My first time trying anal as a 13yr straight boy

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The first time i ever did anal on myself was almost a year ago I was watching porn under my bed when I stumbled upon lesbian anal fisting.I thought it was sooo hot but the I got a little curious so I licked my finger and started running it down my ass cheeks.I put the tip of my finger in it didn’t hurt so I put a little more in and then finally I had my whole finger in.It actually felt nice so I started experimenting the next few weeks and I had been able to get 4 fingers in!With four fingers it felt really good and I had been able to fit a lot of stuff inside.Fast foward a few months and I used shampoo as lube and got my 5 fingers in but not my whole fist.The sensation was unreal eventually I kept being able to get bigger and bigger stuff in so I got my rose.Around this time I found a stressball that fit perfectly so I used 3 times everyday for a along time until my mom was cleaning the bathroom and threw it out.Now as a 14yr I have learned how to fully fist myself and I do it every time I have a chance too.I have now learned about new things like pegging(I would love to be pegged by an older woman with a strap on)yeah but that’s where I am now.

Ps:sorry for my story not being as exciting or as hot as the other stories on this website but I hoped you liked it also if you want to talk to me here is my discord tag:SKILLS.EXE#0080 this isn’t my main account because I want to be safe but I will still respond to the comments I might get

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  • Reply Curious

    Your discord tag doesnt seem to work

    • Thirstydefault

      Did you try adding me as a friend with it?

    • Thirstydefault

      I just realized I messed it up it’s SKILLZ.EXE#0800 my bad

  • Reply Thirstydefault

    Thank you so much

  • Reply Phantazy

    Works for me. As far as one story being as hot, it really depends on who you ask. I enjoyed it immensely, and I’d love to hear more…

    Also, I just love pegging guys. It’s a pain in the back (Haint what it used to be) but so worth it. I hope you find a nice lady with a younger back to make that happen for you.