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A mother’s confession (part 12) >>> (The finale’)

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I knew I couldn’t deny my son what he wanted the most. It was the moment of truth…

By the time I reached the door that leads to the basement, he was right on my heels. As he followed me down the steps, I could hear him whispering ‘omg, omg,…

I led him into the TV room. When I sat down on the floor, Michael began stripping off his clothes, and fast. I was mentally preparing myself for what was about to happen. I wanted this as much as he did, maybe more.

His large banana curved cock was so hard it, was pressed against his stomach when his pants hit the floor. I bit my bottom lip when I saw it. (‘Go for it Carrie’) I heard in my head.

When he joined me on the floor his mouth went straight to my chest. In a nurturing way, I cradled his head as he furiously sucked my breasts. I adore listening to his excited breath. As he worked on me, goosebumps rose all over my body. I slid into a sixty-nine. Michael was like ‘Oh yeah,…oh yes,’ as I slid into position. Feeling my son bury his face between my legs is ALWAYS incredible. Only another mother could fully comprehend that. It’s so naughtily delicious. I too was feasting on something I’m forbidden to taste. I was so pleased to see that his first orgasm was tardy.

I worked on him for ten minutes before he filled my mouth with his steaming supply. His cum is so rich in flavor, and plentiful. I sloshed it between my teeth before sending it down to my belly. My body tingles with every gulp. ‘Wow.’

I leaned back allowing him time to recover while Michael began licking the curve of my cheeks. Those long hungry licks, incredible*

A few minutes later I moved out of position and presented myself in a very vulnerable pose. I raised up and rested on my elbows, staring at him silently. Michael laid down to my side. I was so turned on. The way he dug his fingers inside me as I gazed right into his eyes, was phenomenal. When he pulled his fingers out, I grabbed his hand, and licked them clean. ‘Oooohhhh god,’ he whispered. ‘MMM’,… I moaned.

I stroked the side of his face so affectionately as I gazed into his eyes. A soft smile began to take shape in my expression,… ‘Do you wanna fuck yo motha?’ I asked, in a N.Y. accent.

His reaction was explosive. One giant exhale flew from his lips, as he nodded his head with such delight. ‘Yes, oh please,…’ he said. ‘Please’,… I pulled my legs up and planted my feet on the floor, three feet apart from one another. His eyes popped out of his head, gasping away. I slowly rocked one thigh back and forth, taunting him even more, ‘I know you want me’, I said, (in that voice).

He clutched his hair with both hands so aggressively, ‘OMG’ he yelped,…’please,…please…’
In one singular act, I spread my legs sooooo wide. With my right hand I ‘curled that index finger’ = ‘come here.’

I nudged him into the missionary position. We were BOTH breathing so heavily. ‘Omg, omg… he said, as he stumbled to get there. I stared at his massive teenage cock with such hunger in my eyes. I couldn’t wait to feel that inside me. I pulled his torso down to my chest and whispered into his face, ‘a mothers love,’ I said.

Suddenly I felt his missed attempts. His first few jabs were too high, ‘lower’ I whispered. ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH’ I yelped, when I felt the head of his cock breach my pussy. Impulsively, I jumped back but Michael kept pushing forward. My pussy quickly contracted, locking him in place. My hands landed on his shoulders like a linebacker, ‘OH god,’ I yelped. ‘Michael!’ I cried out. A sudden release freed his movement, and he pushed it even deeper. My head rolled back and a huge ‘aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh’ came from my lips.

Michael was panting like a tiger! I encountered some sort of ‘vaginal shudder’ that triggered an immediate orgasm. He was stunned, so was I. Wow. Every nerve in my body was sending a signal straight to my brain. My pussy flowered open and swallowed his entire shaft. How do I describe that exact moment? Michael was over the moon with joy.

‘OOhhhh myyyy godddd,’ came from his mouth. His expression was captivating. I was gasping like crazy, ‘ Holy shit!’ I screamed. ‘Michael Allen!…’ I threw my legs around his back, I threw them!

I continued to cry out his name. I couldn’t believe how wide he was stretching me. Michael slowly withdrew, and slid back inside, ‘Oh!,…Oh!’,… Jesus Michael’… I uttered. Then Michael started going to work on his maiden voyage, his first retreat. Those ‘first few pumps’, sent me into the atmosphere. Michaels high pitch squeal was,…..

I couldn’t believe what was actually happening. I too felt like I was losing my virginity as well. It was far from conventional, far beyond my expectations. He endured the pain of my nails that were dug into his shoulders. Together, we found a rhythm and began to indulge in something unspoken. His every thrust made me squeal, which fueled his fire indeed. Not only did I surrender my body, I surrendered my soul.

An ‘out-of-body’ experience best describes it. Michael suddenly twitched and then exploded inside me! The expression on his face was astonishing as he dumped his first seed inside his mother. He yelped with so much joy. ‘Michael Allen,’… I cried out, as I absorbed his multiple injections. My body shuddered uncontrollably. My orgasm was so strong too, so fulfilling.

I seemed to slip into some form of sub-conscience state of mind. Michael was pushing forward, tapping my cervix, unloading inside me.

When he was done, he collapsed on the floor to my side. He appeared to be gazing at stars in the ceiling. His face was luminescent.

‘Jesus Michael!’ I yelled out, over and over. His youthful cum was spilling out of me, onto the carpet below. I haven’t been ‘jammed’ like that in years. I was completely incapacitated. Michael rolled over and started attacking my neck with kisses, and those winds of desire started blowing again. I knew he wasn’t done.

‘Can I?,…yes!’ I said quickly. He dove right back into position, his rigid cock was still hard. I spread my legs and prepared myself for another round. He was yelping with excitement, yelping*

He watched my face closely when he entered me. ‘Does that feel good mother?’ he asked. ‘Oh shit’ I said to myself, now he’s taunting me! ‘OOOOhhh Michael’,…yes,… yes,’ I squealed. His tempo increased the second time around. He was plunging so quickly, so deeeeep. My body jiggled with every thrust, my breasts bounced to and fro. He kept exploding inside me. The look on his face was filled with wonder.

Drops of sweat fell from his face and landed on the chest of his ‘naughty’ mother. Yes, I said ‘naughty mother.’ His incredible stamina allowed him to go for quite some time, (45 mins?). Eventually, he collapsed in the crease of my neck, breathless. The room was spinning, so was I. I stroked his hair and held him so affectionately, ‘a mothers love,’ I whispered into his ear.

He was so grateful, so was I. When he rolled off, I rose to my feet, I gave him a wink, then I walked away. I could still hear his heavy breathing when I reached the top of the stairs.

I heard the sound of a cheering crowd (in my head), as I closed that door behind me. As I soaked in the bathtub, my mind raced with visions of this journeys path. What began a few months ago, has now come to fruition before my eyes.

(My role as his mother will never change, yet we share a secret indeed. His search for pleasure can now be obtained, hidden behind the walls of home. Still to this day we carry-on, pleasing each other’s carnal needs. The courage it took to cross that line was far beyond his mother’s control. ‘Opportunity’ is hard to resist, the love we share is hard to define. There will come a day when he’ll meet the one, who will steal his heart from his beating chest. I won’t interfere, I’ll step to the side, and cherish those memories forever, and ever. / The End


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  • Reply Loving mom ID:7g8uyumm9d

    Carrie I love your writing since the first story of yours I read. I loved all the stories in this particular series. I will give you kudos for a very sexy story, one I hope is true. I had a similar experience with my son shortly after my divorce. I will admit to having a little more wine then I should have and the first time I noticed my son lookiing at me and getting hard I did not have the courage to plan it out. Before I knew it we were naked and I was leading him to my bed my feelings were much like yours as you so well described. Contrary to most peoples opinions Incest is the best teacher. Keep up the good work.

  • Reply Ass Ripper ID:1dcxw0kwzzi0

    I saw that last comment. Are you going to offer up your tight asshole to him? He is so eager and inexperienced, he might rip your anus. My cock is so hard thinking about butt fucking you. I would love to turn you into an anal whore….

  • Reply Rik ID:fzq5zdl44

    Perfect timing. I shot right at the part where he did. I was imagining being inside of you mom. You’re the best Carrie!

    • Carrie ID:11dond3

      KISS* thank you Rik πŸ™‚

  • Reply Freakyfun ID:1ek56s949b

    I look forward to hearing more about Duke and Henry.

  • Reply Butch567 ID:5x82e6s5xi9

    Carrie Butch from lux. Awesome story I wish I was your son! I could be your dad 😜

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      Hello Butch πŸ™‚ thank you *

  • Reply Gary ( farmcmore) ID:1dm4un2zcc74

    Always the best hun!
    Thank you again for sharing.
    You post I read πŸ˜‰

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      Thank you Gary πŸ™‚

  • Reply Hank ID:1eh4s3am7uk3

    You did have a cheering crowd . I was as ready Ashe was for you to take him inside . I’m surprised he didn’t come in your room later in the night . You know being a healthy young man he was hard thinking about you thirty minutes later.

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      I agree Hank πŸ™‚

  • Reply anon ID:2wdoer1649k

    I am, I don’t even know how to put my feelings to words. I badly wana empty my balls in a mom’s pussy. I wana be owner and breeded. I’m 17 but my cock is really sizeable.

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      Your time will come πŸ™‚

  • Reply Jack Nabor ID:jucntyshxxu

    Carrie, you have lead us all on a beautiful journey culminating in a most satisfying and sensual climax. Although I will truly miss the lead up to the ending, the finale was perfect. Please bless us with more adventures of Mom and Son and also other adventures as promised. You are a gifted writer of erotica. Thank you.

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      I’ll do my best Jack πŸ™‚ / thank you*

  • Reply Russ ID:4f912r40

    Oh Carrie absolutely love your story. Made me hard reading it. You are definitely the best mom ever. I wish that I was your son.

    • Dogg ID:1d2nhejlb721

      Wow so hot I love it Carrie you are so amazing

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      Thank you Russ πŸ™‚

  • Reply BreedingStud ID:1cyit7azkc8z

    Carrie, what an absolutely wonderful series. The passionnate, sensual craving from the both of you was amazing. The steady illumination of your forbidden desires ultimately culminating in a potentially risky series of creampies was phenomenal. I do hope to hear more, maybe you pregnant, but of course, too much of anything is bad and sequels are usually lackluster in comparison to the first readings, so I want to let you know, even if you don’t make a sequel, you have made a fan out of this insatiable young man.

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      Thank you Stud πŸ™‚

  • Reply Dro3679 ID:41exk6t0c

    I can’t wait till he takes your asshole