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I caught my wife… with her dad!

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I am a happily married 30 year old man. My wife, Elaine, 28, is a very attractive woman and we are married for about 3 years.
Before I met my wife and got married, I was a sexually active person. I’ve been in threesomes and foursomes with my girlfriend.
After I got married, my wife didn’t like the idea of those ‘activities’ and I was stuck only with her…
Many times I tried to convince her to share her fantacies with me, or at least try do something different than the regular once-a-month sex that we ended-up with….
Many times during our lovemaking, I tried to make her talk and share her fantacies with no avail.
When we got married she was definitely a virgin. but later I found-out that she was only a virgin in the ‘front’. Her mouth and ass were ‘experienced’, which explained why she liked to be ass-fucked so often…

The way I found-out was very strange and surprising.
One day I had to leave work early and came home around 2pm, instead of the usual 5pm. I opened the garage door and found my father-in-law’s car parked there. that was strange since he always parked on the driveway and not in the garage and the door closed. I thought he was there to fix some electrical stuff and had brought equipment with him. He is a handyman.
I entered the house and started searching for my wife and her dad. couldn’t find them. I went-up to the bedrooms wandering what they will be doing there….still couldn’t find them. that was very strange. So I went down to the basement. Just when I was on the stairs I heard the washing machine on and thought to myself, that explains it, he is fixing our washer or something.
Just when I was about to enter the laundry room I heard a sound that stopped me at the door which was halfway open and the sound was of my wife as if she was in pain. I looked inside and what I saw shocked me and I couldn’t move! My wife was completely naked, kneeling on the washing machine while her dad was fucking her in the ass!!!
I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was in a state of shock. My own wife, my wife who didn’t want to have sex openly and share her experiences is doing it with her own father! a 50 year old man!
I was feeling a mixture of jealousy, anger, hatred and betrayal. After watching them for a while and hearing my wife’s moans of pleasure, I was sure that he was not forcing her in any way. Slowly I stepped back and without making any noise, stepped up and out of the house. On my way out I heard the orgasmic cries of my wife, the ones that I am familiar with…

I started driving around the city trying to sort things-out. I never imagined my wife cheating on me, not to mention with her own dad! But after about an hour driving and thinking about it, my feelings changed and instead of the initial hatred and betrayal, I actually started to get aroused by the idea. Somehow, the idea of incest became exciting for me. I felt that things are gonna be better than before. This might be the way to a better and happier married life for us, since we would be sharing a sexual experience and be open about it from now on….I was wrong.

When I got back, I saw the garage empty, obviously she was alone in the house. I entered the house and called her. She came running and greeted me with surprise. “what’s the occasion of having you home so early?” she said. I told her the reason and then jokingly mentioned that I feel excess power that need to be released…
To my surprise, she took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom and started to undress in a strip-tease like way. I was not really expecting anything like this knowing that she was already satisfied…but what the heck, we were in bed and she was hotter than before.
I fucked her 3 times that day and she was surprised of my sudden energy burst.
“What’s gotten into you today? are you taking any drugs to boost your sexual powers?” she said.
“No, I was just fanaticizing of seeing you with another man, that’s all”
“Oh, not again…when are you gonna stop thinking that? it will never happen.”

Well, days passed and everytime I remembered the laundry room scene, my dick would jump!
I wanted to create the right time and occasion so that she will tell me about it on her own.

On many occasions I mentioned to her that it will be perfectly OK for me if she liked to do it with any man of her choice. She has my full permission and I would not be jealous. I would even be happier and more excited than ever.
I asked her if she had anybody in mind. created some romantic atmospheres, etc. etc. etc. and couldn’t get anything out of her mouth.

Her silence and denial was frustrating me. I started leaving work and coming home to check on her to see if she had other visitors as well. Since she didn’t confess about her dad, there might be others…I was starting to loose my trust in her.
On one occasion I saw her dad’s car again…and waited in the corner of the street until he left. That night she was hot again. I tried to fuck her ass but she said maybe another day, “today my pussy needs you”.
Afterwards, I confronted her and told her if we are going to change this relationship at all.
She said “no!, there’s nothing to change”
“Elaine, I really love you. I also know a secret that you are hiding from me…”
“What? I have nothing to hide from you, you are my husband and I want you not to hide anything from me either”
“I love you. you know I do”
“I love you too, honey”
“I want you to confess now. I want you to tell me, in your own words, all about other men you have been with. I promise I will not be angry…”
I wasn’t finished my sentence yet, when I felt a burning slap on my face.
“How dare you talk to me like that?” she said. “what kind of husband are you to treat your wife as a prostitute?”
I felt the blood rush to my face. I was able to feel the heat of anger and frustration. I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Let me tell you what kind of a husband I am. I am the most loving, caring, understanding husband that a woman can ever want!! which other husband will

allow his wife to be fucked by her own dad?!” I never wanted to say those words.
There was silence in the room. She was looking straight into my eyes, with her eyes wide open. She didn’t say a word.
“If still you think that you are not hiding anything from me then I want you to leave this house now!”
I could see the tears in her eyes. She was absolutely speechless and in shock. I couldn’t help hugging her at which point she started sobbing uncontrollably and crying like a baby.
She didn’t say a word until midnight. Then she came to me and said:
“How did you find out?”
“I saw you with him in the laundry room”
She started sobbing again.
“It’s OK honey, as long as you admit it, I will be forgiving, I promise”
“I’m so sorry Alex, I feel so ashamed of myself”
“Elaine, there’s no need to feel ashamed”
“Do you want a divorce?”
“Of course not!”
“I will tell you all about it and don’t care anymore if you will hate me or what”
“Please do”
“It started when I was 22 and lost my mom, I had a crush on my dad since I was a kid and knew that he will be missing her a lot, specially sexually. I used to hear their lovemaking most of the time, from my bedroom, and would masturbate at the same time.
One day my dad was very depressed and after diner I saw him crying silently. I went to him and hugged him. We hugged each other and cried together. I asked if there is any way that I can help. He said he just misses mom in many ways… That night I went to his room and told him if it’s OK to sleep in the same bed since he is feeling so depressed. He said no, it will make it even worse! I went back to my room, but after thinking about it, went back, removed my nightgown beside the bed and entered under the blankets and hugged him. I told him to close his eyes and think about mom…. after some hesitation, he started kissing me and his kisses went to other parts of my body… I was extremely aroused and he did a very good job of satisfying my feelings as well. After that I had him lie down on the bed, kissed his manhood and rubbed it until he came. This became a regular habit for us and we lived as husband and wife until you came into my life.
He thought me oral and anal sex. He was considerate enough not to take my virginity and until now he respects you, as my husband, and only does it from the back”
“you mean he has never fucked your pussy?”
“do you want him to?”
“I asked him many times after I was married but he insists that it belongs to my husband”
“Elaine, thank you for telling me all this. I really appreciate your honesty now. I hope we didn’t have to go into all this trouble to find out…”
“Thank you Alex, I love you”
“I love you too honey, next time you meet your daddy, make sure that he fucks your pussy, I have a plan…”

After that we had a wonderful relationship. She told her dad that I knew about them and that I approve…she was eventually fucked by him, sometimes when I was there too. Later he found another woman and got married. Our plan is to include his wife in the game as well… my wife digs the idea of doing it with another woman, she said it was one of her best fantacies.
At last she is talking about her fantacies, eh!

Someday I will have time to write the continuation….
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