Girl next-door part two

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I met Cindy on her way to school, I said that my wife would not be home for at least another two weeks and then I would love to get her in my bed. Cindy was chewing some gum and she popped a couple bubbles before saying that her mother was still home so she could not go back to her house, and she could not simply walk in my front door because of the neighbours. I told her to go around through the alley I had already unlatched the back gate, once inside the yard she would be able to come in through my walk-in basement. I told her that once I got home, I was going to open the garage and pretend that I am doing some maintenance on the car, all of the neighbours would be watching me. The plan worked perfectly, I had to hood up on my car when her mother left for work, she rolled down her window and said good morning adding that she hoped that I was not having any serious problems with the car. I said that I was just poking around under the hood, I was going to make a few tweaks and that was about it. She waved goodbye and after 10 minutes, I closed the car hood before going to the garage and closing the overhead door.

Once inside I found Cindy sitting on a bar stool in the basement. She was wearing a white shirt and a pleated skirt. As I walked up to her, I could clearly see the pink panties covering her pussy. I walked over and gave her a kiss on her cheek, resting one of my hands on her inner thigh. Cindy gave me a little smirk and said you like what I am wearing. I said that I loved It, I will bet that it drives all of the guys crazy watching you walk around. She said the best part was when she was in the English class and spread her legs her teacher Mr. Andrews kept losing his train of thought his eyes darting between her legs.

I took her by the hand and helped her stand up from the chair, saying come on I need a shower let us go upstairs. Cindy said that she loved the idea of the shower, and she was going to wash every inch of me. Cindy was standing at the end of my bed when I walked up behind her and wrap my arms around her chest, bending down I started kissing and nibbling her neck and ears. I unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off her shoulders. She pushed her head against me, saying she really love it when somebody kissed her neck and ears, it sent tingles all the way down her spine. She quickly undid her bra and turned around, I reached down and nibbled on her tiny tits gently blowing on them, so they popped out. They were the size of a mandarin orange, I could easily suck the entire breast into my mouth, I kissed and sucked on them soaking them with saliva, Cindy moaned lightly as I nibbled on them. After a couple of minutes, I kissed her on the mouth, forcing my tongue deep inside for a passionate kiss. Sliding my hands down her slender body and pushed her skirt all the way down, she was wearing cute pink panties with a monogram of a bunny rabbit over her pussy. Cindy quickly pushed down her panties and stepped out of her skirt, saying that she was not going to need them in the shower. I bent down and started kissing around her pussy and she stopped me saying that she was still on her time of month I said I did not care I wanted to make love in her pussy. She hesitated for a second and then said Well she is going to go to the bathroom and take out the tampon and then she would be ready to go. By the time she returned I had removed all of my clothing, standing there with my cock sticking straight out in front of me. Cindy walked read over and put her hand on the shaft and said hello beautiful I met you yesterday are you up for a real workout today. I push forward so the head of my cock rested against her pussy and said oh yes, he is ready and eager to go. Cindy said I thought you wanted to fuck my ass hole, I smiled at her and said everything in due time before gently pushing her back onto the bed. She scooted up onto the comforter and lay there with an evil grin on her face saying this was going to be much better than schoolwork. I grinned at her and said Well there is going to be some hard parts but they should be an enjoyable lesson.

I land the bed beside her and gently started probing her pussy, squeezing and releasing the opening with my fingers before dipping my thumb inside, as soon as my thumb entered Cindy arched her back pushing against my thumb, I started finger fucking her wet pussy sliding two fingers in and out as fast as I could. I bent forward and started kissing her stomach working my way up to her tits and then to her mouth. We exchanged deep kisses before I bent down and whispered in her ear that I would really like to eat her pussy but did not like the taste of blood. I then forced my way between her legs letting my 10-inch cock brush against her pussy, Cindy reached down with her hand and guided the head of my cock inside her. I pushed all the way in and heard her take a sharp breath as my cock hit the back of her pussy wall. I sucked on her tits and then picked up the rhythm going faster and faster, Cindy stiffen and then she said she was about to cum, I felt her pussy tight around my cock shaft as she orgasms, she moaned don’t move keep it right there. She squirted; I felt the hot gush of her juice against my nuts. I kept my cock deep in her pussy until her orgasm subsided and then picked up my pace before my nuts tighten and release a stream of cum, into her pussy, after two surges I felt my cock starting to go limp. I waited for a while before pulling out and laying on the bed beside her noticing that we were both soaked in sweat. Cindy rolled over and laid on top of me grinding her pussy into my groin, we kissed for a couple of minutes before she raised up and let my hard cock slide inside of her. She pumped her firm ass up and down until I felt my cock surge and shoot another load into her. She leaned forward her forehead resting on my chest until my cock slipped out of her wet hole. Neither of us spoke for a couple of minutes and then she said Well we had better see about that shower because her ass hole is jealous. I was idly wondering if I could get it up again. As we get off the bed Cindy pointed out that there was a bloodstain on the comforter and said that I had better get that into the laundry really quick before the stain set. I stripped off the comforter and took it down to the laundry room spraying it with some chemicals before putting it into washing machine. When I went back up to the bedroom, I heard Cindy talking to someone on her cell phone I casually walked over and her say that she was okay, the reason she did not go to school was that she was getting some private lessons in sex education. When she hung up, I asked who had called and she said it was her mother the school had called her saying that Cindy had not come to school. I asked what did your mother say you told her about her about sex education. All her mother had said was you are still taking your birth control pills right!!

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower getting the temperature just right, Cindy joins me, and I used a liberal amount of body wash to wash down every inch of her gorgeous little body. I paid particular attention to her pussy and her ass scrubbing them sparkling claim with a scrunchie. Cindy returned the favour washing every inch of my body before I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, and gave her towel so that she could dry off. She turned on a hairdryer and began to blow dry her hair, as she did, she bent forward leaving her gorgeous little ass sticking out. I drop to the floor and start kissing her ass cheeks and probing the edges of her ass hole with my finger. Her ass hole was so tight, I gently pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could get my fingers deeper inside. Cindy put down the hairdryer and bent forward gripping the edge of the sink with her hands and spreading her legs. She reached behind her and grasped my hard cock with her hand squeezing and releasing several times. Then she turned around and said that she wife have anything that she could use as a lubricant. My wife Barbara had never let me anywhere near her ass hole so I knew there would be nothing we could use.

Cindy said let us see what your wife has in the pantry that something we can use. We went to the kitchen, and she searched to the pantry before saying here we go this will work’s turning around with a bottle of olive oil in her hand. She walked over to me on screwed the top poured some olive oil it in her hand and rubbed it all over my cock, passing me the bottle she said to make sure I put lots around her ass hole. She then turned around leaning forward onto the kitchen counter so that I could work on her ass hole. I quickly covered her ass hole with the olive oil and then step behind her shoving the head of my cock against her ass. I pushed my cock against her anus and was able to slide my the head in before she said stop. Cindy took a couple of breaths, and then said OKAY go for it, I pushed again about halfway in when she screamed stop it hurts too much. Her ass was incredibly tight I enjoyed the feeling of the tightness against the head of my cock. I pulled out of her ass, Cindy turned around and said sorry, but it just hurts too much your cock is too big. Cindy dropped to her knees opened her mouth and started sucking it in and out of her mouth. The feel of her warm mouth against my cool cock drove me crazy, I shot my load into her mouth, she continued to move it in and out of her mouth until it went limp. When she stood up, she had gobs of sperm leaking out of her mouth and draining down her chin. She said that she could still taste the olive oil saying that she will have to remember to use the oil again because that gives it a really nice taste.

I made love to Cindy all through the summer until she left for college in the fall. After her mother would leave for work, she would come over and climb into my bed sometimes we would make mad passionate love and other times I would just hold her sweet little body tight to me as we slept.

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