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I just need to examine your penis

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In the 70’s I was at boarding school and the school nurse sexually abused all of us.

In the 70’s when I was still little I was sent to an all-boys boarding school where I lived until I was 15, but when I was 12 I and all the other boys were sexually abused by the live-in nurse, but we didn’t know it was sexual abuse until we were adults.

Every 2 weeks we had to go and see the school nurse for a health check-up, when we were younger it was just a simple “Take off your shirt.” And the nurse would check our heart rates and breathing, check our tonsils, blood pressure and that was it.

But when we were 12 we had a new nurse, she was in her 30’s, and she did complete physicals every 2 weeks, COMPLETE physicals.

She would ask a series of questions every time.

“Have you had a high temperature recently?” she asked.

“No, Miss.” I’d reply.

“Any dizziness or loss of appetite?” she’d ask.

“No, Miss.” I’d reply.

“Okay, take off your shirt.” She’d instruct, so I did, and she did the usual normal checks just like the other nurse.

“Have you had an erection in the last 2 weeks?” she asked.

I didn’t know what she meant, I’d been in this school since the age of 6 and we had never been taught about sex, so I was a little confused, “What do you mean, Miss?” I asked.

“Has your willy gotten any bigger?” she clarified.

“Oh. Sometimes, Miss.” I replied, because it had sometimes at night.

“Any movement in your testicles?” she asked.

“No, Miss. I don’t think so, Miss.” I replied.

“Okay, take off your trousers and underpants for me.” She instructed, so I did, and I was just stood naked.

She came over wearing a white glove and held my ballsack in her palm and lightly bounced it, “Hm – they look a little swollen.” She said, then she pointed to the examination table, “Lay down on there for me.” She instructed.

I laid myself down on the cold metal table, then she pulled a small curtain across my body which separated my upper body from my lower, I couldn’t see anything below my waist, “I’m just going to examine you, lay perfectly still.” She instructed.

Then she started playing with my cock and I could feel the blood pumping in to it and it getting longer and harder while she rubbed it, when I was fully hard she poured some sort of cold fluid over it because continuing to rub it, I guess it was some form of lubricant, “I’m just going to check and make sure everything is working down here, okay.” She said, then she basically tugged me off, it felt good, but a little creepy.

I gripped the edges of the table tightly as the pressure built up and up, and then I ejaculated hard, I felt it shoot out and splatter on my legs, “Good. That’s very good. You have a perfectly healthy penis.” She said, “Okay you can get dressed now. Send in the next boy please.” She instructed.

This happened every 2 weeks, to all the older boys in the school, sometimes while she was ‘examining my cock’ I’d feel her put her hands on my knees, then I’d feel a warm wetness surrounding my cock, which I think she was giving me blowjobs because the warm wetness was from the inside of her mouth, she was clearly abusing all the older boys in the school, we just didn’t know it, to us it was a normal medical check-up.

On one occasion she made me stay standing while I was naked, she got on her knees, and she unbuttoned the top buttons of her nurses gown, showing off her cleavage while she tugged on my cock, and I ejaculated all over the top of her tits.

Then when I was 14 I was laying on the table and she was examining me, I felt a heavy weight on my legs, then a tightness, warmth and slippery feeling around my cock, and I heard her breathing quite heavily, I’m pretty sure she was riding my cock behind the curtain, the heaviness was from her being on top of me.

Boarding school were different back then, full of abusive people who took advantage.

Even if it did feel good being jerked off.

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  • Reply Sneaky babysitter ID:1ardd6uk0a

    Many years ago i had to babysit my friends kids. The boy was the same age as my son, 7.
    During shower and bath time the boys showered together and thats when i saw that boys cock. He was far too young to be in puberty but in comparison to my son his cock was huge even in flaccid state. He was already about 4 inches and thick and my son was similar to other boys his age which is about the size of a womans pinky finger. Ikept an eye on that boy. By the time he was in puberty at 12 he was having erections of 8 inches at just 12/13 years old

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Was beschwerst du dich die geile Schlampe hat euch Freude bereitet

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    What a lovely lady. Abusive and perverted! What great days they were!