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Daddy breeds me

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– when I turned 12 my body started to change. I noticed my boobs got bigger and my ass got fatter. My daddy also noticed. I would see how he looked at me. He would slapped my ass as a joke but sometimes he would hold it for longer than usual.
Now I’m 15 and it has gotten worse. Daddy grabs my tits and walks in on me getting change. He asks me stuff about boys and if I’m a virgin or not. I am but I always deflect the question.
One night while I was sleeping I felt the end of my bed dip. I opened my eyes to see daddy at the end staring right at me. I opened my mouth to scream but he quickly covered it.
“I’ve been waiting so long to do this” he said as he wiggled my panties off of me. I tried to struggle but my small frame couldn’t fight against a big man like him. When he finally got my panties off he stuffed them in my mouth and told me to be quiet. I started to cry and he slowly pulled my legs apart. “MHMMM” I tried yelling but nothing seemed to work. He ran his thumb up and down my shaven pussy while talking to himself about how pink it is .
He sat me up and took off my shirt. He dipped down and sucked on my tits as I felt him push his first finger into my hole. I started to cry even harder but I knew it was no use.
He took his finger out and positioned his dick I front of my hole.”I’m going to breed you babygirl” he whispered as he shoved half his 8 inches in me.
My eyes snapped open. He was being so rough. pulling out then slamming back into me like I’m some whore.
After about 10 minutes I felt like I had to pee. I knew I was about to cum
Daddy’s dirty talk and was really turning me on. He would say stuff about how tight my 15 year old pussy is and how badly he wants to dump all his cum Into me.
As he leaned down and bite my nipples again I exploded. I’ve came but never like this before. My whole body was shaking and I started to moan through the panties in my mouth.
daddy’s breathing sped up and I knew he was going to cum in me.
“Fuckk I’m about to put a baby in you!” He yelled as he went balls deep inside of me.
He held his cock in me for a few extra seconds before finally pulling out. He got up and took the panties out my mouth. “I’ll be keeping these”. He walked out my room and slammed the door on his way out.
I sat there shocked on what just happend. Without thinking my hand snaked down to my hole and I started fucking myself until I came again.
Maybe daddy raping me wasn’t so bad

Over the next week daddy would come in my room at night and breed me.
One day I got the courage to finally go buy a pregnancy test and it came back positive.
When I told daddy the news he was ecstatic. He told me when the baby grew up he would treat her the same way he did me. Like a whore

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    Greate dad

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    Your no. Baby girl

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    Too bad this was only fictional

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