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14f unrestricted internet access has lead me to doing bad things

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everything written here is fully 100% true ;3

around 10-11 years old, id be on discord dating servers trying to find people who would be interested in girls my age. i found quite a few and id always trade nudes and do video calls with them. i felt so loved and needed, i couldnt stop. until i was basically forced to because my dad had caught me masturbating to what he thought was porn, which was actually me having phone sex. when i noticed him, i was so scared. he said he was standing there for about 10 mins. just that turned me on even more, i didnt do anything about it because i was so shocked about what had happened. he started doing that weird birds and the bees hormones talk, which was annoying because i knew about everything he was talking to me about. he then ended up taking away all of my electronics. as soon as i got my phone and laptop back, after about a year, i went back to doing what i always did. this time i was lying about my age. i was 12-13. id say i was 18 and the guy id be talking to would be 28. i wish i hadnt lied, because i know at least 3 of them would be interested in talking with a 12 year old. once again, i got caught doing all that stuff. and got electronics taken. then when i got them back, my dad got me a card and i started selling nudes, getting paid for phone sex, and certain requests. now my dad isnt so strict with my phone but he never lets me go out and its so annoying bcs i wanna get fucked so bad :(. honestly the whole reason i think i started doing all this is because during thanksgiving break of 2021, i had to sleep in the same bed with my dad. he was making me touch his dick when i was so called “asleep” (which i wasnt.) he was going to go further and start touching me, until my grandma had come out to go use the bathroom. after that he stopped. i was kind of scared but turned on at the same time. i had never felt that way before, my pussy felt all tingly and i was wet. if u wanna know more about what i do just lmk in comments or message me on session or signal and ill gladly let yk and let u take control of me ;3



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    I would love to hear about you telling your dad that you were awake and that you started all this because you were turned on by him using your hand to play with his dick and that you want to be fucked by him with the same cock you was touching that night and that you should end it with “I just want you to fuck me Daddy, please fuck me Daddy. I promise not to tell anyone and I want you to fuck your girl. I promise I will be a good little girl for you daddy if you will please fuck me daddy? ”

    See how it goes.

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    You are a hot girl

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    Lovely girl for sure. I love it when a girl taker her sex life into her own hands. Sex and nudity is completely natural and actually healthy. Having sex and an orgasm releases endorphins which makes you happy. A happy person learns better, are more relaxed and makes better decisions in their life so all you young girl start having sex because it is healthy and your right.

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    Daddy had no right to stop you chatting and sending nudes to random guys. It’s all good fun and mostly harmless.

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    Love it love to know what else you get you to.

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