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Naughty and Ice (fb Sibs)

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Well, I guess my little brother, Jake got into the mocha dad made this morning, because he was wired. In the car, on the way out to go last minute shopping first, and then in the store, he got all excited, so mom sent us out.

Also to buy stuff for Christmas, and get them wrapped up, I guess. As if there’s some big mystery there, she lied, and made an excuse about him getting lost, or into trouble, but why lie? I’m not stupid, I know she wanted to get the best deals before actual Christmas, and it’s just as much a secret if I don’t see it, before I get a chance to open them, but whatever.

So anyway, it was cold, but not snowy at all. In fact, it was sunny, but as bright as it was, it didn’t warm me up any. Once we got out to the parking lot, and I finished snapping up my vest. It was like a quilt, or a down jacket without the sleeves, but a long story short, we walked around until Jake found a playground in the church yard next to the strip mall.

It’s weird, how I can hardly even remember having so much fun, swinging, and sliding. Running around to climb back up, and do it again, but they had this little box underneath the slide floor? I don’t know, it was just some wooden box, but it had walls anyway, and even if it wasn’t windy, there was a little bench where I could sit down. Of course, that was cold too, until it started warming up under my butt, but I didn’t have mittens, or anything. Just pockets in my down vest, but sitting down like that put them over my lap, so my wrists stuck out, and started getting cold.

I shivered, and listened to Jake run around to the ladder again. Then, over the ceiling above me, to jump on the plastic slide, and laughing all the way down. Again, and again, so that got old quick, and I was bored, so I shivered again, and pulled the snaps over my lap, to stick my hands inside. It was nice and warm in there, but I could feel my cold fingers through my turtleneck, over my tummy, and then my nipples got hard in the padded inserts to my bra.

Now, I wasn’t exactly a total virgin, I guess. I don’t know if you’d count getting finger blasted by a boy downstairs, on the couch, but he got his hands up my shirt, and my bra off too.

“Hm.” I shook my head, but you know how you get hot, when you’re horny? Well, I started to warm up a little, anyways, but it was kinda naughty, too. You know, being on Holy ground and all, not like I was afraid of Santa seeing me, and giving me a lump of coal in my stocking, but then again. Maybe we could get all the lumps of coal together, and build a nice fire in the fire place?

i shook my head, but meanwhile, I was fantasizing about that weird thing, my hands had minds of there own, and felt there way up my tummy to my chest. I took a deep breath, and let it out, slowly, but Jake had finally gotten bored with running around, and climbing up to the slide again. So, he found a swing, and all I could hear over the traffic was the chain squeaking when he swung back, and forth.

I giggled a little to myself, licking my lips, which was a bad idea, because then they got cold, and dried out. They chapped later, so i got a cold sore for Christmas, and it looked like a pimple, but I guess my ADD kicked in too, because I just let my mind wander, while my hands did there own thing. So, it wasn’t like me, feeling myself up, if I didn’t think about what I was doing, but almost like a stranger coming up behind me, and hugging my arms close to my sides.

Pulling my turtleneck top out of the waistband of my skirt, and plucking away the bottom of my bra, so they could pinch the bottom of the inserts. I wasn’t even up to A-cups, but of course another thing about that was another layer to keep my breasts warm, and my nipples from sticking out, even under the quilted down vest, but now I was starting to sweat, and it wasn’t even a cold sweat.

More like a hot, sexy sweat, trying to remember that boy’s name. He only said it once, and we went off alone, so i didn’t have to say “Hey, you,” because it’s obvious who i was talking to, but I do remember his hands, and especially his fingers. They felt large, and rough from, I don”t know. Gripping a baseball bat, or tools, or whatever boys do to make their fingers so hard, and rough, and strong.

“Huh!” I guess it counts, because he broke my cherry, with a finger. It hurt, and kinda ruined the mood, but I still got his penis out, and got to play with it. Feel how the lose skin slipped up and down it, until he made a mess of his jeans, in his lap.

What I didn’t get was a orgasm, and oh yeah, that was months ago. Almost a year, and I’d gotten growth spurts, so back then I didn’t even need a bra, and it was too hot to wear the training one. I had little more than swollen nipples to show over the tiny lumps I was starting to grow. Now, I had, well. A little more, anyhow. I knew from checking them in the mirror that if I stood up, they even hung down a little, but not saggy at all. No lines under them yet, though I knew i had that to look forward to, after changing out of our wet bathing suits with Aunt Allie at the pool.

I shivered again, but giggled, because it wasn’t cold. Not at all, it was a sexy shiver, and even though I didn’t have goose bumps any more. My nipples were hard enough to poke in between my fingers, rubbing up and down. I was really getting into it, and so hyper-focused, I forgot about where I was, and anything else around me. The cars driving bye kinda tuned out to white noise, like waves washing up on a beach, but the main thing was the swing stopped squeaking, like bedsprings when mom, and dad are doing it slowly, and quietly in there room…

Then someone honked, and I blinked. It was bright, with my eyes open, and the sun shining on the white painted wood, but I barely got my hands out of my top before Jakob’s footsteps ran around, and he stuck his head in.

“Mom, and dad are done.” That’s all he said, before he ran off, and I realized I was holding my breath. With my knees together, and my dirty hands on my lap, sitting up straight like I was in church, instead of just outside on the playground, but I came this close to getting busted, feeling myself up by my little brother, and he’s all of eleven.

6 grade, which is Elementary School, and he still thinks girls are “Gross.” Mom honked again, and called out. “Molly, hurry up!”

“Okay, mom!” I rolled my eyes, but I barely had time to pick up the bra liners from the dirt, let alone put them back, so I stuffed them I my pockets, and snapped up the bottom of my vest before I came out.

That was awkward, getting in the back seat, with my bra still pushed up, and my breasts practically hanging out. Even under my top, and of course the vest, I had to reach over the gift wrapped boxes in the middle, to help Jakob with his seat belt.

The, I had to deal with, incestuous thoughts, about what he had between his legs, holding up the buckle for him to bring the straps together. At eleven, mind you, the car had a built in safety seat that folded down. So, it wasn’t like a child safety seat, but more like a booster, it just had the same kinda straps, and buckles. Especially the one up between his legs, which made me think about his hairless little balls, especially. Scrunched up in his underwear, and mom pulling up to a stop, to wait for traffic.

For the first time, i wondered about that. What if she got in a wreck, wouldn’t that crush his nuts with the strap? Also, Bondage, and my mind running wild with adrenaline from him almost catching me being naughty in the Church playground. If anybody should be strapped down to a chair, it should be me, to keep my hands from sinning, and I know that they don’t have a mind of there own. I just imagined that, it was somebody else feeling me up, and a boy. Not some other girl, getting homo with me, which is why having bigger breasts. Ish, bothered my. They just made my fingers feel softer, skinnier, and weaker, so there was no way to even imagine they were a boy’s, but now I wonder about Jakob.

Funny how you don’t even think about your family having, well privates, really. Most of the time, I knew he was a boy, and he peed standing up, because he did it, sometimes. Behind a bush when we’re out for a walk, or in a corner when we’re out in the back yard, and I’m supposed to keep an eye on hi, but he always turnded away, because that’s what you do.

You don’t just whip it out, and pee in front of people, let alone your own sister, but now I’m really thinking about his penis. I wonder if it swells up like Derric. Oh yeah, Derric, or Derrik? He didn’t spell it for me, but that boy I made out with, when he came over to visit with his parents, and where was Jake anyway? He wasn’t maybe there, watching through the cracked doorway to the den, or looking down through the windows from the back yard to the basement? I don;t know, but now I can imagine him watching me, losing my virginity, and doing my first hand job.

Even his cute little pinky sized dinkle swelling up, and getting hard. Sticking straight out, and even running off to his room, to Jake off. Jeeze Louise you’ve got a dirty mind all a sudden!


Chapter II (fb Molest)

Jake offered to help bring in the boxes from the store, but I ran straight up to my room to fix my tops. That didn’t work out, because as soon as I got in my room, and my vest off, I went right back to feeling myself up, only now I was starting to feel hot, and sweaty in my tights.

Underneath my skirt, but first I pulled off my turtleneck, and bra. Then, i set up the mirror, so I could turn sideways, and reflect my breasts up at me.

It was just a little makeup mirror on my dresser. but the back if it was curved, so it magnified, and also turned things upside down, like a shiny spoon. So, despite the fact that i could get a closer look, I flipped it back over, and turned sideways to look under my boobs.

From the side, I still didn’t have any lines, but they did hang down enough to be round, which I liked. I guess the last time I checked, they were more like cones, with little pencil erasers on the tips, but even they were darker, and stretched out a little more. Warm, and hard, they jiggled, and pulling them up in my hands made them bulge on top, but not enough to really squeeze together and make a little butt.

That got me thinking about Jakob’s butt, and don;t ask me why? I don’t know, he’s a boy, and the only real boy that’s right here, in the house with me. I know I’d get in lots of trouble from dad if I even tried to look at his penis, or bare butt, but looking out the window.

Jake had to climb up on the bumper, to reach the top of the trunk, and pull it down. That was it, the last trip, but he bent down to pick up a box, and I regretted the view a moment. Because i was up too high, and he was too far away to really get a good look at his pants pulling tight over it, and his underwear.

He held it up, and shook it, turning his head to listen, and try to figure out what it was inside, when they hadn’t even made cards yet to say who’s it was, and they all had the same store wrapping paper on them.

I took a deep breath, and felt up my legs. Bunching up my skirt, and reaching back to feel the panty lines, stretched over my butt. “Huh!” I was getting hot again in here, even topless, so I stepped back from the window, looking back and forth. All a sudden worried that somebody else was out there to see me, but no.

The street was empty, and the windows across it were bright, and shiny, reflecting the sunlight on the grass. “Huh!” I forgot, that probably ment that nobody could see me playing with myself, neither. With the light off, even if there was say Mr. Chalmers looking out. Up from his living room, and getting his pants open. His penis out to pull it hard, and I wonder if his pubes are white, too?

I don’t know, maybe all this Christian repression came back in a big way, but I sure didn’t have to worry about Santa holding back presents, because i was naughty, and Jesus knows. In my heart of hearts, all the sinful thoughts. Of course they weren’t leading anywhere, right?

Well, they led to me pulling my skirt around, so I could get at the buttons, and pull out the front of my tights. My underwear, and slip my fingers in there. I got another hot sexy shiver, just running them through my pubic hair, and started panting excitedly. Anticipating the sweaty folds even lower, and I’m 14. In high school, halfway through freshman year, and so far I only made out with 1 boy, ever.

I shook my head, making excuses, like Jesus even cares. I can’t undo what was already done, but that was months ago, so I had more than long enough to heal. It was about damn time I explored my body, even the deep dark sexy secret spaces I know I’m not supposed to go, but after getting so naughty in the church playground.

It wasn’t really as thrilling, in my own room, where I’d been topless before, and the worst thing about it was not closing the curtains so somebody might see me, in broad daylight. “Huh!” I guess that killed the mood, just when i was getting down to the wet spot, and about to delve deeper. I just pulled them out, and sniffed my fingers. Then, i took a deep breath, and smelled the musky odor of my lust. “Huh!”

Then, I got dressed, before somebody walked in on me, only I shouldn’t have even bothered. It turned out that mom, and dad were busy in the kitchen. Writing in cards, and making out tags for the presents, so they kicked me out. I just shrugged, and gave up wondering what they got me.

Big deal, I’d find out tomorrow, but the rest of downstairs was quiet. So, I headed down to the den, to see what was on TV, when I heard him.

“Nkh!” I guess the coffee, sugar, and excitement ran out, because he crashed half on the sofa. Well, his arm, and leg were hanging off, and he snored, but upside down. His head was turned away, so all I could see was the back of it, and the familiar swirl turned sideways, that grandma always called a Cow Lick.

I don;t know when exactly i decided to give into my curiosity, and take advantage of the situation, but I do remember thinking it’s not like him. Usually, mom has to send him to his room, to pretend to take a nap, when really he’s just playing as quiet as possible so she doesn’t hear he’s still up. At night, too. Sometimes, especially on summer, and weekends, also holiday break, he waits for everyone to go to sleep before he turns his light on. So, I can see it shining across the hall when i get up to go pee, or get a drink of water.

I took a sip, and set the glass down, quietly. Knowing that if he woke up, he’d probably tell mom, and dad right way that I touched him, but my hand found his shoulder first, and i pushed him back. A little, so he wasn’t almost falling off the edge, but only as an excuse for when he woke up, because I touched him.

He didn’t, so I got braver, and felt down his bony back. His shoulder blade, and his ribs, then I pulled his untucked shirt up to expose the bottom of his back. Tracing his spine with my finger tips, I smiled, and felt the crotch of my underwear through my tights.

I didn’t take those off, just my socks, and shoes, but I pulled a teeshirt on over them, and nothing else. No bra, that’s for sure, but I was done playing with my breasts, and just stopped at my crotch. Before I lost the mood somehow, but I found it again, with the thrill of realizing that i was about to molest my little brother. Playing with myself, even with him running around outside the playground was one thing, but as soon as I thought about it, i knew in my heart that i wanted to do it.

Incest, too bad he’s my little brother, and i don’t have a big brother with rough fingers, and a big hairy penis, but I guess that made me a child molester, too. This wasn’t just naughty, and sinful, it was downright evil, and I fell in love with the dirty thrill. It was the worst thing I ever done, far worse than i ever even thought about, I always believed that I’d get married, and tell my husband what happened with Derick, hoping he’d understand why i wasn’t a virgin, but I didn’t really even do anything then.

I let him, I didn’t say know, and he had his way with me. He even put my hand down his pants, and opened them up to get it out, but golly nads. I had no idea my brother was such a deep sleeper when he finally ran out of batteries. He just passed out, and didn’t even wake up when i slipped my finger in his butt crack. I touched his butthole too, but I didn’t dare stick my fingernail in, for fear of scratching him.

Then, he stopped snoring, and turned his head over, so I stopped. He didn’t open his eyes, let alone notice that i still had my fingertip, just touching the outside of his tight virgin butthole, but that got me scared enough to stop. As soon as he started snoring again, I carefully slipped my fingers out, and pulled his shirt out. I thought about giving him a pat on the butt, but I was too scared to risk it. Then, I went to wash my hand in the downstairs bathroom, before I stuck whatever he had in his butt crack inside me.

My finders were cold, because I couldn’t even wait for the war water, but i barely even got my finger in before it hit me. I knew where it had been, not even a minute ago I was so close to sticking it up his butt, and now it was inside of me.

“hHuhH?” I almost fell down, and only managed to twist around to sit on the toilet because my elbow got caught in the sink. My wet opening squeezing around the first knuckle, and my knees shaking so hard, they knocked together when I tried to squeeze my hand between my legs. in my underwear, and tights, I just held on to the side of the sink until i stopped shaking, and leaned back so my hair fell over the top of the toilet tank.

That’s how I had my first orgasm, after I molested my little brother. The one, and only time, i molested him, but ever after that, i felt so guilty, and scared. I repented, but i didn’t have the heart to truly believe that would keep me out of hell, because I lied, straight to God.

I wasn’t sorry, I enjoyed it too much, and I knew I would do it again, if I got the chance. Just not with Jakob, it’s too risky, and I don’t want to get caught. I don;t want to go to jail, when i already know I’m going to hell. I might as well enjoy it while I’m alive…

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