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Straight married male that wants to be with another male before retirement

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I am a 60 year old married straight male. I was getting older, and had retirement coming, I still had some bucket list things like being with a guy

I am a 60 year old married straight male. I was getting older, and had retirement coming, I still had some bucket list things I wanted to do, like being with another guy … touching another guys cock and taking it from there.

I was out with a group of co-workers one night, after we all got off from work. The group had thinned out pretty much with folks leaving to go home. I guess I had more than my normal amount of drinks, and was a bit more open about things than I would normally be. I was sitting there with one of my better known male friends, he was married too. Our spouse knew each other, and we had gone on vacations together and out to dinners and what have you.

We had ordered a couple more drinks, when he asked me about something, he said he had just had a doctors check up that week, and the doctor, who was female had spent a bit more time with her finger up his butt than he had ever had done before. I asked if she had felt if there was a problem or if he had told her something that she was checking. He opened up a bit more, saying he told her that he wondered about his prostrate, and said that his wife the week before had fingered him while giving him oral on his cock. I just said that he sure opened up to the doctor more than I ever had, and just flat out asked him if he enjoyed the doctor fingering him longer than normal or what.

He said he did enjoy it, and whenever she moved her finger over or right onto his prostrate he almost went though the roof. He was then sure that is why she did it for longer than normal. So I just throw out to him that most bi and gay dudes like cocks up their ass because of just that reason. And he answered back real quick that he had been thinking about that.

Now over the years he and I had seen each other naked, in the showers at the gym, when we showered when camping, and there had also been some hot tub time with our spouses in which none of us wore a bathing suit. I had all that running through my mind, and along with his doctors visit information, I just asked him if he ever wanted to do anything with another guy. When he said yes, I told him that was one of the things on my bucket list I had wanted to do. As we sat there talking about it, we both mentioned to each other that we both had hard on’s. I said mine was hard for two reasons, one was it was a piss hard on, and the part was talking about something I had only had fantasy about. After talking about needing to take a piss, we both had too, and got up and headed to the restroom.

We stood next to each other taking a piss, and we both looked on at each other much more than guys normally do. After we both did our couple shakes to get rid of that last drop, he started with the line of if you shake it more than twice your playing with it. I reached out and took his cock in my hand, and said this is playing with it, as I started to stroke him. This was what I had been just dreaming about, having another guys cock in my hand. There was someone else coming into the restroom and we quickly closed up our pants, washed our hands and left the room as a couple others had come in and stepped up to piss.

We headed out to our cars to go home, and I asked him if he wanted to maybe stop at a park we would both be driving by, he said sure. We pulled into the park, and I got out of my car and into his with him. Sitting there in the dark, we both opened our pants up and started back with me stroking him. He in turn returned the favor and was stroking me. It was two guys that both knew just how to make our own cocks feel great when we jacked off, and it turned out that we both really liked just how the other was doing it. He made a move, that I had only thought of doing, he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and started giving me head. I did not last long, and let loose several nice strong shots of cum into his mouth. He did not get it all, as I felt some running down my balls and between my legs. I of course had to return the favor, and went down on him. He came much quicker than I had, which surprised me, I was not ready for a mouth full of cum just yet, but I took it all.

The car windows had fogged up some, and we could see that some guys had gotten out of their cars and come over to my friends car and were standing around watching us. I saw that most of them had their cocks out and were playing with themselves. One of the guys rubbed his cock on the window of my passenger side door, I opened the door up and the guy moved into the opening, his cock just a foot away. I just sat there as he jacked off, and shot his load right into my face. He did move in a few times and wanted to fuck my mouth, but I did not go for that just then. I looked back at my friend who had opened his door and was giving head to a guy standing there.

All the guys that had been standing around had moved over to this other car that had pulled in, and it looked like it had a couple (MF) inside, which I guess was better action than two guys. We closed the cars doors and started back in on man handling each others cocks again. We both were still hard, I had not gone soft at all. We both came again, and all over ourselves. We called it a night, I got out of his car and back into my own. We both drove out and headed to our homes.

I did feel safe in doing all that with him, and we had left it at that we would most likely start back up were we left off, maybe at the gym sauna or steam room the next week. I got hard again as I drove home.

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  • Reply bill62552 ID:1e393s1fdhmu

    Great story loved it

  • Reply James ID:2kydy01g42

    I have been doing this for years!

  • Reply Peter ID:2e08uer20d

    Sixty very soon this is something I would love to do getting very horny thinking about it

    • James ID:2kydy01g42

      I love to feel another man’s dick in my hand. And I like to have my dick in a man’s mouth. I did this last week, my lover sat on the floor with the back of his head resting against the bed. I fucked his face hard and deep till I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had when I shot my spunk down the back of his throat. I loved it and he loved it. Will do it again soon!!
      How about you?