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Having a family with mine brothers part 2

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If you see any wrong spelling I apologise I drop out from school at 16 and I’m hispanic with a accent

When I wake up I saw my brother Mike inside his car in the back passenger sweating and fucking me harder and harder I was moaning ooooooooh oooooh car was shaking. I started moaning ooooooooh whyyy youuuu doooing this( moaning) While he fucking me harder and moaning he told because of you slut our parents are dead and no girls want to get closer to us and know you going have our babies. My brother was chubby with a beard. I started moaning hard OOOOOOOH FUUUUCK DON’T FUCKING STOP. That fat cock was killing me. I’m only weight 120 pound. I hear screaming Oooooooh shit I’m going to cum. I feel that warm load inside me. Oh my God he just cum inside me. Then he drove me to his house were my others brothers was waiting for me. David call me a slut come and suck me.
I bend on my knee he was big too I took his cock and suck him in and out. He was smiling and moaning ooooooooh shit slut you good sucking. Then he took out from my mouth remove my dress and force me to ride him. Oooooh fuckkk he was big I was moaning oooooooh yessss fuuck me fuck me. I started grabbing my tits and sucking my nipples. Then he told me ooh yes slut you cum I’m going too OOOOOOOH here come ahhhhhhhh . I went to took a shower my brother Brad came naked to the bathroom told me is his turn now. We started kissing tongue to tongue grabbing my tits sucking and bitting. Grabbing my ass and started to carrying me. When down to eat my pussy. My brother Brad he wasn’t chubby but have long hair and mustache. He was eating my pussy I feel like I’m was getting electrocuted. OOOOH OOOOOOOH yeeeees. I cum on his face. Then he bend me and started fucking me doggy style he cock wasn’t that big and not that small. It was perfect. He keep fucking me and fucking and slapping my ass. I hear him saying ooooooooh I’m going to cummmm and he cum inside me. And then Sean came naked to the bathroom without me resting carrying to the wall and start fucking me at the wall. My brother Sean is married his wife doesn’t know the fucking me. Like a 20 minute he cum inside me. In couple of weeks I started get sick. I took the test and I was pregnant. The father was my brother Mike. In couple months my belly was huge the doctor say I was going have twins girls. Mike celebrating talking to my brothers and taking selfie him to my stomach and comments
# my babies. People commentary congrats. In 9 months in my birthday I gave birth twin girls Stephanie and Daniela I named one by my other daughter I don’t know where is she?
At the hospital David came to my room. The nurse took the baby to the baby room. My brother open my door and locked he lay down in top of me remove my panty start sucking my tits my 32 c milking then and drinking. He moan ooooh sis you milk taste so good. Please not now not here wait to get home. He told me to shut up. Breast milk on his lip and mouth. He started fucking me in the hospital bed. He kept pushing harder and harder oooooooh fuuuuck yesss David oooooooh fuck me please harder harder. Lucky the nurse didn’t hear us and like 30 minutes by he cum inside me. Then he kiss me and left. Mike pick me up from the hospital and I seat in the back with Brad. The twin was in another car behind us. He asked me to remove my clothes and ask Mike to park behind abandoned house and wait outside. We started kissing he sucking my breast and milking it swallowing my breast milk. He told me David is right this taste better than regular milk than he start fucking me inside the car. Mike listen us and me screaming in organism OOOOOOOH OOOOOOOH FUUUUCK. The car was shaking fast. I hear oooooooh babe I’m going to cum ooooooooh ooh ooh ooh. I kissing and thank him. Sean couldn’t fuck me because the got my twins in his car with his wife. He has to go straight home. Later that night Sean’s wife was sitting next to me. She was a chubby black girl with a huge tits and ass. Sean wasn’t chubby he was skinny. Mike took the twin to sleep and then I don’t know what started happen to me. I started kissing her. I though she going stop me but no she kiss me back. We took our clothes off. I was sucking her huge tits finger her pussy at the sametime. I started eating her black fat pussy. She was moaning. Sean hear us and was surprised. He remove his pant took his cock out and started fucking me doggy style kissing his wife at the sametime. We have a three some and it was great. I got pregnant again and David is the father. I gave birth to a baby boy David Jr

I got discharged from the hospital. 24 year old with 3 kids fathers by my brothers. It was Brad turn to get me pregnant. But Sean spoke with him and make a deal with him. My wife can’t have get pregnant let both fuck both our sister and my wife but I have to cum inside my sister. He agreed Mike was with the twin. David was with David Jr. Brad and Sean and Sean wife and me went to a motel. Brad already started sucking Sean wife tits. Sean doing the same to me and kissing me. Then I was kissing Sean wife while Sean was eating my pussy and Brad was eating out Sean wife fat pussy. Sean wife and me was taking turn sucking both cocks. The guy took turn and fuck us doggie style while I was kissing Shawna Sean wife. We took turn ride both cock. Sean cum inside me and Brad inside Shawna. In couple of weeks I find out I was pregnant again. Sean is the father. I gave birth a girl her name is Shawna Jr because I gave her to Shawna to be her mom. Brad couldn’t wait to impregnated me When I got discharged Sean and Shawna took the baby and Brad took me inside his car and we started fucking inside the car. He started sucking my tits taking milk out. Then he start milking my tits and putting in a shot cup and force me to drinking and then kissing tasting the milk from my mouth. Then he started fucking me harder and harder. Oooooooooooooooh Ahhhhhhhhhhhj yeeess fuck me fuck me fuck this bitch oooooooh he got turn and fucking me harder. I was riding his cock in and out then he cum inside me then got pregnant and gave birth to another set of twins girls. He was so happy. I married David. We have 6 more kids. Now I’m 45.
We live happy marriage live in Florida. Sean divorce his wife and married his daughter on her 15 birthday and his 44 and have 5 kids. His wife his own daughter is 20 now. Brad married Sean ex wife and pregnanted his twins and have 7 childrens. He being fucking his twins since 12 year old . And Mike saw his niece my niece Brad daugther. She got 4 children from my ex husband. Divorce him and took his money and house now my ex is homeless. And Brad got 6 more childrens with her and married her.

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  • Reply David kenya

    Part two plz

  • Reply John Wrights

    I am 40 years old, and i have two children(boy 6 years, and, girl 14 years) with my little sister(28 years). I started fucking little sister since she was 10 years old and i was 22. At 14 she got pregnant with my daughter. When our parents (sadly they passed away a few years ago, and i inherited all of their assets) found out they kicked her out and she came to live with me. A few months later I got a job as a software engineer in a different city, and I took my little sister and my daughter with me.

    My little sister became pregnant with my son when she was 22. And she graduated college to become a teacher at 24 years old.

    I also started fucking my daughter at 10 years old, at 12 i got her pregnant. Now she’s 14 and she has a 2 year old baby girl.

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver

    What a great story I loved every minute of it especially the fact that your brothers all got you pregnant so many times and now they are all fucking their own children and got all of them pregnant are they fucking their grandchildren now are you still having babies wish I could fuck you

  • Reply Janine

    Really hot story! Email me
    [email protected]

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    Das one hell of a story