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Playing with cousin

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From a young age I was attracted to the female body. I have started to explore the female body since 10 or 11 years. And my partner in crime is our maids daughter. It’s another story
Coming to the story, this happened when I was about 15 years old. And my cousin was 11 years old. She was skinny and her tits weren’t formed. She and my aunt used to live with us. Because of that me and may cousin were close and we would spend our times together. (All the things I did with my cousin was done in the back room of the house. No one would enter the room. Because it was quite far from the other rooms.)
At first I never had any intention to do anything with her. But in time when I wasn’t able to play with our maids daughter (because of getting caught multiple times)
I started to watch my cousin. We occasionally would shower together. When ever we would shower together I would try to touch my cousin and I would direct her hand on my cock. She never denied anything I asked her. But when it came to touching her outside the shower she would hesitate. She didn’t want to remove her cloths. (Me and my cousins would shower without cloths)
So I came up with a game, where me and my cousin would play a game of wrestling. And the looser will have to show their private part. I would most of the time winn and occasionally I would lose. This game was going for some day (I didn’t make any move. I was waiting to make her comfortable with me seeing her pussy) and one day my cousin decided to touch my dick willingly. I wasn’t ready for that. So after that I continued our game. But from the next day when I won I took her pants off and for the first time touched her bold pussy. From that time when we would play the game we both would touch each other.

After a month or two, we were playing the same game and I touched her pussy and forgot to wash my hand and started to play with her again. It was summer time and both of us were sweaty. To remove the sweet from my lips I used my hand which had her pussy juice. And for the first time I tasted a pussy. And I was curious to see why my hand tasted different but I liked it. So I beat her in the wrestling match and took her to the bathroom. But instade of touching her pussy I asked her to sit on the toilet sit. And asked her to spread her legs. As she spread her legs I started to lick her pussy (not in a passionate way) I liked her pussy 3-5 times up to down.then we went back to playing. It continued for some time. I would occasionally lick her pussy.
( I had no idea about sex, vagina, pussy)

After a year or so passed and I had gotten a PSP. I would spend most of my time playing on my PSP. We were in the back room so as she was bored, she unzipped my pants and took my cock in her hand and started to play with my cock. After 10 minutes later I got some tingling around my dick and wanted to pee (getting ready to cum. I had never cum around my cousin or never masterbated) so I stood up and gave her my PSP and went to the bathroom after that I came back and saw my cousin playing with my PSP so I went down on her and started to touch her and play with her young pussy. And at that time I found her vagina. It hadn’t yet developed. My curious mind wanted to explore the hole in my cousin’s body. So I started to stick my finger in her pussy (vagina). As I put some pressure her hymen got stressed and she gave a loud scream. I got scared and asked her if she got hurt or not. She just told me not to go in her like that it hurts her. So I didn’t do anything to her vagina. And this was the first time my dick touched a pussy. I purposeful plased her belly side facing my thigh and put my dick in her thigh. And as my dick got wrapped with her pussy lips I started to get more harder. I stayed at that position for some time and rubbed her pussy. Her juices were covering my dick. After some time our parents called us and we had to go. But before going I went to the bathroom and cleaned my dick  and locked every drop of her pussy juices. This happened the day, my aunt and cousin were to move to their house with my uncle (he was out of the state during all that had happened)
After that she got older and understood what we were doing and told we shouldn’t do it. (I never asked her she came to me and asked not to do this )
Thanks for reading. I will write some more story

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