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the sex life of a 13 year old

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ive always been a horny girl. well, not always. it all started when i was 11 years old, innocent and free. i met a guy on roblox who seemed nice, he was around 15 but i told him i was 13, so he was okay with it. one thing led to another and soon he was asking me to send him nudes. i finally gave in and sent him a picture of my tits. at 11 i was around an A cup so there was barely anything there. i dont remember much from that apart from when i would copy what girls would do on the internet to orgasm. i would use my electric toothbrush too. anyways a couple hundred nudes later, there i was. only just 13 sucking dick for a living. i had a boyfriend in about november times who would pressure me into doing shit like sucking his cock and that kinda stuff. when i lost my virginity i hadnt actually wanted to do it. i said no 3 times until i gave in after he said he would break up with me if i didnt let him shag me. he slipped on the condom pulled down my trousers and bent me over. next thing i knew he was railing me. halfway through he took off the condom and started fucking me in missionary. deadest sex of my life but he seemed to enjoy it. broke up with me the same night though. i ad to walk home in the dark by myself with a bleeding vag and stumbly legs. now that i think about it it was technically rape, but i always had a kink for that. next time was in someones bed. i was in control. there i was riding his cock moaning like fuck then his brother walked in. he saw us then ran out of the room. he was the best at fingering.i fucked him about twice. the last one wasnt very good so i wont be explaining that, but ive always been good at sucking cock. ive got all the techniques down. massaging the balls, taking it down my throat, lots of boys like sloppy head and i know how to give them that. my boobs are now at a size C – i can give proof if you want 😉 but anyways thats been my sex life. and fuck am i craving some good dick rn. i want someone pounding into me making me gasp for air as they fuck me till im shaking. i want someone to eat me out until i cum in their mouth. i want someone to just come here right now and rail me so hard, but alas, the hairbrush will have to do.

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  • Reply Aleigh ID:2pdv5bamqm

    I sent you a message on discord pls accept my user is Aleigh

  • Reply LiterallyBiden5 ID:4bn00en3fia

    Would love to see some proof

  • Reply [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

    hope you assfuck the daughters

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db7syr47uf0

    I’d love to see proof of your size C boobs 😉

  • Reply Vlad ID:8ok2nn4zri

    @imahornybastard please tell me you have dìscord

    • imahornybastard ID:3k40n6rot0d

      I do it’s .evieieieie

  • Reply Mack ID:1dw5ssty8ycw

    Damn , very fun girl! Do you have sc or anything?

  • Reply BreedingStud ID:1cyit7azkc8z

    Hot, I love how you want control. That’s perfection

  • Reply Mack ID:1dw5ssty8ycw

    Daamn! Good girl! You sound incredibly fun! Can you add me on snap or discord? Kazamen is my username

  • Reply Yur ID:1en8eh33vfvi