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The fat girl on the bus pt3

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“Okay, get up on your knees, and bend forward, putting your chest on the seat, then reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart.” I instructed the child

The next day, six of the children weren’t riding, which meant I was going to have more time with Lori.

That morning, I told Lori to once again remove her panties before she got on the bus in the afternoon. She smiled and whispered “I hope it feels as good as what you did yesterday” as she exited the bus.

After I dropped all the kids at school, I went home and masturbated.

At 3:15, when the bell rang to release school, my penis got hard, and stayed that way until only Lori was left on the bus. I pulled over at our regular stop, and went to the back where she was sitting.

“Okay, before I can give you your special treat, I need to prepare you.” I told the child as I got on my knees in front of her. I lifted up her skirt, and pushed her huge thighs apart, then leaned in and started licking her hairless vagina. She immediately grabbed my head, and started moaning as I licked and sucked on her unusually large clitoris.

Just as she was beginning to aggressively thrust her hips up into my face, I stopped and stood up.

“Oh no, don’t stop.” She begged me.

“It’s time for your special treat.” I told her, as I unbuckled my pants, lowered the zipper then pushed my pants down to my knees. My little penis stood proud.

“Okay honey, I’m going to put my penis inside your vagina. It might hurt at first, but then it’s going to feel even better than when I licked and kissed you down there.” I told the child.

“Is it going to hurt really bad?” She asked me nervously.

“No, it’s actually pretty brief. It’ll sting a little bit, like getting a shot, but then it’s going to feel really, really good.” I explained to the child.

“First, I need you to get my penis wet. Put it in your mouth, and suck on it a little bit.” I told her, as I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards my erection.

“I’ll be happy to take your penis in my mouth.” She replied with a big smile on her face.

She opened her mouth, and took me in fully. Her lips were in my pubic hair, and her tongue was moving back and forth on the underside of my penis. I began to gently thrust my hips. As much as I wanted to squirt in her mouth, I wanted to squirt in her virgin pussy even more .

I started to withdraw my penis from her mouth, and her head followed my penis. She did not want me to remove it from her mouth. It made me giggle. I gently pushed her back onto the seat. I spread her legs apart, and then started to rub my penis up and down her slit, pausing to rub it across her clitoris. This brought a long moan from deep within her chest. Just then, I put my penis at the entrance to her vagina and pushed.

I was watching her face, waiting for the pain of breaking her hymen to register. But it never came. She must have already broken it at some point. As my penis entered her, her eyes got big, and a huge grin broke out on her face.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. It didn’t hurt at all” She said as I started to fuck her. I was so glad I masturbated just a couple of hours before, so I would last longer in this tight, hairless virgin vagina. Even so, I could tell I wasn’t going to last that long. Her vagina was so tight, it was gripping me like a fist. After about 3 minutes, I started to ejaculate inside the child.

Unfortunately, I didn’t last long enough to make her cum. It was important that she have an orgasm, so she would like fucking. I got back on my knees, and pushed her knees up to her chest and started to lick her sperm filled vagina.

She was moaning like a French whore, while thrusting her hips up and down, causing her vagina to spread my cum and her juices all over my face.

When I finish licking all my sperm from her vagina, I pushed her legs back a little further, and started licking her tight little anus.

“Oh my god, what are you doing?” She asked me, a shocked look on her face.

“I’m licking your asshole, do you like it?” I paused long enough to ask the child.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. Keep doing it please.” The child begged me.

I had no intention of stopping, I kept alternating between her vagina and her asshole, pushing my tongue into each hole.

As I was licking and tonguing the young child’s asshole, I felt myself getting hard again. I reached down and began to stroke myself as I listened to her moan and groan at the tonguing I was giving her. It was then that I decided I was going to ass fuck her.

“You want to try something else new that I think you’ll like?” I asked the little girl.

“If it feels as good as everything else you’ve showed me, yes I do.” She replied eagerly.

“Okay, get up on your knees, and bend forward, putting your chest on the seat, then reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart.” I instructed the child.

She got into position, and pulled her ass open. I was looking at her tight anus as I stroked my penis a little bit making sure I was hard enough. She was still wet from my tonguing. I put my penis up to her anus and said, “push like you’re going to poop.” When she did, my penis popped right into her. One small thrust, and I was buried all the way.

“Ouch.” She cried out as my penis entered her. I held still, letting her get used to it. After about a minute, she started to push back.

That’s when I knew she was ready to be fucked. I started to slowly and gently thrust into her, and was surprised when I realized she was masturbating while I was fucking her ass.

Because I had cum three times in the last 2 hours, I was lasting quite a bit longer in her ass. But when she started to cum from masturbatng, her anus clamped down on my penis, squeezing it tight, pushing me over the edge. I started to squirt inside her rectum.

I couldn’t believe how strong her orgasm was. Her anus squeezed down so hard, it pushed my penis out. I looked down, and saw a little bit of sperm leaking out of her ass. Not wanting her to go home with my cum still inside her, or in her panties, I got back on my knees and started to lick my sperm out of her anus.

That triggered another orgasm in the child, and she started to shake and moan. When her orgasm finally subsided, we both sat back breathing heavy.

“So, did you like being fucked?” I asked the little girl.

“Oh my God yes. That felt so good. I want to do it again.” She replied excitedly as she reached for my penis and began to gently stroke me. It was useless, I wasn’t going to get another erection. I was old and already cum several times that day.

I watched her tug on my flaccid penis, then she bent over and took it in her mouth. She sucked me for a few minutes, but I still wasn’t getting hard again.

I gently lifted her head up, and kissed her. We kissed for several minutes, our tongues pushing in and out of each other’s mouth. I broke the kiss, and bent down and took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck.

After sucking on her nipple for a couple of minutes, I felt her hips starting to move up and down, so I got back on my knees and dove into her wet sloppy vagina. It didn’t take long for her to have a massive orgasm, soaking my face and shirt with her vaginal juices.

We were resting, when I realized how much time had passed. I quickly jumped in the driver’s seat, fired up the bus and drove her home. As she was leaving the bus, she said “thank you so much for everything you’ve showed me. I really liked it and want to do it some more.”

“Oh honey, we’re going to do it some more trust me.” I told her as she climbed down the steps and went into her house.


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  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    Thanks John!!! Loved it totally. You are one hot bus driver and your young fat girl is also a hottie!! I loved how you taught her everything. She liked every sexual experience you gave to her. So wonderful that she wants your “love” again. Do you plane to post more parts? I hope so, each one is an exciting and hot part. My cock liked being stroked as I read. Let’s talk by email.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Daddy if his sweet princess ID:13q50x5kgu0m

    Best story ever, fat and insecure girls are the easiest to manipulate

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      It’s a good thing i work out in the gym !

    • Bobb ID:32pixle3t0c

      @Makky_786 , telegram me for knowing my experience.