingers in my pussy hole and move them in and out to get the same feeling he had given me, he told me to try. I put one of my fingers in my pussy hole like he said, but I couldn’t feel much and told him so. My Uncle said to try two fingers at the same time. When I put two of my fingers in my pussy it felt a lot better, my Uncle smiled at me and said good, he was happy that I could already fit two of my fingers in my pussy. My Uncle then instructed me to use my other hand to touch the top part of my pussy until I found a hard nub that was very sensitive and enjoyed being touched. I did as my Uncle told me to do, and almost immediately I found the hard nub that felt so good when my Uncle was sucking on it. My Uncle told me that was my clit and it would deliver me lots of pleasure for the rest of my life.

My Uncle told me that when we were not together I should try to get as many fingers in my pussy as I could and maybe try larger items such as a hair brush handle or carrot in my pussy. I didn’t understand why my Uncle wanted me to do this, so I asked him. My Uncle explained to me that we need to stretch my pussy enough so he could put his cock in me. That a man’s cock belongs in a little girl’s pussy, so we had to work on making his cock fit in me and I could help it along when we weren’t together. I was happy to help get my Uncle’s cock in me, because if his finger could make me feel so amazing, imagine what his cock would make me feel.

Baby girl, do you have any questions about mommy or my Uncle Jim? No mommy, it all sounds as lovely as what daddy does to me every night. But didn’t you ever suck your Uncle’s cock like I suck daddy’s cock. No baby, for whatever reason, my Uncle never let me suck his cock. But by the next summer, my Uncle Jim was putting his cock in my pussy as frequently as he could…I had worked very hard over the Winter months at stretching out my pussy for him to fit his cock in me and it was wonderful!

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