A rainy afternoon

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In the summertime I like to wear shorts since I always go commando, my cock and nuts sometimes slipped out the edge of the shorts and sometimes I pull them out and let them hang because it is more comfortable. My wife is always telling me to tuck them away whenever she sees them. It was near the end of May a particularly hot sunny day, there had been thunderstorms off and on all afternoon. I was sitting outside along the edge of my garage, drinking of vodka cooler, and watching people walk up and down the street and keeping an eye on the young girl that lived across the street. She was helping her parents load their truck, I guess they will plan to go camping on the weekend. She was wearing a small top which did not do much to hide her well-developed chest, her shorts clung to her ass cheeks, I do not think she could have been wearing anything any tighter and still been able to walk. I had developed a semihard that I kept hidden behind the vodka drink.

There was a local election happening and there had been canvassers showing up all week long dropping out literature or knocking on the door telling me about the candidate that they were supporting. I noticed one of the female canvassers working her way down the street, I knew it was just a matter of time before she would reach my house. I went back to watching my neighbour and forgot about the canvas her, the next thing I knew she was standing beside me, she must have cut across the grass from my neighbour’s because I did not see her or hear her walk up the driveway. Can we say uncomfortable, I stood up and adjusted my shorts but I am sure she had noticed my cock sticking out. I tried to be cool about the whole thing and asked some questions about candidate. She showed me her identification which identified her as Trish, she was just getting the talking points that I am sure she had been coached about when it started to rain. My garage door was open so I motioned that we should step inside, I grabbed the chair and quickly get out of the rain. She stood at the edge of the garage for a couple minutes I am sure trying to decide if it was better to make a run for it or stay dry in the garage. She finally took a couple steps inside. The rain was really coming down, a heavy downpour. I set up another chair so that she could sit down and asked her if she wanted anything to drink. She noted the drink but after a minute I just at the chair so that she was sitting at an angle towards me. She was wearing a white blouse and a light grey skirt that rose to mid thigh when she sat down, she adjusted the skirt and tried to tug it down a little bit. I finished my drink and got another, adjusting my chair so that I was sitting directly across from her. It also allowed me to look directly up under her skirt I did not see any panties so guest that she was wearing a thong. The wind picked up and a light mist of rain blue into the garage, not enough to make her wet but cool enough to make her nipples stand out enough to be seen. I could tell that she was uncomfortable, but the rain was coming down in waves and if she left, she would be soaked to the skin before she got to the curb. I looked into her eyes, then said since it does not seem like you are going anywhere tell me all about your candidate. Trish totally blew my mind when she said tell me why you sit outside with your junk hanging out?

I was not prepared for that and stuttered that it was an accident, she said yes right you were lusting after the teenybopper across the street. I said yes, she definitely got my interest. Trish said and the interest of your man brain to. What would your wife say if I told her you were staring at some 15-year-old. I shrugged and said she would be annoyed and cut me off for a couple of weeks but saying that she is visiting her sister for the next 10 days shall never find out. Trish said I might just have to walk over here and tell her, I said why would you do that. She said it depends, I said depends on want. She did not even hesitate, depends on if you can fill my ass hole and make me a happy woman! Admittedly I was in shock, that is not what I expected her to say, I said you want me to make love to you? Trish said I just want your piece of meat in my ass hole. I said OKAY let us go inside. She shook her head and said I am sure that all of these skanks are watching. If you close the garage door and disappear all of their tongues will be waggling, and we will both be divorced within a week. She got up and walked towards my fridge, opened it took out a can of coke then walked in front of my truck before coming out the other side and sitting down. There is enough room in front of your truck to do what we need to do I am not getting naked I am just giving you access to my ass. Sitting in my chair I could feel my cock growing, glancing down they had had already slipped past the edge of my shorts. Trish was a very attractive woman maybe 130 pounds, firm looking legs and nice sized breast. The sort of dream woman everybody it always wants to screw, and she wanted me to do her. Trish looked over and said Well at least your man brain is on board, let us do it before the rain quits. She walked in front of the truck, and I could hear her moving around then she said come on we do not have all day. I walked over and noticed her thong laying on the hood of my truck.

She said come on big boy do not be shy and with a tug pull down my shorts exposing my cock and nuts, she spit on her hand a couple of times and rubbed it over my cock. She said to spit on my hands and lubricate her ass hole so that it would be easier to enter. I used all of the spit that I had and rubbed it over the lips of her ass and then pushed her towards the truck, she leaned on the hood pulled up her skirt. I lined up my cock with her ass and pushed surprisingly it when in with little effort I was able to push it all the way in without stopping. Trish gasped and moaned a couple of times but did not resist me. Once I had my cock deep inside, I did not move, I liked the feel of her tight ass against my cock, she started to buck against me, so I picked up my rhythm moving in and out of her faster and faster. I could hear her taking deep breaths, but she never asked me to stop. I could feel my nuts slap against her ass and after three or four minutes my nuts tightened, and I felt the familiar feeling of release as my cock shot three streams of cum into her ass. She was leaning on the hood and said oh yes that is what she needed, that felt so good. Turning around she looked down at my cock and saw that it was still dripping sperm, taking her finger she wiped a and of my cock collected some sperm and popped it into her mouth. She said mmm that taste so good, dropping down she put her mouth on my cock and stroked the shaft forcing out more sperm. There were streams of sperm running down her legs, I reached above my head took down a roll of paper towel and dropped down and wiped her legs and ass hole.

Neither one of us had noticed that it had stopped raining and now there were people outside walking around. She said that was perfect timing, she put on her thong straightened her dress and walked to the front of the garage. I pulled up my shorts went to the fridge, grabbed another vodka cooler, and sat down in the chair still amazed at how quickly it had all happened. Trish reached over and took a drink from the vodka swished it around in her mouth and swallowed. Just like nothing had ever happened. I looked in her eyes and said did I pass the test, she said definitely, I was a keeper she was sure we were going to be the best of neighbours. I looked at the literature that she had left on her chair it had gotten damp from the rain, I said what about these she motioned to her the recycle bin and said throw them and there, the candidates a loser anyway. She walked halfway down the driveway before she stopped and came back, she passed me one of our ID cards that had her phone number then said call me. Trish said that they had a cabin just outside of town and she could meet me there sometime. Trish said that as long as I kept that huge cock, I could have the whole meal deal, mouth, pussy, and ass. She turned on her heel and walked away never once looking back. I watched her beautiful little body disappear around the corner, slipping the card into my pocket and picking up my drink. I closed up the graduate went inside and took a quick shower before phoning Trish and saying I’m ready, she laughed and said I’ll bet you are but she has to wait until numb nuts goes to work the following day and then she will contact me and tell me where to meet up. As I lay on my bed that night, I slowly stroking my cock, I kept wondering about numb nuts.

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