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The Anal Rape of my Buddy and His Sister Part IV – Final

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The long awaited conclusion – Part IV FYI i dont have that email anymore, so dont send to it.

There will be spelling and grammar errors. If that bothers you, move along please.


anna was bent over the bathroom sink of the boys bathroom. her skirt was pulled up her waist and her panties were around her ankles. her big teen tits were bouncing with every painful thrust that her brother jose gave her as he raped her ass raw during 6th period.

“fuuuuck yes bitch! that your brothers dick up your tight asshole! fucck anna your tight teen ass is gonna make your brother cum in your ass!”

Jose was completely naked, as he always got when he fucked. his toned body was soaked with sweat as he had been assraping his sister for a good 20 mins as mark guarded the door. this had been going on for two weeks now. ever since jose and mark anally gangraped her in her room, she was forced to submit to them constantly assraping her full of their teen boy cum. this was the second time today jose used his school admin TA job to pull anna out of class so he and mark could unload a hot wet cumload in her ass. it wasnt just school though, they raped her butthole any chance they could; at home, to and from school, anywhere. anna gave up fighting a long time ago, now she just submits and endures the horribly painful assrapes.

jose was grunting and ramming his 8″ thick latin dick balls deep in annas gaping hole hard and quick till he felt his balls tighten,

“fucking take my dick anna! take your brothers dick in your ass aaaHHHH fuuuuck im cumming!” anna felt her brothers big dick pulse load after load of hot wet cum deep in her bowels! annas ass never failed in making jose cum hard! jose was holding her tight and groping her tits as his dick softened and slid out of annas freshly raped asshole. a huge wad of his hot cum followed and hit the floor.

“mark! youre up!”

mark entered as jose was still panting and recovering. mark couldnt help but star at joses sweat soaked toned body, his semi hard uncut dick wet with his sisters ass juice and cum. as mark stripped, he went up to jose and grabbed his brown cock and stroked it as he said “damn that dick always looks so good after its been in annas ass!”

while jose had let mark jack him off in the past, it was only when he was horny. he was straight, and did not like that gay shit unless he was desperate to cum. the feel of marks hand grabbing his post nut dick caused him to recoil

with a bit of anger in his voice jose yelled “fuck off with that shit mark! you know i dont like that now that we have annas ass to drain in!”

this rubbed mark the wrong way. so what, jose was now too straight to let mark touch his cock? when jose needed release, he had no problem using mark and his hand to make him cum, yet now joses too good for his buddy to jack him off?

mark shouted “fuck you bro! why you gotta act all macho, you know you like it!” in a fit of anger and hormones, mark grabbed jose by the neck and pulled his head to his dick. with his other hand, he shoved it between joses ass cheeks and pushed on joses virgin asshole.

jose, caught off guard, froze for a couple seconds till he felt marks finger tip enter his hole. he woke up and pushed mark off.


mark cooled and put his hand up. while he was in great shape, jose probanly had the upper hand. “okay okay im sorry im sorry! i was just fucking around, but took it too far jose! can we just go back to the fun?”

jose, fist in a ball, panting and shaken up, relaxed. “yea bro, yea. fuck.” jose grabbed his clothes and dressed. he walked passed anna, who was squatting on the floor this whole time watching if fear. jose opened the bathroom door, turned and said “you got 10 mins, ill keep watch.”

as the door closed, jose heard mark grab anna by the arm causing her to yelp.

“bend over that sink bitch and spread your ass! let me see that cummy little hole your brother left you with!”

outside the door, jose stood uneasy. being this close to the door he listened to the sounds of anna moaning and whimpering in pain with every brutal trust of marks dick deep in her ass! he could hear mark grunting and moaning in pleasure as his raw dick raped annas raw, cum sloppy asshole without mercy. “take that white dick bitch! let me feel that tight ass squeezing my cock! use that asshole to make me cum deep baby!”

after about 8 mins, jose heard mark yell out and cum in annas asshole. the fucking stopped, and a minute later mark and an obviously wrecked anna exited the bathroom. they all walked towards annas class, jose unaware mark had one of his biggest orgasms in annas ass as it was jose he was imagining he was buttraping.

two weeks went by with little change. it was after school and mark and jose had dragged anna to this underpass tunnel off the road they walked home. they had walked by it hundreds of times but it use to be filled with homeless men till the city cleared them out and fenced it off with a blackout fence. today however, the lock was off and no one was in sight. the cautiously opened the gate and looked around. clear, they pulled anna by the arm in and closed and latched the gate. the tunnel went for about 100ft. in the middle it T off and cement opening ment for storage was there, empty minus some garbage, and disgusting furniture the homeless used.

as mark and jose made their way to the center, they laugh and groped anna, telling her how they were gonna assrape her like a homeless crackwhore. they grabbed at her big 14yo titties and put their hands up her skirt into the back of her panties and shoved their fingers in her still cumsloppy butthole.

laughing, the turned the corner and found the large open room. joses eyes went straight to the dirty couch against the wall. he pulled anna to it and put her on her back on it. he started stripping, as did mark. once naked, jose grabbed his sisters legs and lifted them straight up and wide.

“hey mark! come help me.” mark, unsure of what jose wanted, walked over, his 7.5″ dick rock hard.

jose, being in a good, horny mood looked at mark and said “pull her panties off will yea, then get my hard cock in my little 14yo sisters tight smooth asshole!”

jose grinned, knowing he threw mark a huge bone letting him touch his cock. mark wasted no time, he spit in his hand, lubed up annas hole, then joses dick, stroking it covered in the vasoline he had on him always. mark lingered and stroked joses dick well after it was lubed up, surprisingly, jose just leaned his head back and let mark stroke him. mark being bold, took his other hand and started rubbing joses smooth balls, reaching under and pulling them up. as he did, his finger would graze joses asshole, yet jose said nothing.

mark, still stroking jose “fuck bro, you gonna destroy your sisters ass with this big hard dick! this dick is gonna gape her cummy ass for days!”

jose moaned “fucking right bro! ahh!”

mark kept stroking as his index finger rested on joses hole. then he started rubbing joses hole as jose was lost in a trance of pleasure. finally, mark push his finger in and joses hole sucked up to marks knuckle before jose pulled away so marks finger slipped out.

jose looked down at mark with anger, part towards mark, part with himself for letting mark get so far.

“get my dick in this bitches ass already” jose snapped.

mark put joses tip at annas hole and as jose pushed in, marks hand slid along the shaft till it dissapeared into joses 14yo sisters butthole. holding annas ankles, jose wasted no time in full fucking annas asshole enjoying the sweet sound of pain and humiliation anna made with every trust!

“mmm fuck yes sis, thats the ass my cock loves stretched around it! fuckmmm you take my dick in your ass like a champ nina! let me see them titties bounce baby get that shirt off!”

anna did as she was told. as she sobbed in pain from jose anally raping her, she undid her blouse buttons with shaky hands, the lifted up her bra so her big tits were on full display and bouncing for her brother and marks pleasure.

5 mins had passed, the cement room echoed with the sounds of grunting, crying, moaning, laughing, wet sex..

“what the fuck do we have here!”

jose stopped dead and turned his head. mark, who had been stroking his cock watching jose assfuck anna jumped towards them and turned.

in the entrance stood 4 men; one black, two whites and a latino dude. all were 6″+ and even through the dirty clothes they wore, you could tell they were built! all four men were recent residence of the homeless camp. more urgent, they all were ex cons with decades of time between them.

Casey, one of the whit dudes and apparent leader stepped forward and repeated himself; “what the fuck do we have here!”

jose had pulled out of annas ass and him and mark put up their hands in peace as these four men easily had the advantage.

“hey guys, we dont want any trouble, my buddy and i were just having some fun with my sis.. err.. girlfriend. well leave no problem!” jose let out, his voice nervous.

the boys immediately went for their clothes, but before they could grab them Casey yelled “did i say you could fucking move!? get your asses back over there.” Casey approached the trio as one of his friends grabbed the boys clothes.

jose in obvious panic yelled “step away man, dont make me hurt you! we dont wanna start anything.”

as Casey closed the gap to jose, jose swung but Casey ducked then gut punched jose to the ground!

anna screamed as mark charged Casey, but Casey had size and pushed mark back. Casey looked at the boys and smirked, then at anna.

“now tell me sweetheart, the truth now, it looked to me like this one was raping your young ass when we walked in. the truth now.”

anna let out a sob, then shook her head yes.

Casey smiled, “how old are you baby?”

“four-fourteen.” anna stammered.

Casey looked her up and down, his dick hardening just at the sight of her young naked body. “now why dont i believe a young teen thing like you is his gf. i see some resemblance here…”

“she.. shes my sister.” jose let out.

Casey let out a laugh and his gang joined in. “raping your own sister up the ass! now i thought i was white trash! your little buddy over there get a piece as well?”

jose looked at him and nodded yes.

Casey looked back at his boys, then at the teens. “well she must have one tight ass, maybe ill try it myself!”

with that Casey’s gang rushed the boys and restrained them. one of the men tore up some of the boys clothes and tied their wrist behind their backs. meanwhile, Casey had started stripping and was hovering over anna.

he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her up to meet his 8″ bwc. he spit on her hole then his dick, lubed up then rammed all 8″ in her 14yo ass! Casey wasted no time brutally raping her ass hard as anna screamed out in pain and fear!

“fuck boy your sister has one hot tight hole! you like that dick baby?”

anna whimpered “pleease stoppp please!”

“what, my dick aint good enough? i know it aint your brothers but.. fuck baby your ass is getting me there! squeeze my dick baby, make me cum in that ass!”

jose and mark, on their knees, hands tied, watched as Casey brutally raped annas ass. sadly, this was a mistake. the sight and sound of anna being ass raped caused both them to get hard, which didnot go un noticed.

“hey Casey! these two pervs like what they are seeing!”

Casey looked back and laughed, “like what you see huh! maybe you boys would like to join in and have some fun?”

suddenly, jose and mark realized Casey wasn’t talking to them, but his crew.

the men pulled jose and mark to their feet, then using the vasoline mark had, two men lubed up their hands and grabbed the boys hard dicks and started stroking! the boys struggled and yelled in protest, but it didnt matter, they stood there and had their dicks stroked as they watched Casey rape annas 14yo ass!

mark had no problem staying hard from another mans hand, jose however started to soften. the big dude stroking jose grabbed his throat and pulled him close; “what, my hand not doing it for ya? maybe you need some extra stimulation.”

thats when jose felt the huge mans hand go down to his brown bubble ass and start rubbing and squeezing his teen tone cheeks.

“What the fuck man, stop! Please!!” jose exclaimed, obvious fear and humiliation in his voice.

the man smeared then glided his hand between joses cheeks till his finger found and circled joses smooth, tight, virgin straight teen boy hole.

“STOP MAN PLEEEASE!” jose yelled. the man continued to rub joses hole as he spoke, “just relax, no need to worry. im just gonna give some love to your boyhole and prostate.”

with that, the man pushed his lubed up finger all in joses virgin ass!

“AHHaaaHHH! PPLEASE doooont it hurts!” jose cried out, tears streaming from his face.

the man started twisting, then slowly pulling out his finger in joses tight virgin ass. joses head was down and he was groaning in pain, tears streaming down his face.

“damn boy! you have one tight ass! definitly virgin, now at least. just relax and this will not be nearly as bad as your poor sister probaly got!” the thug laughed and proceeded to finger fuck joses hole harder, then without warming he added another finger.

jose squealed in pain! his ass was in so much pain and he felt humiliated and stripped of his manhood as the big thugs two fingers raped his virgin ass.

jose may have been in pain, but mark was in heaven. the sound of anna crying as she was anally raped was now joined with the sound of jose in terrible pain as his virgin ass is penetrated and stretched open. marks dick was rock hard in the thugs hand as the thug started jerking him faster, mark knew he couldnt hold it much longer.

“fuck fuck FUCK IM CUMMING!” mark groaned as he shot load after load on the ground.

casey was assraping anna doggy style as he listened to joses cries and marks orgasm.

“fuck baby! fuck! hear that! thats your brother getting a taste of his own medicine! soon he’ll be an anal fucktoy just like his little sister! now bitch, use that ass to make me cum!”

casey pulled anna to his chest, wrapping his arms around her till he was squeezing her big teen tits, then he proceeded to rape the shit out of her ass, feeling anna squeezing her ass muscles like shes been trained to do as to give caseys dick maximum pleasure in her ass. it worked. casey picked up speed as his dick grew in her ass, his cum boiling up. he trusted a couple more times till he burred his cock deep in her ass and let loose a flood of hot cum in her bowels.

casey was hunched over anna panting in pure lust as he came harder in this 14yos ass than he had in a long time. casey then pulled his still hard, cum soaked dick from annas ass, it was followed by a river of cum that hit the floor.

“fuck this bitches 14yo ass is so tight it made me cum hard!” casey turned around to jose, stroking his cum and ass juice wet hard dick “i wonder if yours is just as tight as your anal whore of a sister?”

just then, the thug fingering his ass and another grabbed jose and pushed him over the same couch anna laided on in the fetal position. the two thugs held him down by the arms, his face pressed into the backrest as his feet remained on the ground. casey came up behind him and kicked his legs wide apart.

jose was crying and pleading frantically for them to let him go!

casey gave joses smooth, toned brown ass a slap, then pulled his cheeks apart, revealing joses hairless brown virgin asshole. casey was handed the vasoline and he applied a generous amount to joses hole.

mark, held down by the last thug, watched and listen to jose get molested and soon raped feeling nothing but pure lust and excitement for what was about to happen. sure it wasnt him raping jose, but this was still a dream come true.

“PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU DONT DO THIS TO ME!” jose was sobbing and making attempts to break free, sadly he was no match for the well built thugs holding him.

casey stroked his dick with vasoline then lined it up to joses hairless virgin boyhole

“struggle all you want boy, it will only make it hotter for me, and more painful for you. i wonder, when anna was in your position, begging her dear brother not to ass rape her, were you gentle? did you reconsider at all? i asked you a question boy!”

jose, hesitated, afraid to respond as to what might come.

“thats what i thought” said casey “hold him nice and tight boys, this is gonna hurt and we dont want him running from the fun”.

casey push his cock head against joses hole. it took some effort, but joses virgin hole could olny resist so much till finally it opened and let caseys thick cock head pop in and advance an inch. jose gasped as all the air left his lungs! the pain was unbearable, his virgin butthole was being forced open wider than it ever had been around the cock making its way up his ass!

“TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT PLEASE OH GOD IT HUUURTS!” jose whailed in pain as he struggled to get away from caseys big dick! it was no use though, he was held firm by the giant thugs.

casey laugh, then slapped joses ass cheeks causing joses hole to spasm and allow another inch of caseys dick in.

“damn boy! your ass is so tight! its gripping my dick like a vise! what you crying about huh? i barely have two inches in, the next 6″ are really gonna hurt!”

casey gripped joses hips and forced all remaining 6″up joses once virgin ass.

jose scream-cried as he felt caseys dick bottom out in him. joses ass was in the worst pain he ever felt! caseys dick felt like it tore him open and rearranged his bowels so his dick would fit. jose couldnt believe this was happening. just this morning he was the one raping an ass, now it was his ass being raped. if the pain wasnt enough, the utter humiliation and fear turn this once young, popular alpha straight teen into a degraded beta, his manhood stripped away from the dick in his ass.

casey slapped joses asscheecks, causing jose to yelp out. casey rubbing joses toned ass, back and waist “fuck boy! how does that big dick feel in that virgin ass huh? shit your ass is tighter than id imagine, its gonna take some work to truly stretched you open!”

casey grabbed joes hips and started to pull all out till just his dick head remained, then he pushed all back in causing jose to cry out in pain as casey withdrew again, then plunged back in. he did this over and over, picking up speed till he was finally fucking joses ass steadily. casey looked down to see joses hole stretched tight around his dick, it was pulled in and out with caseys trusts. surprisingly no blood or shit, just slick wet lube coating caseys cock.

jose was sobbing in pain as he was stripped of all his manhood from the assrape he was taking. he felt caseys big hard raw dick trust in and out so deep inside joses guts he thought it would come out his throat. his guts felt like they were still moving, changing to allow dick in his ass.

“fuuuck yes boy! take that dick! you like that hard dick stretching open your ass huh! damn your hole looks so good being fucked! so fucking tight right now, but we’ll get it gaping soon!”

as casey fucked joses ass, he bent over him, grapped his head and turned it to anna.

“look at your sister boy! now you know how much pain she felt when you and your buddy raped her up the ass! look at anna and tell her how painful it is to be buttfucked, do it!”

jose could only let out a whimper till casey smacked him.

jose yelped then sobbed as he spoke “it it hurts anna, it hurts so bad! i just want it to stop!”

“what hurts boy!” barked casey.

“getting.. getting raped in the ass! it hurts so bad!”

casey smirked thrusting harder into joses ass. “now, tell her your sorry for raping her up the butt!”

trying to speak through the painful assraping, jose could only let out a pathetic cry “im sorry! pleeease stopp please!!”

mark couldnt look away! being held down on his knees, he could see caseys big dick trust in and out of joses stretching asshole. to add to it, mark noticed joses dick was semi hard and bouncing forward with every trust casey gave him. marks own dick was rock hard between his legs. hed give anything to be able to stroke it. mark figited, trying to stimulate his throbbing cock. the big man holding him looked down to see what mark was doind and saw marks big hard cock throbbing.

“you like what you see boy? hey casey, i think this ones enjoying the show!”

casey turn his head and looked at mark hard dick. casey leaned down to joses ear and whispered “your buddies enjoying seeing you get your tight ass raped, let give him a better view.”

casey pulled jose up to his chest and turned him so he was loking straight at mark as he was assraped. casey wrapped his arms around jose and started fucking him hard. mark look at joses face, tears flowed down his face that showed his terrible pain! joses dick however told something different. it had gotten fully erect and was slapping joses toned abs with each thrust.

casey looked at mark then said “lets make a bet, im going to tell my guys to untie your friend. once untied, he has two choices; he can leave here and get help ending your rape, or he can join in and get a turn in your ass. what do you think he’ll choose jose?

jose just sobbed and turned away as casey continued to fuck his ass while instructing marks release.

the thug holding mark untied his arms and pulled him up to his feet. jose, fearful of marks choice looked up at mark to see mark standing there, stroking his hard dick and shattering any hope jose had of this ending.

casey pulled joses ear to him “well, i think he made his choice. ahhh yeah thats a good boy thats a good boy! keep taking that big dick in your tight ass! fuck!! your ass feels so good, i think i just might cum again soon! would you like that, feeling my dick pulse hot cum deep in your bowels?”

jose was broken. any manhood or alpha was raped out of him 30 mins ago. he was being gangraped and could do nothing but submit.

“ye..yes please. pl.pl.ease cum in my ass.”

that was all casey needed to hear, he started brutally assraping jose till finally he felt his dick swell as he burred it deep in joses ass and let loose a torrent of hot cum. jose whimpered as he felt his once virgin straight ass be flooded with pulse after pulse of hot man cum while casey groaned like an animal and held jose tight. joses ass drained every last drop of cum from caseys balls and soon caseys soft dick slid out, followed by a river of cum.

jose just stood there, legs wide yet hunched as he felt all of caseys cum flow out and hit the ground.

“whos next?” casey called out. the big black man once holding mark stepped forward. he grabbed jose, pushed him face down ass up on the ground and rammed all 10″ of his bbc into the screaming boys ass! as jose was assraped a second time, the other two men went to anna and positioned here so one could rape her ass as one raped her mouth.

casey went over to mark and grabbed his cock, stroking it as they watched jose and anna both get raped up the ass. the hall filled with their screams and sobs. the smel of sweat, cum and buttsex filled the air.

it only took 10mins for the bbc raping jose up the ass to cum, dumping an even bigger load of cum deep in joses bowels than casey did. he pulled his bbc out and gave jose a slap on the ass. “your turn” casey said to mark.

mark walked over to jose, who was still on his hands and knees. he was sobbing, cum leaking out his now gaping hole and down his legs. mark grabbed him and put him on his back and grabbing both of joses ankles, he pulled his ass up while also spreading his legs wide open.

jose looked up at mark with tears running down his face. “please mark, dont.”

mark, holding joses legs wide open grinned. without warming he watched joses face as he shoved all 7.5″ of his bwc into joses cum sloppy ass and went straight to full on fucking him!

jose turned his face away, but mark barked “dont you fucking look away bitch! i wanna see your face as i rape this tight latin ass of yours!”

jose looked mark in the eyes and mark saw that his once alpha male teen friend was now a broken beta fuck toy, and he loved it!

mark pulled joses legs wide as he hatefuck the shit out of his ass!

“thats it baby, open those legs up so i can get deep inside that boypussy of yours! fuck your ass feels so warm and tight! i always knew your ass was made to take dick! you were just too full of yourself to give it up to me. i could have been your first and made it easy, but instead you got yourself gangraped and had this tight ass ripped open and fucked full of random loads like your fucking whore of a sister! i think you owe me apology for giving up this ass to strange dick!”

jose was sobbing and whimpering in pain, tears rolling down his face yet he never stopped looking at marks face, a face covered in pleasure, anger and brutal lust as he raped his best friends ass. mark was still holding jose by the ankles as he rough fucked joses cum sloppy asshole raw. the room filled with the smell and sound of joses cummy hole. in the background, casey was watching and stroking his hardening dick while his gang had started playing with anna; stripping her fully nude they positioned her on all fours allowing one to enter her ass, one in her mouth and her jacking off the third.

mark, ramming deep inside joses ass yell “say it bitch! say your sorry for not giving me your virgin ass! ….SAY IT!”

jose sobbing in humiliation and pain struggled but finally let out “im.. im sorry.”

mark grabbed joses semi hard dick and balls and squeezed “sorry for what bitch! say it and make me believe it!”

jose was flooded with humiliation. not one part of his alpha manhood remained. he felt small, weak, submissive.

jose looked at mark with tears in his eyes and a look of defeat and submission. jose let out a whimper as he felt marks dick hit in his ass deep, adding to his now complete shame.

“im sorry mark for.. not giving you my virgin asshole! i know you wanted it and i know you should of been the first to have it! im sorry im sorry! pleease forgive me!” jose was all out crying and whaling, tears pouring down his face.

mark grinned “its okay bitch, i know you know you made a mistake. one youll have to make up for. you know now whos ass this is, right? you know now not to ever keep it from me or to deny me using it! your bitch ass belongs to me!”

jose looked at mark “ye..yes mark. this ass is yours now, to use anytime anywhere. ill be a good boy for you!”

hearing that brought mark close to cumming, but he wasnt quite ready yet. at this point, joses dick had become fully hard and throbbing in marks hand. as mark fucked joses ass, he started stroking his big uncut latin cock causing jose to let out moans of pleasure between the pain. mark matched his trusts in joses ass to his strokes of his dick. he could feel joses dick throbbing, as joses prostate had become stimulated for over two hours now.

“fuck bitch your dick is throbbing! you starting to like having a big dick rape your tight ass huh? tell me how much you love taking dick in your boypussy now!”

jose was lost in a world of pain and pleasure. he squirmed at the thought of being made to cum as he is assraped, but he couldnt deny his fast approaching orgasm

“yes mark! i ahhh love having dick ra..rape my tight ass! AAHHH oh god ahhhhh!”

joses big dick shot load after load all over marks hand and joses chest.

mark kept stroking joses still hard dick till finally he pulled the last pulse.

mark felt joses ass muscles squeeze and pulse with every rope of cum his balls release and this was too much for mark.

“fuck fuck fuck i can feeel your ass squeezing my dick fuck your ass is making me cuuummmAHHH!”

mark burried his bwc all in and blew load after warm load into joses bowels. there was no denying the look on joses face as he felt his best friends dick pulse hot sticky cum deep in his ruined guts.

both boys were panting and drenched in sweat. after a minute or two, marks dick was soft enough that joses pulsing asshole pushed it out, followed by a river of cum. mark had let go of joses leg, yet jose was frozen and they stayed partially up and open.

“grab your cheeks and spread your ass, lets see that ruined hole boy!”

jose was shaking but did as he was told. spreading his cheeks revealed a gaping wide cum sloppy hole. it looked sore and used, but not blood.

mark leaned over jose who had let his legs down and culed into a ball on his side.

mark rubbed joses naked, toned body, ass then went down and fondled his dick, stroking it forcing it hard.

“i own you now bitch. now, what do you say?”

sobbing, jose let out a weak “i understand, thank you mark.”

mark looked up as he heard the guy fucking annas ass groan and grunt as he filled annas 14yo ass with cum, adding to four other loads the gang dumped in her ass. the thug pulled out and watched annas gaping ass leak a pint of cum on the ground. the men laughed and slapped her ass or tits as they dressed. casey, still stroking walked over to jose and moments later came all over his body as he laid motionless on the ground.

casey pulled up his pants, and looked at the three teens. he smirked and nodded in marks direction, then called for the gang to pack up and left without a word to the teens he just abused and raped.

after several moments, mark stood up and looked down at jose; his once alpha male best friend lay in the fetal position sobbing to himself, cum leaking out his gaping ass. then to anna; her naked 14yo body dirty and bruised. cum still running down her legs from her gaping asshole.

mark walked over to anna, stroking his once again hard cock. he pulled her to her feet, and started fondling her big tits before lifting her chin up to force her to make out softly with him. after only 30 seconds, he pulled away and walked her to where jose still lay placing her standing in front of him a few feet away. anna stood there in front of her brother naked and sobbing as mark went behind her, he bent her over slightly, lined his hard dick up to her gaping asshole and pushed in with little effort! anna yelped in pain and sobbed as mark pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her tits, forcing her to take all his dick in her ass. he then wasted no time full on hatefucking her ass hard. her ass was so wet and loose with cum it squelched with every thrust. mark raped annas ass for a good 15mins with jose looking at mark and annas faces the whole time, joses dick rock hard at the end as he watched mark cum deep into his sisters ass.


you could hear him groaning and whimpering in pain all down the hall. i had the house to myself as usual. jose and i had just got to my place after school as we always did now. anna usually joins us, but after jose and i dp’ed her up the ass yesterday, both cumming in her ass at the same time, her hole still hadnt closed yet and she shit herself in class. so i let her rest and ill have her make it up to me later. so today it was just me and jose to play.

“fuck yes! take that dick in your ass like the little bitch you are! let me hear how much it hurts having my dick rape that ass open boy!”

jose was on all fours, me behind him holding his toned hips as i brutally raped his raw butthole. it had been three months since the gangrape that broke jose as an alpha. in school he still played sports, but lost a lot of his edge. he was no longer an alpha so i treated him as such.

i had been forcing my dick in joses ass since the night we got back. he offered no resistance as i told him to pulled down his pants and bend over my bed. he only whimpered and cried as i got behind him and forced my dick all into his still gaping and cum lubed ass. i raped him up the ass hard! anna was sitting in the corner watching dead eyed as i raped her brothers ass, him whimpering and sobbing in pain. i came in his ass after only 10mins. i pulled out and he stood up, my cum leaking down his leg. he went to pull up his pants, trying to hide his rock hard dick, but i stopped him. i took his big uncut dick in my hand and stroked it for a bit, then i told him to lay on his back on my bed. i then kneeled down between his open legs and lifted them up and wide. i then took his sweaty dick in my mouth. he shuttered at me doing this, but dare not protest. i licked his shaft, then his sweaty musky balls. he tasted so good!

“fuck your dick and balls taste and smell so good boy! how does it feel having a man suck on your straight boy cock?”

jose had tears in his eyes as he let out “i dont mind it feels good.”

i went back to sucking him till i could tell he was close, but fighting it. i slid a finger up his ass and massaged his prostate, sending him over the edge. he flooded my mouth with warm sweet teen boy cum! there was so much i swalloed sum, the rest i held. him panting on his back i stood up and told him to open his mouth. he resisted a bit till i grabbed his nuts. he sobbed and gagged as i let his cum leak out my mouth and into his, telling him to swallow.

now three months later and ive had him and anna as my personal rape toys daily! often i assfuck them both only. jose only able to be fucked. sometimes though, i have him join and i let him assrape anna as i assrape him.

today however, it was just him and me. he was on all fours grunting in pain as i rammed my dick deepinto his ass hard and fast. his butthole was still so tight and clamped around my raw dick.

i closed my eyes and thought back to all the times id be assraping a teen girls ass imagining it was joses, and now i finally am.

“squeeze your asshole bitch! squeeze that tight fuckhole around my dick as i fuck you in the ass! squeeze my dick with your ruined hole, i wanna hear you in pain as i pump your rearranged guts full of my cum!”

he did as she was told and squeezed his rectal mucsels around his owners cock as it raped his ass. he timed her squeezes with his trusts in, sending waves of pain into joses already raw ass, but also sending him waves of pleasure.

“thats it bitch! thats it! ahh yes squeeze my dick with our asshole!! ahh milk my dick!! ahhhh im gonna im gonna cum up your assss ahhh here it cumsss!”

i grabbed jose by his hair and made him look directly into the camera as he felt me pump load after load of hot cum deep in his once virgin straight boy ass.

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    Wonderful story

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    I remember when I was 12, my female cousin (also 12) for some unexplained reason decided to show me she could “wink” her butthole. So she showed me. I had no idea it would do so but when she did that, I got horny, and also got an idea. Her sister had let me fuck her one time so I knew what fucking was but she only let me that one time. Now my other cousin was showing me her butthole and squeezing and relaxing it and it seemed to me that if my dick was in her butt that would probably feel like heaven. So I told her that. She said hell no and it seemed to make her mad that I even asked. I reminded her that she had just pulled down her shorts like it was nothing and showed me her butthole “skills”, so stop acting like I had approached her in church and asked for a blowjob on the spot or something. After much talking, she finally said I could do it but just for a minute. I looked around her room for some lube and all I saw was some kind of face cream which was better than nothing so I grabbed it. After a minute I had it about 3/4 of the way in and told her to start “winking” it like she had before, as hard as she could. She told me not to move and started doing it. It was fucking great. But soon she said that was enough. I kept telling her “Just for one more minute” until I finally busted a nut right in her butt. She was furious. She said that I better never ask her to do that again, but of course I did. She did a couple of times later but mostly refused, so I quit asking. I jerked off many times thinking about her doing that though.

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    I love your stories! This is a fantastic addition. How can I contact you?