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Me sex life ep 1 I fucked my mom aunt my older sister younger sister and cousinas a sex education

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This is the ep one of my sex life on how I fucked my mom aunt older sister younger sister and cousin as a sex education

So me Ray (15) My younger sister eva (11) and cousin rika (12) where going through puberty and so my mom nina(32) and aunt Julian (26) where going to teaching us about sex,puberty etc and my older sister Mia (18) volunteer to help so my aunt and cousin came to our house (context my mom gave birth to Mia at 14 then had me at 17 and Eva at
21 and our father died in a car crash after my mom had eva and Julian also gave birth at 14 and she had been raped ) then my mom called me Eva and rika to sit down at the living room then they locked the door closed the window and turned the TV on and played a Video of a man first kissing a woman for 2 mins then sucking her breast for 5 mins then the woman sucking his dick for 5mins then he fingering her pussy for 2min then he ate her pussy then he rubbed his dick in the opening of her pussy and put his dick in her pussy and pushed it all the way in and thrusts in in an out for 10 mins and then he fucked her ass for 3 min

The my mother ordered us to go to the master bedroom. Then my mom stripped until she only had her red bra and panties her breast where very large like 44D and a plump juicy ass then my aunt juilian began to strip till her purple bra and panties where left her breast where bigger than nina my mom her breast where 46D then my older sister mia also stripped till her blue bra and panties her breast size where smaller they where like 38 D. then they ordered my younger sister eva and cousin rika to strip. eva hesitated but stripped till her pink bra and panties her breast where an ok size they where 30C then rika followed Eva and strip till her yellow bra and panties her breast where larger than Eva she was 34D. Then they all turned to me and ordered me to strip I understood and stripped till my green boxers my penis was 9 inch .It was rock hard and every one noticed so my mom , aunt and Mia ordered me to remove my boxers I hesitated but I did it seeing my mom aunt and Eva was shocked their face overcame with lust why controlled themselves but still they had some lust they ordered me to stand on the bed and so I did then my mom told me to watch first Ray you can suck on my breast I was happy as I had a crush Mia nina Julian rika and Eva for years so i obeyed and started sucking on one of her breast and playing with her other breast with my finger she was moaning in pleasure they all where turned on hearing her moan second nina rushed over and said you knell and suck his dick with this I felt like I was going to explode then she start thrusting her mouth I let a small moan then nina started to hold it and moved it up and down I let out a moan then cummed in side nina’s mouth where she swallowed every drop then third Mia ordering me to sit and finger her pussy he happily did so while nina never stopped her blowjob surprising I was very good at fingering Mia felling horny said third Ray you lick my pussy then he sat on my face I put my tongue inside her pussy and licked her every place simultaneously me Mia Julian screamed “I AM ABOUT TO CUM” then we all released a large load of CUM
Seeing this Eva and rika started rubbing them self and unable to take there eyes off then then all three of them stopped and said together fourth nina since your are his mother you teach this lesson ok Ray stand near the wall said Mia and nina bends over putting her hands on the wall Now Mia said you put your dick in the opening of her pussy and thrust it in and out first slowly then go faster and faster I obeyed and I started slowly then I speedup you could hear a loud clapping sound this continued for 6 mins then fifth said Julian Me next I am his sister said Mia ok fine switch position Mia and nina said Julian Do I have to said nina yes ok now Ray instead of fucking her pussy fuck his ass Ok ‘ugh ‘ it’s tight said Ray as I speedup Mia was screaming her lungs out in pleasures Seeing this everyone else was rubbing them self while moaning it pleasures ok this is how to fuck a person on now line-up first Eva second rika third Mia fourth nina fifth me Julian No No I Said I’ll take all five at the same time Everyone became happy and said can you handle it Ray Yes I can handle all five if you say so after getting taught his domineering hormones felling this everyone else’s hormones made them submissive and asked ray what there position was Mia lay on the bed spread your legs Eva lay down to the left of Mia ass up Nina lay on the right of Mia ass up rika below Mia and Julian you sit on my face Mia I’ll fuck your ass Nina and Eva I’ll finger your pussy Eva You suck my balls and Julian I’ll eat you up .Everyone was satisfied and change position every 10 min and everyone was filled with CUM

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  • Reply Your Dad ID:1ckvj7cb5lky

    Wow, what a story you’ll be able to write when you first have sex – with someone other than your hand. Shouldn’t you be doing your homework or something? Ambitious but, sorry, you need to learn some basic grammar ( a hint. Try treating what you said aloud. You’ll run out of breath before you finish some of those sentences).

    • ray ID:5py2txro8ra

      sry i used my phone to write this story and english is my second language

  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    Needs work but I like the way you’re thinking

    • ray ID:5py2txro8ra