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I drugged and fucked the little girl who played on my swings

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Leah was 11 when she started to play on the swings I had outside my bungalow. I couldn’t resist taking her.

I was 52 years old living alone in my bungalow, the bungalow I lived in was one of many that was built in a circular pattern, unlike most homes that are built next to each other in a relatively straight line, these bungalows were built in a circle, and in the middle of all of them was a large open round field, like one giant garden used by all the residents.

Some of the residents had sheds and benches out and when I moved in to the bungalow there was already a swing set outside, the previous residents must have had grandkids maybe.

One day, a few months after I moved in, I got up in the morning and I was in my kitchen and window looked out the back, and there was a young girl on the swing, her name was Leah, she was 11 years old, about 4 foot 2 inches tall, had long straight light-brown hair and green eyes which were quite rare to see, she saw me at the window and waved at me while giving me a smile and she got little dimples in her cheeks.

After having some breakfast and getting dressed I came back in to the kitchen about an hour later and she was still on the swing, so I opened my back door and said hello, she was a local neighbourhood kid who was just bored and she used to play with the grandkids of the previous owners of my bungalow, so she just came to play on the swing and I told her it was fine, “You come and play on the swing anytime you want, love.”

And she did, she kept coming around to play on the swing, mostly after school and on weekends, we got to know each other pretty well and we became friends.

Then summer arrived and she started to play on the swings wearing tight little shorts and light cotton mini-skirts, which would blow up with the wind as she swung forward, giving me a direct and very clear view up her skirt to her panties, and my thought about her became sexual.

One summer afternoon she was playing on the swing wearing very tight pink shorts and a white tank top and her appearance got me extremely aroused and all I could think about was fucking her.

It had gotten very hot outside and she was sweating, so I invited her in for a glass of orange juice, “Is that cold enough for you?” I asked her.

She nodded while drinking from the glass.

“Good. Here, why don’t you sit down and have a cookie.” I said, pointing to the kitchen table.

She sat down and ate a cookie and finished her orange juice, then her eyes started to slowly close and she got dizzy and then fell out of the chair on to the kitchen floor unconscious, I’d spiked her juice with powerful sleeping tablets.

I closed and locked my backdoor, then I lifted her light body up off the floor and I carried her in to my bedroom and laid her out on the top of my bed, then I removed her clothes, there wasn’t much to take off, she only wearing pumps, little pink shorts and a white tank top, all came off quickly and easily, the crotch of her white cotton panties was soaking wet, mostly from sweat due to the summer heat, but it was nice to see, I pulled them down her legs and got my first look at her beautiful bald little pussy.
Then I got undressed and I got up on the bed and touched every inch of her small body, her skin was silky soft, I rubbed my hands all over her, feeling her tiny nipples, the curvature of her firm bottom and her soft warm and wet pussy, so much beauty, she was absolute perfection.

I took her hand and I rubbed it against my cock and balls, then I used her hand to jerk me off, curling her thin fingers around my shaft and motioning her hand up and down, then I ejaculated all over her chest and rubbed my semen around her nipples and gathered some up and rubbed it across her lips.

Then I positioned myself between her legs and I took my freshly milked cock and rubbed my tip up and down the juicy slit of her pussy, I held her legs up in the air and as wide apart as my arms would reach, then I pushed my cock inside her, I felt her hymen break under the pressure and she let out a brief moan as my cock penetrated her virgin hole, “Unnggh.”

I watched my big fat cock sink in to her small pussy and go inside her body, there was a tiny bit of virgin blood on my cock and a foam began to appear on my cock as I repeatedly thrust in to her and her juices began to flow.

I let go of her legs and they fell to the bed, she unconsciously opened them herself, giving me plenty of room to drive my cock deeper in to her, and she was still lightly moaning, “Mm-Uh – Uh – Uhmm.”

I leaned over her placing my hands above her shoulders to keep her from sliding up in the bed when I began to fuck her fast and hard, my cock being forced in to her small hole made a squishy sound and my old saggy balls kept smacking against her ass, it was like heavenly music.

After 10 minutes I came inside of her, and her tight pussy made sure to squeeze every drop of sperm from my cock and flood her pussy with it.

I pulled out and my cock came out of her pussy with an air-pop sound followed by a river of sperm flowing out of her stretched open hole.

After taking several photos of her on my bed using my old Polaroid camera, I put her clothes back on her, first I put her panties on and made sure they were pulled up nice and tight to keep as much of my sperm inside her as possible, a lot of it soaked in to her panties, then I put her tank top back on and then her shorts and pumps.

I then carried her back to the kitchen and placed her back on the floor, I knew that feeling dizzy and falling over would have been the last thing she remembered, so I put her back there, and I unlocked and opened the backdoor again.

Then I sat down and waited about 20-30 minutes for her to start coming around, then I got down on the floor and made sure to sound panicked, “Oh dear, are you alright, darling?”

She opened her eyes looking groggy, “What – What happened?” she asked, as I helped her up on to the chair.

“You passed out love. Must have been the heat, are you feeling alright?” I Asked.

She looked very confused, “Yeah, I think so.” She replied.

I got her some more juice to drink, I didn’t put any tablets in it this time though.

She drank her juice while regaining full consciousness, “My legs hurt.” She said.

That would have been from me stretching them open, “I think you hit them on the table leg when you fell down.” I said.

Then she put her hands on her crotch and said she thinks she needs the toilet, so I showed her where it was and waited for her to come back out, and I was praying she wouldn’t realise what I’d done to her.

A few minutes later she came back out, sat back down and finished off her juice, “Lets go back outside for some fresh air.” I said.

We went outside and she sat down on the swing, for about 15 minutes she just sat there gently swinging, and then she started swinging as normal, as if nothing had happened, to my relief.

She never did figure out that I’d fucked her sweet little pussy, and she continued to come and play on the swing, but I never risked drugging and fucking her for a second time, I got away with it once, twice would have been pushing my luck.

She’s all grown up now and doesn’t play on the swings anymore, but I see her around occasionally.

I kept the swings up hoping that some other little girlie may someday want to come and play.

I least I get to cross that off my bucket list.

Fuck a little girlie = Tick!

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    That’s fucked up

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    Nice, it would be better in society just expected girls between 12 an 18 to be public fuck toys, that would be paradise.

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    A Great preteen fuck for you and no real harm done. You did good!

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    Mmmm I drugged my 12yr neighbor just like that..

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    Love a good story like that with little one. Session or message me

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    Fucking delicious.

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    Horny as fuck now ,I need some young pussy !

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      i prefer 15-18 personally. Inseminated a few girls in my late teens early twenties of that age. Loved fucking their tight greedy pussies but 12-15 might be an experience to have once if it was thoroughly consensual

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      So do I,,

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