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Biker Rape 2

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This is number two in this storie. Tell me if you like it and want more. Yes I love pain.

I could not understand why my body was doing. Every fiber of my body was telling me to take every cock and load of cumm that these men were giving me. I laid there not knowing what was going to happen to me now I looked over I saw my mother and this guy was kissing on her at the same time as another man was talking her cunt. Then I heard a word they were yelling for the baseball bat. I was scared I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. This man walked up to me he looked ugly. When he smiled his teeth were orange, his hair was long his beard was long and he smelled like shit. He turned around and looked at everybody and they were yelling “fuck Her”. He turned back around and he turned around again and yelled for this other female saying “cunt get over here”
I saw this young woman maybe around 18 years of age, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was wearing a miniskirt and a blouse she stood over me and I can look right up and see that she was wearing no panties. He reached over and ripped her blouse open. Out fail a couple of nice huge tits. He told her to get down and holder and if she gets away I am going to beat the shit out of you. Then I watched him unzip his pants and when he tried to drop them you could tell that they were, glued to his ass. Then I got a strong smell of shit. He was not wearing any underwear and out fellow this huge looking cock. It was not long maybe around six or so inches. But it was as big around as a baseball bat. His balls would like to large oranges. He drop-down between my legs and then reached over and grabbed my one tit and was trying to rip it off. I was screaming bloody murder. Then I felt it touch my beautiful cunt. He started pushing and pushing and pushing and each time he was going in and I could feel it like it was ripping me into.
He started to hammer me and each time he did I could feel my insides being ripped open I was begging him to stop. He just looked at me and smiled. He kept hammering the to a point where I was about to black out from the pain and the abuse. He then stopped I knew he was still in the any bed over and he opened his mouth and took my left tit and bit down hard. I screamed again and I could feel blood coming out of my tit. After a few seconds he looked at me and I could see the blood in his mouth. He started hammering again and I was screaming. This is not what I got before I don’t know why I was getting this. This went on for a long time how long I don’t know but it did. After a few minutes he pulled out and it felt like pulling a cork out of a bottle. It felt like vacuum was trying to hold him in and what came out I could swear I could hear the pop. He then shot a load of cumm on my chest and then my face and then on my chest to tits again.
He then said to this other girl, bitch if you want some of my cumm lick it off her. She lowered herself down and started licking my face. I have never been with a female I felt so low and degraded that I wasn’t sure what was next. After a while she had licked my face and my chest and she looked up at him I don’t know what she looked like but he said ”bitch if you want to cumm, make her eat you”
she got up and lowered herself down on my face and yelled at me “lick it, lick it, lick it”. I did not know what to do and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to throw up because she hit me hard in the stomach and then this man told me to “use my tongue on it” I shook my head no and then I got hit again. This time I knew better and I slowly opened my mouth and stuck my tongue into her. She then yelled moving around and I’ll tell you where to go.
After a few seconds I must to hit the spot because she said there and she screamed. I kept licking like my life depended on it and after a period of time I felt her body dump her juices into my mouth. She started rubbing her cunt into my mouth and then again I thought more juices. She got off of my face and I laid there I didn’t know what was coming next. But this was the most degrading and humiliating sieen or heard of.
She looked over at this man and he was smiling and he asked her did she enjoy yourself. She yelled yes daddy I sure did.
My laid there for a while and this man come over he was big and he looks strong he reached over and he grabbed me by my hair and ripped me up from the ground I raise my hands to grab his wanting him begging him to let go. I did see, but I felt. His fist came around and hit me square in two my left I. I saw stars ice felt pain and I couldn’t see. And then he did it to the other I. I asked myself why are they hurting me this way. My body was telling me that I liked cock and cumm, but pain was scared.
He then started hitting me in my stomach he hit me on my ass. But the one that I didn’t like the most in the long run was he hit me in my eyes again. He stopped for a few minutes and then he came back at least I think he did and I felt this paper on my breast turned out to be sandpaper. He pushed it twisted into me. I tried to move but every time I did he just pulled me back. I could just imagine that all my tits are a mess. Then I felt something new I felt like somebody was taking a mallet and beating me on my legs and my thighs, my arms. I felt like glue.
I wasn’t sure who was next but I felt cocks in my mouth, my ass, cunt fucking hard. I’m not sure what time it was not sure if was day or night I was just being used like a piece of meat. This past the word rape.

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    I was waiting for you to say your dad was raped by the girl and then buy multiple men

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    Hey I really enjoy your storys I’m hoping we can chat sometime my email is [email protected]

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