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Trish comes for a late night visit

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When our mother got home she asked Trish how she was feeling and if she felt up to going to school tomorrow. She said that she was better because she had napped most of the day. I threw little barbs at her and we bickered back-and-forth during supper, I’m sure our parents were convinced that everything was normal. I watched a baseball game with my father after supper and mom took Trish shopping. At about 9:30 mom came down and said that she was going to have a bath and get ready for bed. I looked at Trish and she gave me a knowing look. We had both learned a long time ago that this was a routine they did before they went up and had sex, 20 minutes later dad said good night and went upstairs, I went into my bedroom and turned on the TV because the last thing I wanted to do was listen to my mom moaning and grown as they did their thing, not sure what they did but she was definitely loud. 

I heard a knock onmy bedroom door. I knew it was Trish, I’m sure she couldn’t sleep either because of our parents love making. Trish opened the door slowly, and walked into my room wearing a bathrobe. It was open wide enough in the front to see that she was wearing nothing underneath, but at this point I think I was too nervous to get a hard-on. She walked over and stood on the side of my bed, opening her robe even wider before sliding it off her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. Nervous or not, this time I started to get a hard-on. She was totally naked, I looked at her firm to its and then glanced down at her hairless pussy.. Touch me anywhere you want, she said. I stood up and reached for her right breast, I slowly ran my open palm across her nipple. Her firm breast felt so against the palm of my hand that my cock got really hard and pushed its way out of the top of my underwear. She took my T-shirt off, and pulled me close to her. The feel of her tits against my bare chest drove me insane. She started grinding back and forth rubbing her self against me, the tip of my cock now rubbing against her firm tummy. “Let’s go lie down,” she said. She lied down on the bed facing me, and slid close to me. We were both facing each other lying on our sides. That position made her tits squeeze close together, I put my hands between them and slowly massaging her nipples.

“I want to suck on them,” I said. She was breathing heavy, and just smiled at me as if to say yes. I slid down and started sucking her right tit, while I massaged the left one with my hand. Trish was moaning with pleasure, and started fingering herself. I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled my underwear all the way down to let my cock rub up against her body. I reached down and grabbed my cock, and started slowly stroking it while I was still sucking, and drooling all over her tits. She licked the palm of her hand and slid it down my chest, past my belly, and started rubbing my cock. My body was trembling, she started jerking me off faster, and faster. She put her face close to mine, and pressed her lips against my lips, and began giving me these erotic soft kisses. She then tilted her head down, and started watching herself play with me. I felt her breathing heavy as she began jerking me off faster. “Oh Keith, I can’t take it any more,” she moaned, “I’ve been trying to hold back, but I need to suck it!” She ran her hands down and cupped my balls with her left hand, and stroked me with the other. She leaned in and started licking the tip of my cock, with short quick tongue strokes. Then she put my whole cock head in her mouth, and began sliding her head furiously up and down. Stroking me wildly with her wet hand, “I love your cock! she said. I wispered that “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”, She pinched the head of my cock stopping me from ejaculating then her stroked harder and faster and started rubbing my cock head on her wet pussy, jerking me faster and faster. After about two minutes she released the pressure on my cock and my load shot out in a stream hitting the bottom of her chin and splashing all over her tits. Trish had a surprised look on her face before saying that she didn’t think it would shoot that far, I reached up and wiped the cum from her chin and her tits

I don’t think I ever came that much before in my life! It seemed like gallons of cum went squirting all over chest, spilling on her belly and pussy. She put my cock back in her mouth after I came, and licked it clean, swallowing every remaining drop, which made my balls ache with pleasure. I rolled Trish onto her back, and placed my hand on her thighs, rubbing them lightly, her pink pussy was so beautiful, I just wanted to lick it, and kiss it. Once my tongue touched her clit, I knew this was going to be easier than I thought. Her pussy had a natural sweet taste to it, so I started licking, and sucking. I darted my tongue in and out as fast as I could, until she was trembling with pleasure. Put your finger inside me, she whispered and I obeyed. She had made me feel so good earlier, that I wanted to satisfy her. I kept fingering her faster and faster stopping to lick her clit I could feel her body quiver and shake with ecstasy. Finally it was as though a volcano erupted inside her as she let a passionate sigh of sheer joy. I did what she had wanted. I’m made her cum. I pushed my finger pushed deep inside her hot wet pussy and could feel the walls of her pussy closing and releasing around my finger as she pumped her little hips like she was trying to milk my finger. She looked at my face and whispered that she desperately wanted to feel my cock inside of her.

I rolled onto my back and laid beside her, she put her head on my chest and reached down and pulled the blanket up over the two of us. We wrapped our bodies around each other. After a couple of hours, I woke with a start and realized that someone was opening my bedroom door I pulled the blankets over Trish’s head and, I pretended to be asleep I watched my mother quietly open the door, she walked into the room and looked around before finding the controls to my TV before turning it off. As she closed the door I could see her looking at something, she hesitated and then quietly closed my door. I was glad that Trish was asleep and had not moved under the blankets. I waited until I heard mom’s bedroom door close and then I gently woke Trish and said that she should go back to her own bed. I went to my bedroom door and quietly opened it peeking outside to make sure the coast was clear before signalling Trish that she could go to her bedroom. Trish gave me a little wave from her bedroom door and quietly closed it. In the morning I was sitting on the side of my bed rubbing my eyes still half asleep, still tired, I looked down and saw Trish’s housecoat laying on the floor and suddenly realized that I knew what my mother was looking at.

When I walked into the kitchen I noticed that Trish and mom were standing by the counter having a quiet conversation. Mom looked at me and asked if I had a good night sleep, I said the best ever why? She said that she had opened my door and turned off my TV in the night and it looked like I was moving around quite a bit under the blankets, she was wondering if I was having a nightmare. I said that last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in years, no nightmares, actual restful sleep. Trish spit out the orange juice that she was drinking and started coughing, my mother started tapping her on the back and asked me if she was okay Trish and eventually replied that she sort of choked on something

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    Nice story, a little lacking in info but still good. enough so i look to part two for sure, I hope.