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I was raped at 13

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I was raped at 13 by a gang of boys as I made my way home through the woods.

The following story happened a long time ago and now my life is so much better than it was back then so I’m ready to tell my story, it all turned out okay for me in the end so don’t be discouraged from reading it, it made me who I am today and I forgive them all.

I grew up living in a battered old caravan in the woods, my parents and I were a bit feral you could say, we didn’t have a lot of money, my parents got work wherever they could, we never had a lot of food, heating, and my clothes were so old they were covered in rips and tears, I did my best to keep myself clean but I would always have dirt on me somewhere and my hair looked like a birds nest, and I was really skinny due to lack of eating properly.

I went to school like every other kid my age, school was like 3 miles away and I had to walk all the way there and back, I didn’t have any friends and most people just avoided me and my parents, we were the kind of people you’d see coming and then you’d cross the road to avoid us.

My story begins on a Friday afternoon, when I was 13 years old, I was walking home through the woods after school in the dark and pouring rain, some boys from my school jumped out of nowhere and started messing with me, and they teased me, pushed me around and threw sticks, rocks and dirt at me.

One of the boys pushed me on the back so hard I fell over and landed in a big muddy puddle, he picked me up by my hair and dragged me behind some trees and in to their little den which was made from tree branches and cardboard, he tore off my clothes, when I tried to stop him he slapped me across the face, the other boys were standing behind him laughing and egging him on, then he raped me.

It didn’t last long, maybe 20-30 seconds, but to me it felt like forever, when he was done he stood up and another of the boys pulled down his pants and raped me, in total six boys raped me over a two hour period, multiple times, when it was finally over they threw my clothes at me and told me to get lost, I cautiously walked out of their little den, I was so scared of what they may do to me, when I thought I was clear I ran but one of them tripped me up into the muddy puddle again.

They all laughed and ran away, leaving me naked, cold, scared and bleeding in the puddle like I was trash.

When I finally got home, it was really late and I told my parents what happened but they wouldn’t do anything, they were too afraid of what the locals would do, that no one would believe them, they couldn’t afford to lose the jobs they have, so we never told anyone about it.

A couple of weeks later I was walking through the woods again and the same boys were in the woods, I heard them in the distance and tried to avoid them but they saw me and quickly surrounded me, there were at least ten boys this time, I can’t remember exactly how many, I begged them to leave me alone, to let me go home, but they didn’t.

They stripped me right there in the middle of the woods, my clothes still had stains on them from the last time, so after stripping me naked they forced me to my knees and then they all took out their cocks and made me rub them, lick them, and suck on them, they came on my body, on my face and forced me to receive their semen in to my mouth, then one of them bent me over an old tree stump and raped me, he fucked me anally and it really hurt, at least two of the other boys did the same to me when he was finished.

Then it went quiet, I must have just zoned out, when I lifted myself up and turned around all the boys were gone, I got dressed and went home and didn’t say anything to my parents about it.

A few days later they caught me in the woods again, this time there was only four of them, I ran away but they caught me and I cowered against a tree when one of them approached me, I was surprised when, instead of raping me, he offered me some food, I was scared and didn’t know what to make of it but I was really hungry, I hadn’t had a proper meal in days, he offered me a ham sandwich, it smelt so good, so I took it and ate it in seconds.

The boy apologized on behalf of himself and his friends for what they’d done, the they were sorry for raping me and they wanted to make a deal, they’d stop raping me if I’d have sex with them willingly, and in exchange they’d bring me food and clothes.

Anyone else would have told them to get fucked, eat shit and die, and I should have done, but you have to understand, I was hungry and I was desperate for new clothes, what these boys had done to me was unforgiveable, they should hang for it, but I was starving, and so I agreed to their terms.

Every other day afterwards I’d meet them in the woods after school and I would strip myself naked and give them hand jobs, blow jobs, and have sex with them, each of the boys brought me food and clothes and in their own sick way they made me feel special, they made me feel wanted, desired and beautiful.

This continued until I was 15 and it was always the same boys, every so often they’d bring along some new boys to join in and I don’t know how I did it all without getting pregnant, at 15 my family were evicted and we moved the caravan to a new town.

From them on I did really well in school, my parents got good jobs and when I was 17 we moved in to a small apartment, I went to college and got a good job afterwards, I’m married now with two children and I live in a big house.

I’m a much happier person now and I’ve forgiven those boys for what they put me through, in a way they made me stronger and more determined to make something of my life.

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  • Reply Adriana

    Sad and nice story,did you meet again any of the boys.

  • Reply Dripper

    Did your mom want to suck cum out your asshole?

  • Reply Eliza ([email protected])

    Thats so cool, i wish it would happen to me

    • T

      Why would u wish that it’s awful

  • Reply lee

    good story.