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Saturday august-10-2019
Dear Diary, Today Mom took me to meet her new Boyfriend Mike. It was a so fun. He is so handsome, and so nice to my me and my mom. She looked so happy all night. We got to get all dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant for dinner. And then we went and saw Aladdin in the theater. He brought us home, and he is still here. I’m in my room writing in you. I can hear them in moms room. They are being so loud. I know what they are doing. I know what sex is. I think that’s what they are doing. Mom told me it’s what people do when they love each other. But she is yelling loud and calling him daddy and saying bad words like the F word. I want to go look but I’m scared . I’m going to get under my covers now and rub my teddy bear into my panties again. I’m getting that funny tingle down there on my privet parts. Goodnight Diary

Thursday July 18 2019
Dear Diary, today Moms boyfriend Mike took the day off work to take me and my cousin Ashley to the water park. Mom had to work, but we had so much fun with Mike. He is so nice. He let us play there all day. Until they were closing. He even bought us stuff from the gift shop. Oh and food and stuff all day. It was sooooo fun! I can’t wait to look through all the pictures he took of us today. Ashley just left and I’m getting in bed now. Goodnight diary

P.S. Diary , I had to tell you. I was in bed and listening to Mom and Mike like usual . I had to go see and I peaked in moms room. Omg it was crazy. Mike was on his back and mom was on top of him . I didn’t know you could do it like that. Mom was bouncing up and down really fast I could see Mikes thing going inside mom. I only watched for like a minute. Then I got scared. Anyways getting back in bed now. Teddy bear time! Goodnight diary.

Tuesday Sept 17 2019
Dear Diary. Today was crazy, first my gymnastics practice after school was canceled. So I came home early , Well Mikes house. We moved in at the start of the school year. I was walking up the stairs I heard grunting or something. When I peaked my head up looking through the railing. I saw Mike in my room sitting up in my bed completely naked. He had his thing in his hand with my favorite supergirl panties! The white ones I wear all the time, that say supergirl big on the back and has her S thing small on the front. He had them all wrapped around his thing. And was pulling on it . Oh and this time I saw the whole thing. it’s way bigger than I thought . I didn’t know so much was inside my mom! I watched for a long time. I knew he couldn’t see me from the stairs. The end was the funniest part to watch I didn’t know what was happening to him. But then when he started to stand up . I snuck away and went out the back door, back around the front. This time I yelled that I was home when I walked in. It took him a minute , but when he came down and acted like normal. So I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me. Then I found my panties back in the drawer. But they were all wet with stuff on them . Smelled and touched the stuff my finger tip . It was kinda slimy. I put them in the dirty clothes hamper. feeling a lot like teddy bear time right now. Goodnight diary .

Friday Sept 20 2019
Dear Diary. Cousin Ashley is staying the night tonight. We just took a bath together and brushed our teeth. We’re going to stay up all night watching scary movies with Mike and Mom. I also found another pair of panties in my drawer all wet with stuff. But this time I’m wearing them with my night shirt. I wonder what Mikes going to think when he sees them on me. Hahaha . I’m heading down to watch movies now. Goodnight Diary.

April 18 2020
Dear Diary, today was my birthday. I’m 10 years old now! It was kinda lame that everything is closed because of stupid Covid. But Mom still let me have my friends come over , and I got presents. Mom and Mike go me so much no clothes. My favorite is the yellow sun dress with little kitty cats on it. And I got my first training bras. And they got me all matching panties with them. I think I’m going to wear the see through blue ones with the dress tomorrow. I’m going downstairs now. Moms asleep. Mike is watching that dragon show and he said I can watch it with him tonight if I want. Goodnight Diary.

Monday August 3 2020
Dear diary, Mom never even got to stop going to work but Mike is still working from home. And they are saying no school. Staying home with Mike is fun at least. He plays lots of games with me and takes me to the park and stuff. I catch him pulling on his thing a lot hehehe. He dose it in the bathroom or in his room a lot. He doesn’t even stop when he sees me looking anymore. He doesn’t go in my room very much when I’m home. But I have seen him in there when he thinks I’m watching cartoons. Today I left my panties on the floor in the bathroom before he went in for his nightly shower before bedtime. That way he could use them if he wants. I haven’t been finding them in my room and I like how they feel all cold and wet against my private part when I put them on. And they get all warm and slippery when I have teddy bear Time with them on. I just went and got them and he did . Goodnight diary.

Friday December 25 2020
Dear Diary, today I got the best Christmas present ever. Mom and Mike told me that they are getting married and that makes him my new daddy! I’ve never had a dad I’m so excited. I got a bunch of toys and stuff too but I’m really excited to finally have a daddy! Goodnight Diary

Thursday June 16 2021
Dear Diary. I got to watch Mike or daddy now, pull his thing up close today. We were on the couch watching cartoons together this morning after he made me breakfast. He was touching it over his pants and he caught me looking for a long time at it. He asked if I wanted to see it and told be I could as long as I don’t tell anybody, even mom. I told him I can keep a secret really good. So he let me watch him. I already knew it was called a penis , but he told me when it’s hard like that it’s called a cock. He pulled on it until stuff shot out. I didn’t know it shot out like that. It almost got it my eye it went so far. Some got on my lips and I tasted it ! Lol it was salty . Got all over my night shirt and legs too. He showed me agin later before mom came home. He pulled me in the bathroom and sat me on the toilet, stood in front of me. He told me to pull up my dress and he was going to aim for my panties. He took his pants off and started . I watched for a while then we heard mom come in the front door. I was about to jump up but he told me not to move yet. A second later a bunch shot out and then kept shooting more and more. I giggled and he covered my mouth because he didn’t want mom to hear. I thought it was funny. He hardly got any on my panties where he said was aiming. But he got a bunch on my face and down my shirt . He had to leave me in the bathroom to clean up. While he went and talked to my mom . I said hi to mom after I cleaned up. And then ran to my room for ready bear time before dinner. It was so fun. Goodnight Diary.

Saturday July 17 2021
Dear diary. Today Daddy took Me Mom and cousin Ashley rafting. We got on the boat and floated down the river and stopped for swimming and stuff at a bunch of fun spots on the river. We stopped at one stop and daddy took me down a little trail while Mom and Ashley were swimming so we could have our special time together. This time he touched it against my parts. I was standing in front of him. He pull my swimsuit crotch down and slid his cock in my swimsuit against my privets . If felt really good. He was really fast and before he shoot, he pulled the front waistband of my swimsuit out and shot down all over my crack. Then we went back and finished the rafting trip. I’m in bed listening to daddy and mommy having sex. I’m going to go look before I start my teddy bear time. Goodnight Diary

Wednesday February 02 2022
Dear diary, today me and daddy we’re having our special daddy daughter time. He was doing my favorite thing. He had me sit on his face while and he licks me and I lick and suck on his cock. Then he showed me how to get a finger inside me. He did it with one of his fingers . Then showed me how to do it to myself. I’m going to try it more in bed tonight. Goodnight diary.

Monday October 31 2022
Dear diary, today was Halloween. I dressed up as Wonder Woman . Daddy took me trick or treating . Mom stayed home and handed out candy. We went really far getting candy at all the house before we got to one of his friends houses. His name was Jason and he was really nice. Gave me the rest of the candy in his bowl. Then daddy took me to the bedroom. He said I looked really pretty in my costume and he wanted to play like we always do at home. He put me on the bed with my legs hanging over the side and pulled off my panties. He licked me and sucked on my pussy. I was laying on my back enjoying it with my eyes closed for a little bit. when I opened my eyes I saw that Jason was standing over me naked with his hard cock in one hand and a camera in the other. Daddy was there so I knew it was ok. Then daddy stood up and got naked. He moved up and kissed me on the lips. And asked if I was ready. I didn’t know what he was talking about. But he started rubbing his cock between my pussy lips. I didn’t think he was going to put it in . I thought I was to small. His cock is as big as my forearm . It hurt a lot but daddy told me I could do it and after a long time I think he got most of it inside me. It started feeling amazing when he started rocking back and forth. I felt so proud I was able to get it inside me. Then he got me up on the bed on my knees with my face down on a pillow. Daddy told me to be a good girl, he got behind me and suddenly I felt his cock trying to get inside me agin. He grabbed my hips and started pounding me harder and faster like he dose mommy . I gripped the sheets and bit the pillow. I started screaming so loud. It hurt so bad but he never let up just kept going really fast and hard. It never stopped hurting, my whole body felt like needles. I Felt Shock Waves go through my body. I started to feel like I had to pee really bad . And I couldn’t hold it. I felt the gush and liquid running down the inside of my legs. Daddy liked that, he started yelling that’s my little girl, good girl. Over and over until he finally shot his stuff inside me. I said thank you daddy. I felt like such a big girl getting his thing inside me. Then he stood me up and started taking my costume off me. He told me that I needed to be a good girl for his friend now too. Daddy laid me on my back completely naked with my legs over the side of the bed. He took the camera from Jason and Jason got in front of me. He took his hard cock and started rubbing it up and down my little crack. I could feel daddy’s stuff coming out of me. Jason took my legs and spread them so wide I felt like I was stretching at gymnasts practice. Then I felt Jason push in. My pussy parted wide and opened up for him. He started ramming into me. He put his hands on my neck and I couldn’t breathe for so long. I past out , and when I woke up he was still going , still inside me. He saw me open my eyes and started pushing in really hard . Slamming against me. I felt his balls slapping against me. Then I felt his shoot and shoot more and more into my pussy. I’m laying in bed now. Watching more of there stuff still coming out of me. I’m playing with it in my fingers as it comes out . I can hear daddy and mommy having sex. It’s teddy bear time goodnight Diary.

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