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Paying a debt – Part 4

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Zeke unleashes a group of young horny men on the teenage whore

I must have fallen asleep at some point. It wasn’t for long, because it was too cold for that. My nipples still throbbed, as well as my whole pussy. He wasn’t that big, but being stretched like that…. Even being sold to Zeke and fucked on a dirty kitchen table didn’t feel as violating as what he done. I quickly pushed the memory from my mind. Never again. He did not exist. I kept my eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the house. I had no idea what time it was. How much longer I still had to go. I didn’t care anymore.
I slowly became aware of voices. A lot of voices, coming from downstairs. They were chattering among themselves, but I heard the booming voice of Zeke through it. Zeke. I needed to see him. Needed to know I was safe. The stairs creaked, but I was too scared to look up. A finger softly stroked my cheek and I opened my eyes.
“Daddy,” I breathed softly, looking up at Zeke’s face. He was here. And I knew he could see I had been crying. But he smiled, before he kissed my cheek.
“Hey there, little whore.” His voice was so gentle. “How did Pops treat you?” I let my eyes shift down, trying to hide everything I was feeling.
“I did not like him very much,” I confessed, at which Zeke chuckled.
“I know, baby. But I owe him. And he would never seriously hurt you, or he would have to deal with me, and he knows that. You were never in real danger.” I just nodded.

“Before I can let you sleep, there’s just one thing left to be done. I am not going to leave your side for this.” I swallowed as I looked back up at his face, feeling scared. I knew I wasn’t going to like it.
“My boys came in for the night, as Ray promised them something good. A treat before they go home.”
“And I am the treat…” My voice was soft, but I didn’t look away from his face. “How many?”
“Twenty, twenty-five? Could be more. I didn’t count them.” I just nodded, feeling defeated. “This will be fast paced. Hard. But it will be quick.” I nodded again. Zeke kissed me gently, before standing up. His voice shifted to his strict tone.
“Sit in the middle of the bed, on your knees.” I almost felt sluggish as I pushed myself up, crawling to the middle of the bed. Zeke threw something at me.
“Put it on.” It was a blindfold. Somehow that made me feel secure. Not being able to see gave me more anonymity.

It was silent for a minute or two, before I heard the footsteps on the stairs. The creaking. Soft, excited voices that filled the room. Even though I couldn’t see with the blindfold secure over my eyes, I could tell the room was full.
“Gentlemen,” Zeke spoke and the murmur quieted down. “Condoms are in the closet and here by the bed. Lube can be found there as well. I do not want to see an unprotected dick entering my property, or you’re going to face the consequences. Discard your used condom in the bin over there. I don’t want to clean up after you. Am I clear?” My cheeks flushed but I was happy to hear his words. A murmur erupted through the room.
“Good. Now go and have fun.”
It was almost instant. Hands on my breasts and playing with my overly sensitive nipples. I hissed at that, but couldn’t fight. Hands on my waist, my hips, my ass, my pussy. Everywhere. The bed dipped and I felt how someone lifted me up by my hips and placed me on top of a cock, sliding deep inside of me. I grunted at the sudden feeling, but being fucked so many times today it was no longer uncomfortable. I was just caught off guard by the quick movements, and the fact that they did not waste one second. I was pushed forward and I tasted the artificial flavor of a condom on my tongue, making me wince. My hands were grabbed and I felt the rubber on cocks as I was forced to jerk off. And then my ass was spread. Something cold dripped on my hole and a dick was pushed inside. I groaned at all the intrusions, feeling slightly confused but no way of stopping it. They were everywhere. And I knew even more were around us.
Each person had their own rhythm and I couldn’t get used to it. The one in my mouth cummed quickly and was immediately replaced by a new cock who fucked my throat hard and fast. The ones in my ass and pussy fucked hard at different speeds. Before today, I only had my boyfriend’s cock in my pussy. But today, I had my ass raped by Zeke and stretched wide over his cock. The one in my ass now was significantly smaller, but it still burned slightly. The one in my pussy cummed and I was flipped over. The one in my ass now laying on the bed, and someone new entered my pussy. New dicks in my hands. It just kept going. Again I was flipped over, on top of a new person, a new cock in my pussy. Words were exchanged somewhere but I couldn’t listen. I couldn’t do anything but be fucked. My ass was spread wide and a new cock entered. Besides feeling sore, it was no longer painful to be stretched.

Or so I thought. The person fucking my ass like a jackhammer suddenly stilled. And suddenly the pressure increased. I groaned loud at that, letting the cock from my mouth slip out. Incredible pressure, splitting my ass right open. A second cock was forced into my ass. He wasn’t gentle either. Barely used any lube from what I could feel.
And suddenly he was in. I almost screamed, but my sounds were muffled by a cock shoving itself down my throat. There was cheering as I now had four cocks absolutely fucking me senseless. It seemed to be a new thing, now that they figured this out. The one in my pussy cummed, but he didn’t move away. Not until both men in my ass also shot their load. I was pulled up like I was weighing nothing and placed on my back on top of a new person. Immediately there was a new cock in my ass. A second pushing against my hole too, a third in my pussy and a new one down my throat. I was dizzy. Everything felt floppy as they no longer bothered to fuck me themselves, but just shove my body up and down. When one of the men flopped out of my ass accidentally, he just shoved it back in, but this time forcing himself in my pussy. I no longer cared. I was no longer there. Everything felt sticky and sweaty. I was nothing more but a puppet. Holes to fuck. It was an endless cycle. They fucked, they cummed, they switched places. Two dicks, three dicks at the same time. And don’t forget my throat. I was so exhausted at this point. I just wanted to fall asleep and never wake up.

Yet things slowed down. The excited voices in the room slowly dwindled in numbers. The one in my throat wasn’t replaced anymore. They moved from three dicks between my legs, to two dicks. To one. And then nothing. I was dropped on the bed like a discarded toy and I heard footsteps move away. It was done. I had survived this. It felt like I had been fucked for a week. My legs were still spread open, my ass and pussy were throbbing, as well as my throat. I had no strength to move anything. But I was breathing.
The blindfold was removed from my face, but I kept my eyes closed. Strong arms scooped me up and carried me away from the room. I was placed on a soft bed. When I opened my eyes, I saw Zeke closing the door behind him, before he started to undress himself.
“Daddy,” I whimpered.
“You did amazing, baby girl. You earned me so much money. Each of these men paid me a hundred to be able to fuck a fourteen year old girl. And you delivered. You made me so proud.” He laid down next to me on the bed and cuddled my exhausted body close to him, kissing my temple.
“I’m so tired,” I mumbled, as I snuggled closer. For a second I wondered why it didn’t bother me more that he just sold me like an actual whore.
“I know. I will let you sleep in a bit, but first Daddy has got to breed you. I want you to leave this place with my baby in your belly.” His large hand rested on my lower belly. It wasn’t until now that I realized he was the only one that had cummed in my pussy. Him and..
“Pops?” I just asked weakly. Zeke chuckled at that.
“Pops isn’t fertile. Never was. The only reason I let him fuck without a condom. Besides, I wanted you lubricated before you would be fucked.” He moved then, so he was laying on top of me, forcing my legs to spread. I didn’t want to, but I had no choice. My body knew what to do, as I lifted up my knees and spread my legs wider. He just chuckled as he let his cock slide deep in my pussy. I moaned. Despite the many, many cocks I had, this was the only one that felt right. He still stretched me so wide as he gently started fucking.
“Daddy,” I moaned, my arms curling around his shoulders to pull him closer.
“Talk to me, slut. What do you need?” There were no thoughts in my mind.
“Breed me, Daddy. I want you to fuck me and fill me and put a little black baby inside me.” Zeke softly kissed my neck, before slamming deep inside me. I groaned and winced.
“It hurts.” Despite my words, I widened my legs further and lifted my hips to meet his deep thrusts. Zeke took that as confirmation, slamming harder inside me. He kept his weight on me, pushing me deep into the mattress with each thrust. Even though I had one of the worst days of my life, this right here somehow made it all better. My nails dug in his skin. This asshole of a man, who claimed to protect me, yet let me get fucked by two dozen men in the span of maybe two hours. The man who hurt me, raped my pussy and tore my ass right open. This man that fucked my throat so hard and deep that I couldn’t breathe and nearly passed out. Who fucked me and bred me like a cheap whore. I didn’t understand why I loved this moment so much. This whole ordeal today had to start with him, and end with him.
I cummed. I never felt it coming, but an intense orgasm washed through my whole body and I moaned loudly in his ear.
“That’s my good girl,” he groaned, right before spurting his own seed deep inside my fertile womb.

We stayed like that for a while. He was still buried deep inside of me, leaning on top of me. Despite his weight, I was feeling really comfortable. My eyes were closed as I listened to his breathing. I was so close to passing out. He chuckled as he shifted, pulling his cock out of my pussy. He moved out so slow that my sleep deprived mind thought he must have stretched in length. It just kept going and going, drawing a long, deep moan from the back of my throat. When he did finally plop out, he let himself fall to the bed beside me. In a swift movement, he pushed me to my side with my back to him and pulled me close. With his arm draped across my chest and my head resting on his other arm, I quickly drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Loved to see her take two cocks up her ass, fully impaled, hurting her, making her feel it all again.

  • Reply Reader ID:1epmkit9fpk4

    I wish I was her. So many cocks at the same time, stretching her wide, like a proper whore. She deserves being treated like that.