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Intruder’s break into britney’s house and rape her and her crossdressed husband

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My husband wanted me to write his secret crossdressing dress up sex secret that me and him engage in once a month , and our sex life has been awesome.

I’ve been married to my husband for 12 years and I never knew that he liked to cross-dress and make himself up into a woman . I came home from work early one day and when I went into our bedroom. I saw this very attractive woman asleep on my bed , so I thought that my husband was having an affair so I quietly looked all over the house for him , but he was nowhere to be found . I went back into my bedroom and gently woke up the lady , when she opened up her eyes she said , “Oh my god Britney”!!!

“I’m so sorry honey”!!! “I can explain”!!!

“Oh my is that you Brian”? Britney said to me as she’s checking me out .

“Yes honey it’s me”!

So he told me how he would dress up like a lady when I was at work all day , so I told him not to undress himself . I told him to stay in bed and wait for me to dress up so he can fuck me dressed as a lady . I put on my short red dress and crotchless black pantyhose and high heels . He’s dressed up in a white dress with white crotchless tights so his cock can hang out and black 4 inch pumps . I took his erect cock and went down on him , sucking and licking his cock like the whore wife that I am . He held my head as I bobbed up and down on his cock , then I told him to fuck me doggy , as I’m looking in our bedroom mirror, I can see him dressed as a slutty beautiful lady as she puts her 7 inch cock into my pussy through the hole in my nylons . Quickly she slams her cock all the way into my pussy as I screamed and squealed in ecstasy, “OH MY GOD PLEASE FUCK ME MY LADY”? “OH GOD I’M YOURS”!

I said to my husband as he’s pounding me wearing his tights , but he was so excited and nervous that I caught him dressed up as a woman , he blew his load deep into me ,as I pushed my pussy back into his thrusts. After he inseminated me , we both collapsed onto the bed . I told him to dress as a lady and fuck me once a week like that , so that’s how it started with us . Every Saturday night he dresses up as a lady in any outfit and fucks the living hell out of me . Nobody knows our secret, not even our closest friends . I even help him apply my make-up to him and also help him pick out sexy lingerie at the women’s store. He’s not a very tall guy , and he doesn’t have much facial hair so when I apply a make-up foundation he really turns from a he to a she. He resembles Penny Tyler the trans. porn star when I apply his make-up and he puts the long black hair wig on !

Britney was drinking a vodka and tonic in the bedroom waiting for me, when I just got home from work, so I convinced her that tonight should be our monthly special night .She loves participating in my crossdressing fetish , she loves the sex and has gotten use to me being dressed and made up.

Tonight Britney has dressed very sophisticated for me. She’s wearing a black ruffled lace cocktail dress that comes above the knee with dark suntan pantyhose and red floral lace panties with her 5 inch Louboutin stiletto’s .She very attractive for 38 years old ,I’ve been looking at her all night with the intention of taking her dressed just as she is .

I’m glad she’s drinking because she’s quite tipsy and very receptive to my request for a dress-up and play session .I dressed up like a hooker , I first put on an open bottom girdle to flatten and shape my 42 year old man’s hips, then I put on thick 15 denier tan pantyhose as a foundation garment and my red corset. I now attached my tan nylon stockings to my 5 girdle straps on each side .Now I put on my red lace panties over my pantyhose , then I painted my long fingernails ruby red and shook them to dry them fast .I slipped into my come and fuck me 5 inch glossy stiletto’s , while Britney applied my full make-up including red lipstick and blue eyeshadow and my brown bob hair wig with red highlights.

I look and feel like a young, attractive, woman, just what I’ve always wanted to be .

There was a loud banging sound coming from the kitchen, so Britney told me to go see what the sound is while sitting in her sexy pose on our bed. I walked out of our bedroom in my 5 inch heels making that come and fuck me sound to the kitchen, and when I got to the kitchen. I saw the kitchen door is open. I thought the lock wasn’t fully engaged and the wind blew it opened and it hit the wall, so I went to close it and I saw two large figures from my sideview, then I heard a gruff voice say ,

“Get that cunt bitch , shut her the fuck up and get this fucking door closed before the neighbors see or hear anything”!!!

A large muscular came out of the darkness of the kitchen and put his hand over my mouth and starts dragging me down the hallway to my bedroom where my wife Britney is .I hear the kitchen door slam closed as I’m dragged on my 5 inch heels into our bedroom , I’m so shocked and scared that I haven’t said a word .

Britney is so shocked that she dropped her glass of vodka and just stares as I’m thrown onto the bed beside her .

“You two fucking bitches keep quiet and you won’t get hurt”!!! said the second intruder .

“Larry get these two breeding cows tied up while I look around , and the next time you tell me that there’s no one home, I’ll kick your ass you dumb fuck”!!! The large leader of the two intruder’s growled.

Larry pushed me back on the bed and he gave me a strange look , but he was to busy to worry about me.

“Okay you rich bitch, get your rich ass onto that chair”!!! The large intruder growls at Britney and drags her to the chair near her vanity. She collapsed in the chair as he opens up a draw in the vanity and takes out a handful of nylon stockings to tie her up with .He securely ties her ankles to each leg of the chair and her wrists to the arms of the chair.

Tied like this, Britney’s legs are spread and I can see him looking up her cocktail dress at her exposed pantyhose encased thighs and red floral lace panties .He reached into another draw and took out a pair of her pantyhose and tied it tight around her mouth as a gag .

Larry pushed me back on the bed as I made a futile attempt to get up , he’s half my age and he’s very strong . I can see his well defined muscles in his arms .

“Sit back down you fucking cunt”!! he laughs at me, realizing that he figured out that I am a guy dressed as a lady. I’m ashamed of myself for unable to protect my wife Britney, being caught dressed as a woman .

He yells out the leader’s name, “Hey Tyrell this other breeding cow is a fucking guy dressed up as a slutty hooker”!!!!!!

“I’ll be there in a minute, just keep the breeding cows quiet while I get all the silver and gold coins and any other valuables”!!! he snarls back .

Larry says to me , “You tranny gutless prick, so you want to be a woman huh”? “At least your wife is

very beautiful not a tranny fag like yourself”!!!!

I sat there stunned and embarrassed on the bed as he pulls open Britney’s legs and slides his hands up her nylon suntan covered thighs.

I know this situation is going to be bad as Tyrell comes back into the bedroom .

“Looks like your having fun Larry”!! as he watches him slide and feel up my wife’s thighs and the crotch area of her panties and pantyhose .

“Now if you behave yourself and tell me where the cash is, I might be able to stop Larry from raping your pretty wife”!! as he glares at me .

“In her bag over there at the dresser, she has her purse and my wallet”!! I squealed out as Larry continued to molest Britney .

Tyrell takes all of our cash and credit cards . “I’ve changed my mind”!! he laughs “I’ll think I’ll let Larry rape your wife the breeding cow, while we sit here on the bed and enjoy the show”!!

Larry pulled out a knife and cut off the front buttons of Britney’s cocktail dress . She’s squirming in the chair but there’s nothing I can do to stop him .Her dress opened up revealing her red lace panties , Larry can’t keep his hands off her as he feels up her pussy through her panties and pantyhose .

My wife tried to pull away but it was useless as she was tied to the chair ,that thug Larry unzipped his pants and pulls out his thick red cock , I can see it’s leaking precum . He’s rubbing his leaking cock all over Britney’s 34 DD tits while she shakes her head no as she struggles to free herself from her nylon stocking restraints .

“I’m going to remove that gag, but if you make a sound Tyrell will cut your sissy husband’s cock off”!

“Do you understand”? Britney nodded her head .

Larry pulled the pantyhose gag from my wife’s head and pulls on her scrunchie holding her hair up and lets it fall around her face , he straddles Britney and begins to force his cock into her mouth , she squirms to try and prevent him but he’s way to strong .

Tyrell laughs .”Looks like your wife ain’t much of a cocksucker girly boy”!!!

“Hey look at this Larry, this tranny pervert is getting off on his wife being head fucked”!! he says as he pulls down the front of my red lace panties to show my erect cock pushing against my pantyhose .

“This tranny has a nylon fetish because he’s got pantyhose on under his panties and stockings over them”!!

Tyrell grabs my erect cock through my thick suntan pantyhose and gives it a shake .

“Well now this bitch and her bitch husband know we both got the hots for nylons so lets make the most of it”!! Larry says, and opens the gusset of the pantyhose he was using as a gag and pulls the pantyhose over Britney’s head.

“Now listen up bitch I’m going to cut you free and we are going over to that sofa and have some fun”!!

“Looks like Tyrell is getting real cozy with your crossdressing faggy husband so lets just us two have our own fun and we’ll be gone with no bloodshed”!!!

“What does your girly husband like to be called anyway”??

“C…ciiiindy”!! Britney whispers , muffled by the pantyhose covering her face .

Tyrell has a hold of my cock and pushes his face into mine , I try to struggle against him, but he forced his tongue into my mouth .I can’t believe that I’m responding as my cock is getting harder and as Tyrell
pushes his body against mine . I feel his hard cock through his jeans .

I never been so scared but at the same time very aroused. Here in our own bedroom, my sexy wife that I pledged to protect, and I being all dressed and dolled up as a lady are about to be brutally raped and I’m actually getting off on it , but my wife Britney is still struggling and I can see her attacker Larry loves it .

He dragged her over to the sofa and stripped off the remains of her dress .Britney only has her pantyhose on and the other pair, Larry has pulled over her head . While Britney is abused and raped her girly – husband is kissing a rapist, who has him on the bed .

Tyrell is now straddling my body as he’s lying on top of me. He pulls his pants down and I can feel his throbbing cock against my nylon covered thigh .He starts dry humping my pantyhose covered leg as he’s French kissing me and squeezing and stroking my girly-cock through my pantyhose .

I’m so aroused that I’m pushing back against him, as my cock is fully erect inside my hosiery and my precum is seeping through. He pushes me off like I’m some slut, so I looked at Britney , Larry has his hands around her head and is forcing his cock all the way down her throat , her eyes are bulging out with tears. I can hear her gurgling and gagging .She’s trying to push him away, but he’s very excited by the feel of his hard cock against her pantyhose encased face.

“Will you stop struggling bitch”!!! He yells “My cock is going back into your mouth and your going to suck it just like Cindy ,your girly husband is going to suck Tyrell’s”!!!

Oh my god I’m terrified. I’m not gay and I have never sucked cock in my life , I then turned and saw Tyrell’s big throbbing cock leaking precum in front of my face .He’s looking down at me with an evil looking grin saying , “That’s right honey”!! “you’ve got my cock to worry about, don’t you worry what Larry is doing to your pretty wife, you should be concerned what I’m going to do to you my pretty girly man”!!!!

He grabs the back of my head and pushes it towards his big throbbing cock ,he pushes his cock against my red lipstick lips saying , “Suck it bitch or I’ll belt you”!!!!!!!!

I closed my eyes and unwillingly I opened my mouth and he slid his cockhead over my red lips , it’s big and hard and tastes salty and musky .As it slid into my mouth I started sucking his cock while he held my head very tight , my eyes are bulging with tears as he builds up speed fucking my mouth. I feel like crying because I degrading myself, while my wife Britney is being raped and I can’t help her.

I’m starting to enjoy sucking Tyrell’s cock by bobbing my head up and down very fast , while swallowing his precum that’s leaking out of his cock.

As I’m still sucking Tyrell’s cock , I glance over and saw Larry pull his cock out of Britney’s pantyhose covered face and roughly pushes her onto the sofa and pulls her ass up into the air .

He starts to rub his knobby cock against her pantyhose covered ass .

Tyrell starts to laugh saying , “Looks like that spoiled rich bitch wife of yours is about to get hers”!!

He sarcastically said . “Oh I guess its time you got the same , It’s only fair that husband and wife should get the same equal treatment”!!!!

Tyrell pulls his cock out of my mouth and rolls me over and pulls my pantyhose covered ass up into the air, so I am in the identical position as my wife Britney , In my terrified voice I said , “PLEASE



“Well Cindy, your not going to be a virgin much longer , look over at that spoiled bitch wife of yours because your getting the same treatment”!!

I looked over and I’m horrified to see that Larry has pulled Britney’s pantyhose down just enough to put his cock against my wife’s pussy lips, while he’s bent over her pushing it in to her .Britney starts screaming .

“Shut the fuck up you cunt or I’ll knife you”!! Larry yells out to her as he pushes his hard cock deep into my wife .

Tyrell holds up a knife in front off me and says , “You know what this is good for Cindy”?? “This”!!

And with a flick, his knife is at my pantyhose covered ass cutting through the gusset of my pantyhose with ease. He pulls my red panties to one side and to my terror. I feel the dome shaped head of his hard cock against the entrance to my virgin ass, while I’m kicking my bottom nylon covered legs with my 5 inch stiletto’s up and down trying to resist his invading cock.

“Hey Larry watch me pop this cherry ass”!!!! Tyrell yells across the bedroom to Larry laughing .

With no mercy or even lube. Tyrell pushed and thrusted his big cock into my ass , his cockhead dilated and ripped and popped my inner pink cherry bud as he pushed his fully erect cock all the way into my bowels , his balls are pressed hard against my nylon covered ass cheeks as I screamed out ,



Tyrell ignored my pleas as he held my pantyhose covered hips and gave me a very hard thrusting doggy fuck as I felt his cock slide over my prostrate, causing my cock to grow big and hard as it made me blow my load of sperm into my pantyhose . I can hear his big balls slapping loudly against my pantyhose covered ass, while I’m now squealing out like a girl , “OHH”!! “OHH”! “OHHH”!! “OHHH”!!


Tyrel and Larry both get into a rhythm ,as Larry thrusts into Britney Tyrell thrusts his cock into me.

After pounding and banging my sissy ass, Tyrell pulls his cock out of my very stretched out ass with an audible wettish plopping sound , then he flips me onto my back and puts my nylon encased legs with my 5 inch stiletto heels up over his shoulders ,so my ass sits high up and forces his big cock back into my ass and it now feels like ecstasy , I realize now that I’m Tyrell’s sissy bitch, while he fucks and breeds me like the whore he made me to be .

Larry shrieks across the room as he blows his sperm load into my wife Britney, as I watch her pull herself against him while she’s squirting and orgasming all over his cock , she has her pantyhose covered head buried into his neck and she’s crying as she grips him with her shiny pantyhose encased legs.

Tyrell and Larry in unison toss both Britney and me to the side . Larry wipes his cum covered cock all over my wife’s nylons , while Tyrell does the same to me . Now me and Britney have both of our rapists sperm glistening on our nylons .

The two rapists dress as I lay on the bed panting with my pantyhose ripped open in serious pain and blood coming from my sexy pouty ass , while my wife Britney is laying on the sofa with her pantyhose ripped open in pain also and crying. Britney got up and walked unsteadily to me in her heels and we both hug each other, feeling degraded by what those rapists did to us, just because I enjoyed dressing up as a girl fucking my wife and she likes dressing up for me .

Tyrell and Larry walked to the door and the both of them turned to me and Britney and said , “Thanks

for your gold and silver coins and the great breeding fuck ! “And its been a pleasure doing business with you girls”!! “Oh Cindy don’t forget that your my bitch now and I’ll come back here whenever I want to fuck my two breeding cows”!! Tyrell sarcastically said to me as they left our home . Britney and me never called the police on what happened to us, because of the embarrassment we would endure , To this day Britney still likes me dressed up as Cindy so I can fuck her !


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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You both had a wonderful experience! This will be a great memory for you both and a nice story for you to pass on to your kids!!

  • Reply Courtney's Husband ID:1cnel69vfppl

    We love your stories Britney, I just posted a new one under for Courtney. We found out she’s pregnant with our fifth baby so she wants to take a break from writing stories here. She just wanted me to post one more to let you know she’s ok.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Oh my god !! that’s great news and congratulations to the both of you !! and if it’s a girl you can name her Britney !! I’ll be looking forward to reading it !! please give Courtney a big kiss and hug for me !! Oh is there anything in particular that she wants me to write about ?? please let me know love Britney

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Thank you I just squirted 💦💦 and it’s only 2:50am here and I woke up and decided to read some of these wonderful stories and of course came along this one. I had to read it twice as I normally do with yours as they make me cum. I’am out camping with the family at the moment so I had to use my Plastic rolling pin from the kitchen to try and satisfy myself as my husband is still sleeping but it is not as good as a nice stiff cock. 💓💗🌹🌹 you Britney from your Aussie slut.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you sweetie !! I just wanted to try something new for a story !! I love all types of sex even with trannies ! l love you my Aussie mom !! Britney your adopted slut daughter .