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Wanted nice things pt.2

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Sorry it’s been awhile getting to part two of my story but have had alot going on

Stacy and I left Mr Campbell’s and started the 3 block walk home . As soon as we were out the gate she looked at me and said ” wow I really can’t believe you did it ” . To be honest I couldn’t either. As we were walking home she asked if she could stay at overnight and I said of course and she called her dad and told him we had a assignment to do and he was fine with it . I grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight . I looked at her and said ” I want to take you in my arms and hold you so tight . I want to kiss your neck till it bleeds . You make me feel so much ” . She smiled back at me . When we got to my place we went inside and dropped our bags . For a few moments we kissed and hugged . She then asked if she could have a shower and I said sure go for it . I watched her hot ass as she walked down the hall . I heard the water turn on . Yes I had been around when she had showers before but never had I had the feeling I was at the moment . I wanted to be in there with her . I couldn’t resist. I went to the bathroom and stripped off and got in with her . She turned her head and smiled at me . I got some soap and rubbed it in my hands . I started to gentle massage her shoulders . Soon my hands were running down her back . She gave a sigh as my fingers ran down her spine . Soon my hands found her ass . I put a hand on each cheek and rubbed them . She gave a few soft moans . Then running my hands back up her back . Reaching around and cupping a breast in each hand . Rubbing her perfectly sized titts . A finger teasing her nipples . Her nipples taking no time getting hard . Her breathing is getting deeper and faster . I feel her nipples are fully erect . I run my hands all the down her flat stomach till I find her soft pussy . My right hand finds her slit . I let a finger slide into her . I start rubbing her clit with a finger on my left hand . She is now moaning like crazy . I start moving my right finger alittle faster . ” oh fuck me baby , fuck me harder ” is all she says to me . I add a second finger and start going as deep as I can . My finger on her clit is pushing on it hard as it’s popping out fully erect . She is moaning like crazy . Her hands pushing against the way . Her back starts to arch . ” fuck I’m going to cum ” she tells as I give a huge push in . I can feel her pussy convulsing around my fingers . Her body trembles as she orgasms and cums . I reach around and turn off the water as she slumps in the shower for a few minutes looking up to me with a smile . ” I love you but we need to keep us secret ” she says to me . ” I love you to and I won’t tell anyone ” I reply . Omg we have been friends forever and now in a day we are doing this I think . We get out and dry off and head to my room . When we get to my room we sit on my bed . She says ” if you want some good advice , find something to start fucking yourself in the ass with for alittle while each day . Start to stretch it before they start fucking your ass . It will mean it will hurt less when they do for the first time “. ” I don’t have anything to put in my butt . I’ve never had any sex toys at all ” I reply . Before I could do or say anything else she jumped up off the bed and headed to the hall way . I slowly got up and saw her opening my mums bedroom door . ” we can’t go in there ” I say . She says ” hey she won’t know ” . ” You won’t fund anything in there ” I say back . I get to the door and see Stacy at mums bedside draws . She checks the first two and nothing but then as she opens the third I was in shock as she pulls out a long black dildo in the shape of a cock . It even had a set of balls at the base of it . It got the best of me and a walked over and looked in to see at least another six various shaped duldos in her draw I couldn’t believe it I never knew my mum was into them . Stacy grabs a tube of lube that’s in there as well and says ” let’s get back to your room ” and grabs my hand and pulls me back to my room. Once back in my room she tells me to take off my shorts and panties and to kneel on my bed . I did as she asked . Even not being sure what was going on it felt hot her having a nice view of my ass . Nothing happened for a minute then I felt her finger worming in-between my ass cheeks and pushing against my asshole. I jumped slightly when she touched me there . I was surprised it felt nice her doing it . She started working her finger inside of me . She pushed her finger in and out of my ass very slowly for a minute or so . Then I felt her add a second finger . I moaned out loud as the second finger stretched me a tiny bit more . At the time it felt amazing her finger fucking my ass . After a few minutes I felt her pull her fingers out . Then I felt the knob of the rubber cock pressing against me . I tensed up instantly but she slapped my ass and said that I had to relax and to push up against it . I just couldn’t do it at first . I was just so nervous about having that in me . I finally concentrated and forced myself to relax . Suddenly the big knob at the end of that thing popped into me and I came right off the bed as it did . ” fuck me ! Shit Stacy! That hurts so bad ! Stacy you need to stop ! ” I yell . She stopped pushing but she didn’t pull it out . She said ” just put your head in your arms . Just relax . Trust me it will be worth it ” . I just keep on grunting and gasping for air . I really wasn’t sure if I could do this . She still left it in me and after several minutes she slowly slide it in alittle further. She paused again then she pulled it back . I thought she was taking it out but to my dismay she pulled it back a couple of inches and then slowly pushed it back in. This time it went in alittle further . I was grunting , groaning and gasping in pain . It was burning so bad and I felt like my ass ring was being ripped apart . She pulled it almost all the way out and put some more lube on it . Then she started pushing it back in . This time I felt it bottom out inside me . I was in shock I had the whole ten inches inside of my ass . The balls were pressing against my ass . She held it in place for a few minutes and I gradually started to relax alittle bit . I started to get to the point where I could stand it being in me . I was still in alit of pain but could handle it now . She began to slowly draw it out and then push it back inside of me . She was doing it in short and slow strokes . She says ” damn you look so sexy with a cock in your tiny tight ass ” . I couldn’t believe she was seeing me like this but again it was a turn on . After a few more minutes of her gently fucking my ass with it she pulls it out of my ass . I try to stand up but need her to help me . My legs are so weak and it feels like someone had punched me in the stomach . She hands me the dildo and I go clean it and put the dildo and lube back into my mums draw . It was getting late so we went down stairs and found some left overs to have to eat and had a drink of water before heading up to go to bed . Once in my room I had to ask . ” Stacy can we sleep naked together tonight ” . She looked and said ” I wouldn’t want it any other way . We both stripped and got into bed . We spent the night cuddled up together wrapped in each other’s arms . Morning came and she said ” well I should help you pick out something to wear for your afternoon at Mr Campbell’s ” . I said ” you know I don’t have alot ” . She looks through my stuff . She handed me my really only one set of sexy underwear . It was a black bra that was the only one that looked sexy in my small size and the matching near see through black lace panties . Then she handed me a black dress I had . I had never worn it as mum hated it . It buttoned down the front so was easy to get in and put of . So I was ready . I put them in my school bag and we got our school cloths on . We headed down stairs and got some breakfast . Then we made some stuff to put in our lunch boxes ready for school . Then it was time to go . As we walked she said ” well are you sure about today ? After today it’s no turning back you won’t be a virgin anymore ” . I said ” I know and I feel I’m ready . I know it will be hard but the money is worth it ” . She smiled and said ” but damn I had so much fun fucking you last night with that dildo I can’t wait for us to do it again ” . I smiled and said me to but at the same time thinking well it wasn’t the most fun I’ve had naked . I held her hand and looked at her and said ” babe you can fuck me anytine you want . I love you ” . We started to meet up with other kids so we had to stop talking about that stuff for now . We were so into our sexual stuff now we really just stayed quiet . Soon we were at school . We put our bags in our lockers and headed to class . It seemed like such along day . Knowing what was to come . I think I was excited and nervous both at the same time . After school Stacy said she would walk me to Mr Campbell’s . She just kept reminding me to not be nervous . That it will be harder if I’m more nervous . Then I knew how much we both had changed . She looks at me and says ” you know we have known each other since kinder and now I even get to know what your pussy tastes like , gotten to fuck your ass . I never want this to stop ” . I reply ” you know it never will ” and I never wanted to ever stop with her . We got to his street and said ” do you mind waiting at my place till I get home . She said ” I’ll even try and stay over again ” . I kissed her and told her I loved her as I left . I hid behind some bushes and changed . Then got to Mr Campbell’s and walked to the door . I knocked and to my surprise Brian answered . ” hey Mr Campbell she is here ” he yells . I pushed passed him . I walk up to Mr Campbell . ” Well are you excited ” he asks . ” I’m scared but excited at the same time ” I answer him . Well we start soon but till then go sit with Brian and let him have some fun . Brian was on the couch so I go to him . He points to his lap so I sit on his lap . A hand instantly go to a breast while the other up my thigh and ribs the crouch of my underwear . As Brian groped me Mr Campbell says ” well I’m not going to pop your cherry . Another man is going to . He won a auction I held selling your cherry . He made the highest bid as long as his friend gets to fuck you after he has . Then after they have I’m going to fuck you . Then Brian will get to fuck you . Thought Brian should as he is going to be the one holding the camera . This is going live on a private show . Thousands have paid to see you get your cherry popped . So you will be fucked 4 times today and thousands get to see it all ” I was in shock . I thought I was coming so Mr Campbell could take my cherry . Not being fucked four times . Not having my cherry taken and it being live on his secret channel for thousands to see . Soon there was a knock at the door . Brian shoved me off him and Mr Campbell said ” well you better answer the door ” two men In casual clothing were standing there . You could see the smile on their faces grow as they saw my tiny body . The taller of the two said ” wow you are even sexier in person than in your photos ” . I stepped back and let them in . The taller of the two shook hands with Mr Campbell and said ” it’s going to be worth the price . I’ve never fucked a virgin but she was just to perfect to pass up ” . I couldn’t really believe he was selling our photos on making money off people watching us on the internet . I wondered how much he was making. The tall one walks to me and stands behind me and says ” I’m Stan . My friend is Terry we went halves in the bid ” . I quietly asked ” do you mind me asking how much you paid ?” Stan replies ” we won it at $6000 as long as we both got to fuck you ” . I thought to myself I’m going to have to talk to Mr Campbell as I’m only getting $100 out of this deal and he has sold my cherry for $6000 . Plus what he is making from viewers . Mr Campbell says ” ok it’s time to start the show ” . I nervously went to Mr Campbell and say ” I think we need to talk ” . ” What’s wrong ” he asks . ” I think our deal is unfair . You are making over $6000 and only paying me $100 ” . He says ” well your right , I’ll up your payment to $1000 but you will be punished for questioning me ” . Then it was time to start . The fear of what he meant by punishment was in my head but I had to let that leave my head . Mr Campbell and Terry moved away . Stan took me into his arms and started kissing me . His hands started to move over my body . Soon Stan turned me to face the camera . He told me to undress . He stepped out of view . I could see he was taking off his cloths . I started to unbutton the buttons on the front of my dress and slipped it off . I tossed it into a chair at the side . I reached behind my back and unfastened my bra. I let it slide down my arms and fall to the floor . The cool air making my nipples hard . I throw it into the chair . I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties . I slide them down my over my hips and down my legs . I was now naked in front of all these men. I looked over and saw Stan naked . He had a slender body . His cock looked a good seven inches and was thick . He accully looked nice . He stepped back onto the blanket with me . His hands went back to exploring my body for a moment . He then says ” I want you to suck my cock first ” . I went to my knees in front of him . I started kissing and licking Stan’s cock . Brian moving in for a close up view . I took his cock into my mouth . My lips close around it and my tongue started to caress it . Soon without knowing I had Stan’s cock in my throat . This time I only gaged a few times . I was sort of disappointed when he pulled his cock out of my mouth . I wanted more time sucking him . He told me to lie on your back and spread your legs . Brian pushed in and zooms in really close . ” Spread that pussy wide open ” Brian says to me . I use my fingers to open it as wide as I can . Brian got heaps of close up pictures of inside my pussy . Stan soon took his place between my legs . I moved my hands away from my pussy . Stan leaned in and started to kiss and lick my pussy . It felt so amazing . My ass started to come up off the blanket . My hands went and wrapped around his back . His tongue starting to slide in and out of my pussy . I knew what was coming . My back arched as my nails dug into his back as I had my first orgasm of the day . I thought he would stop after that but no he kept tongue fucking my pussy . I was moaning so loud I couldn’t help it . I put my hands on this head and pushed it as close as I could . Soon I was having my second orgasm . I nearly passed out it was that strong . My clit was hard as a rock . He started swapping from tongue fucking me and sucking my clit . I was feeling so hot and wet . In no time I had my third orgasm . I couldn’t believe I’d had three orgasms so fast already. He moved his head from between my legs and said ” I want you to grab my cock and guild it into your pussy . I want to feel that tight pussy around my cock “. I reached and got hold of his cock . I moved the head and moved it up and down my slit . I finally placed it at my opening . He gently pushed it into me until just the head was inside of me . I moaned out loud of the feeling of a cock inside of me . He started moving it back and forward adding alittle more each time . The whole time our eyes locked onto each other’s . I winced when the head of his cock touched my hymen . I knew the time has come I was going to lose my virginity . He pulled back and started slowly fucking a couple of inches at a time . Stopping each time he got to my hymen . I was loving the feeling of fullness as his cock stretched my pussy wide open . I wanted it to happen so much . I lifted my head and started to kiss his chest and nipples . I started to beg him to fuck me . He pulled nearly all he way out . His hands gripped onto my hips . Then I felt him push in one hard fast thrust and I screamed in pain as I knew it was done . His dick was all the way inside of me . His pelvic bone pressing against mine . I felt like I was torn in half . The ripping and tearing pain . I had tears running down my face . He left his cock buried deep in me. Him smiling down at me . ” damn you are so hot . Give me your number when he isn’t listening . I need to see you again . I have to fuck you again ” I smiled back at him giving him his answer . He started slowly moving his cock in and out of me . I started moaning with him . I started to lift my hips up of the floor to meet his trusts . He was fucking me in a regular rhythm for several minutes . I lifted my head and started kissing his chest again . He started fucking me harder and faster . I started to scream as I started cumming . It felt so good cumming with his cock buried in me . He continued to fuck me harder and faster . I couldn’t stop cumming . As soon as I thought I had finished another wave would come over me and I’d just keep cumming . He layed down on top of my tiny body and his cock started to just pound my pussy . He furiously pounded my pussy till I felt his cock stiffen . Soon I felt it the first time a man was cumming in my pussy . His body relaxed on top of mine . I held him there tight . We kissed for awhile till he started to get off me . I pulled his head down and kissed him and whispered him my phone number . As he got up I saw traces of blood over his cock . Terry took no time moving in . He was shorter than Stan . Had a stubby body . Not fat but not thin . There was really no size difference between the two of their cocks . He looked down and asked ” are you sore ” . I looked up and said ” yes alittle” . My pussy was still burning alittle and was sore from the pounding Stan gave me . He layed on me . Grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy . It didn’t hurt as much as when Stan entered me . He started fucking me hard right off . It took no time for my body to start to react again . My ass lifting off the rug . My pussy rubbing against him . I was now moaning so loud in pleasure . Soon I was having one orgasm after another . Soon I heard Terry say ” damn it not yet ” . He tensed up and I felt the second load of cum was shooting into my pussy . He starts getting up and looks down at me and says ” damn you were my best fuck ever ” . Next Mr Campbell is standing in front of me and says ” get on your hands and knees . I thought in my head he was going to fuck my ass but was glad when he didn’t. He got behind me and pushed down on my back . When I was in the right position he moved his cock up and down my slit a few times and then rammed it into my pussy . It was such a violent and painful thrust . He held my hips tight while he fucked me fast and violently . I could feel the size difference . His cock bottoming out in me each time . Brian loving filming my little titts bouncing with him . He moves around and films Mr Campbell’s cock stretching my poor used pussy . Guess he could tell I was about to cum as he moved and filmed my face as I orgasmed and cummed again . Mr Campbell just kept on pounding my pussy so hard that I eventually dropped my head into my crossed arms . I was done I didn’t think I could handle much ore of his pounding . It was several long minutes till I felt his load being deposited into my pussy . ” fuck me you are such a nice tight fuck . Can’t wait to see that tight ass getting broke in ” Mr Campbell says as he gets up . Mr Campbell takes the camera from Brian and says ” she is all yours” . Brian looks at me and says ” cam I just get her to suck my cock as her pussy is a fucking mess ” . Mr Campbell says ” do what you want it doesn’t bother us “. Brian gets down on the mat .
Pulls down his pants and I moved between his legs . I started to lick the head of his cock . Then wrapped my lips around him moving then up and down . Guess watching me getting fucked by 3 guys had taken its toll as was not long till he was cumming in my mouth . I swallowed most of his cum . I held it in my mouth as I could tell he wasn’t getting soft . Soon I could tell he was going to cum again . But this time he grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock as he cummed . His cum hitting my face . I could feel his cum running down my face . I stayed on the mat till Mr Campbell said I could move. I struggled to my feet . I could hardly walk I was so sore . He took a few pictures of my face , pussy and thighs which were all covered in cum . He told me I couldn’t clean up but could get dressed . I went and put on my cloths . He then said ” well you can have tomorrow off but want you here the next day ” . I nodded as he handed me my money ” oh you can leave the cum on your face till you get home ” he added . I ask him on the way out ” can I get a copy of the DVD ” . He looked surprised but said ” of course my little slut you can ” . He also handed me a piece of paper with a Web site and said ” think you might like looking here . Oh and here is Stacy’s money for you to give her ” . I had just got out of Mr Campbell’s street when I heard a car pull up and it was stan . He wound down his windows as I went to the car . ” do you mind if I call you he asked ” . ” Of course not anytime ” I say back to him . I leaned in and gave him a kiss and as I did I felt him put something into my hand . As he drove off I looked down and saw he had handed me $500 . I then started the rest of the walk home . I decided to count what Mr Campbell had given me and there was a note saying ” only as you did a great job and looked so hot ” . I counted out $1500 . I thought to myself wow $2000 in one day . I had tried my hardest keeping out of site but just as I got close to home two brothers that live two doors down saw me . Dale was fourteen and Kevin was thirteen . I said hi when I walked pass them hoping they didn’t notice anything but no luck . Dale quickly says ” Melanie are you ok ? Have you been raped ? I could see the concern look they had . ” no Dale . I’m fine . Thankyou for asking ” . I started to continue walking when Dale stepped in front of me ” why do you have cum on your face then ?” I wasn’t sure what to say but then it came to me ” I can’t tell you right now but if you meet me tomorrow afternoon I will tell you “. They both agreed and we went our separate ways . I hurried back home. I opened the door and Stacy was watching some TV . She gave me a big hug when she saw me . I gave her the money from Mr Campbell and said I will be out after I have a shower . I went to my room and undressed and ran to the bathroom nude . I got under the water and washed my hair . All of a sudden I felt Stacy behind me ” let me help ” she says . She gently washes my hair . She picks up some body wash and gently washes my body . Paying special attention to my legs and titts . Being so gentle knowing I was in pain . She turns off the water and helps me out of the shower . Softly drying off my body . We then went to my room and sat on my bed . ” Well you going to tell me what happened ?” She asks . I start telling her everything that happened during the afternoon . Guess it was turning her on as soon her hands were touching my face and running through my hair . Then one moved and cupped and caressed my left titt . Soon she had worked up my t.shirt . My nipples were getting hard from her touch . She was shocked when I told her how much I had made . But told her I was going to be punished for asking about it . I said I got tomorrow off but go there the next day and Stacy jumped up and said ” me to ” . We spent the rest of the night talking till we drifted off to sleep together . I had to do shopping with mum the next day till she went to work so Stacy spent the day at home . It was like 5pm when we finished and she dropped me off home . Stacy rushed right over . We went in and started to put the food away . Suddenly I heard the door . I thought it was mum and she had forgotten something but Brian was standing there. ” what the fuck are you doing Brian ?” . He replies I have the right to come here whenever I want now . I have a couple of friends who don’t know Mr Campbell so you will do as I tell you or it will mean trouble for you ” . He went to the door and said ” come on boys ” . I was so pissed at who he had brought over . Walt was a lose who was fifteen and a bully and Jimmy as seventeen and ways kept back grades . I never wanted to even know them let alone fuck them . When they saw us their eyes lit up . They came inside and sat on the couch in the living room . Brian pushed Stacy over to them and said ” she is all yours boys . I’m going to fuck Melanie as I have not got a chance to fuck her yet . I had just enough time to see them spread her on the couch between them and hear her sobbing as the tore of her clothing and were not gentle about it . Brian pushed me onto the floor and started groping my body . I hated where I was as I could see poor Stacy. Brian only groped me for a few minutes till I saw him stripping . He got behind me . I grunted as his cock entered me . As he started fucking me i watched Jimmy forcing his cock into Stacy’s throat . I saw Walt fucking her hard from behind . She was between moaning , groaning and crying . Stacy and I went through this for nearly two hours . Each one of the guys fucked both me and Stacy . We had to deep throat all 3 guys . Walt and Jimmy loved watching Brian with Stacy . Soon as they all had their turns with us both Brian said ” get use to it this won’t be a once off ” and I believed him . We went and had a shower and went to bed and cuddled . I didn’t want her to ever leave . She asked me ” so have you been practising with the dildo ? ” she could see by the look on my face it was no . ” Get on your hands and knees and assume the position ” Stacy jokingly yells at me . Fast as anything she is out of my room and back with the dildo in a flash . I hear the lube open then a finger penetrate my ass . I grunted as the first one went in . I asked her ” is that dildo go to ruin my ass and stretch it to much ” . ” no it will just not hurt as much the first time a guy fucks your ass ” she tells me . Soon two of her fingers are in my ass . Soon they are pulled out and the dildo goes in . It didn’t hurt as much but it was still so uncomfortable . She started working it in and out slowly . Deeper and deeper until once again it was fully in me . She gave me a minute to adjust to my ass being fully stretched and then started fucking my ass with it . She continues fucking me with it for a full five minutes . She gently pulls it out . I was happy it was finally over . She says ” see it was better this time wasn’t it ” I had to agree there was less pain . It was still uncomfortable and abit painful . She goes and washes it and takes it back and puts it back in the draw again . As she walks back into the bedroom I push her onto my bed and pull off her pants . I lean down and start kissing and licking all of her pussy . I loved licking her little slit . I loved her taste . I licked and kissed her pussy for a long time . I them started using my finger on her . Her body started to twitch uncontrollably . Her breathing became loud . Her moans starting to get louder . Her hands grabbed my hair and her thighs gripped around my head . She screamed loudly and had a massive orgasm . We layed and kissed and cuddled . Then she said I don’t want to but I need to go home tonight . We kissed and she left . The next day I didn’t see Stacy at all till she called me around 6pm asking if she could come over. I said of course she could . She couldn’t stay long so we made the most of the time we had together kissing , cuddling and feeling each other up . The next day was my next day at Mr Campbell’s . The rest of the day was pretty normal . Stacy and I headed to Mr Campbell’s . When he let us in he told us to sit in the couch and wait for Brian to arrive . Soon he arrived . Mr Campbell asked him to help him and they left the room and came back with a heavy padded bench . He told Brian to start filming . He got Stacy to undress me . As she was Mr Campbell said ” I told you that I was going to punish you ” . Once naked he ordered me to lay on the bench on my back . I did as I was told . He moved to me and fastened a strap around my neck . Next was my ankles followed by my wrists . Then one around my mid section to finish off . Fear was fastly setting in . He moved in front of me and stopped and said ” well I’m first today ” . He moved between my legs and rammed his hard cock into my dry pussy . I screamed in pain . He didn’t slow down as he fucked me harder and deeper as I kept screaming . He started going faster and was soon cumming in me . He tells Stacy to strip and stand by the door and let people in . Soon there was a knock and three men came in . Mr Campbell says to them ” put a dollar in the jar there and you can fuck her pussy and mouth but remember you have to cum in her tight cunt ” . I could hear them undressing . The 3 coins hitting glass . Soon the first of the three was fucking my sore pussy . I wasn’t that concerned till about 40 minutes into it and the room was filling up . Soon I was getting fucked by my first black cock . By this stage I was thinking what sort of mess am I down there . I thought I can’t keep this up guy after guy fucking my pussy and cumming in me . The pain was basically gone and my pussy was basically numb . This had started at 3.30 and he finally said ” well it’s 9.30 she has been fucked for 6 hours straight I think she has been punished enough ” . He unfastened me . I tried to get up but fell to the ground . I had no hope of getting up . I was starting to get feeling back and soon could feel just how much pain my pussy was in . It felt like my whole lower region had been hammered . My pussy felt like a wire brush had been forced in and out of me . He said ” here is your jar you can go home now ” . Stacy helped me all the way home . I said I was fine when we got to my door and she headed home . I limped upstairs to the bathroom and had a shower. The hot water helped the pain . After that I got a hand mirror and looked between my legs . My pussy was red and swollen . I didn’t want to count the coins but I had to . All up there was forty four coins in there . All I could think was fourty four guys had fucked me in a row and I made fourty four dollars . I had two days break . Then I got my next call . I went to Mr Campbell’s . I was happy when I got there it was just me , Mr Campbell and one other man . Mr Campbell says ” this is Ben . He is going to fuck your ass ” . I knew the day would come . He was well built and tall . He stripped off and I saw his huge nine inch cock . It was hard and wide . He ordered me on my hands and knees . He stood in front of me and I knew what to do . I started kissing and sucking his cock . Feeling it fully grow in my mouth . Soon my head is pushed away . He moves behind me . I feel his hard cock running up and down my ass crack . His knob starts to push against my ring . Mr Campbell taping it close up . I scream out in agony as his knob pops into my ass . ” omg you were right this slut is fucking tight ” he says to Mr Campbell . He grabs my hips and starts trying to force more in . I try to pull away and he grabs my hips harder and tighter . He pulls back and pushes again . I feel the knob all the way in . I continue to scream as he forces and forces and I finally feel my ring give up its fight . He is all the way in me . I’m crying and screaming as he fucks my ass hard . It feels like I’m being torn to pieces . He pulls my hips towards him with each thrust . I feel like I’m going to pass out . He lasted fifteen minutes before he cummed in my ass . I collapsed on the rug . He was laughing as he walked to Mr Campbell ” hey look at this ” I could see blood on his dick . Mr Campbell goes to a draw and I see him get out a mirror and throw it at me . ” Thought you might want to see ” he says . I reluctantly look and my anus ring is red so swollen . I can see my hole is wide open with traces of blood around it . Been gets dressed and throws $200 at me and says ” you were worth it . Not often I get to make a bitches ass bleed like yours ” . Mr Campbell throws my cloths at me and says see you soon and kicks me out . Well this is how we spent the next three years . Once we turned eighteen he didn’t want us anymore . Stacy and I had made enough money to get a place together and are a couple now .

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