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Pig Worms

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“Huh!” I stood in front of the mirror, watching my hair dry. I don’t know why I thought that dying it brown would change what I am.

Isn’t that the joke? “What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair?”

“Artificial Intelligence.” Ahahahahahaha!

I don’t feel any smarter, but how could I be so stupid? I knew he was a liar, but honestly, I had no idea why he always went to check his E-mail when he came over to my house.

“You have a phone,” I tried pointing out.

“Yeah, but your folks have a keyboard.” I thought that’s all it was, he wanted to type his replies on the keyboard, instead of the tiny one on his screen, and I believed him.

That was boring, though. So, I went to grab a drink, and when I came back. He switched back to the Email screen, but not before I saw the video he was watching.

“Is that my mom?” Of course, I recognized her on first sight. Her hair was wet, and dark, from the shower. “What are you doing, snooping around on their computer?” I asked, too late.

“Check it out,” he ignored it, and switched back to the movie player. Started over, but not before I saw her again. Lying on her back, with a towel over her pillow, and her big boobs flattened out by gravity.

Even without seeing her pubes, you could tell she dyes her hair blonde, because it’s wet, and it goes back to being brown again, until it dries out.

I’m already starting to sag, and I don’t really like the lines all over them. Not just the stretch marks you can see, neither. There starting to look like trippy watermelons, only pale, and freckled, with pink lines appearing from them stretching out.

I can feel the glands, though. Underneath the surface, but if I lay down, they flatten out again. Just like mom’s only instead of cracks all over them like wrinkles, the scars are still fresh, and pink, and ugly. Well, you wanted big boobs, didn’t you?

“Huh!” That just reminded me of him dropping his pants, and pulling the hair out of the way, to show me his scar. His dick too, but I didn’t mind that so much. He had to hold it down, out of the way to show me the surgery scar, he said he got his tubes tied. His dad got it for him, so he doesn’t have to worry about birth control, when I asked him if he has any rubbers.

Well, okay. First, he wanted to stick it in, back there. Since that’s what mom, and dad were doing, in the video. First, she got out of the shower, and then dad asked her if it was nice and clean. He didn’t say what it was, but then she turned around to show him.

“See for yourself!” Pulling up the back of the towel, and spreading her butt cheeks, to show him the dark wrinkled pucker of her butthole. Then, she took the towel off her hair, and then she put it on the pillow. Dad put down the camera, so we couldn’t really see what he was doing, but we could hear the “Oomph!” noises, and Gary went to fast forward to the part where he could see my mom, naked again, but I stopped him.

When she started talking, telling him “Yeah, kiss my ass. French it, yeah. Lick the shit out of my butthole.”

Such language, I never heard her using those wordy dirds, and if she ever caught me talking like that, she’d probably ground me for a month, but now, he’s gone. Gary, I mean, not dad. He’d never leave her, especially since she lets him do the dirty, and talks so dirty to him when I’m not around, I guess.

I checked my messages, which only reminded me of my first time. The only time we did it, and sure he said he’s going to send the money, as soon as he gets his paycheck, but you know he’s a liar, and I need the money, but little Kyle, or Tiffany needs a dad around too.

He said he’d stick around, and take care of it, of course. He said “Forever,” too, and even before that, he lies about coming over to hang out with me, because he liked me as a person, and not to watch my folk’s dirty videos, or get in my pants once, then leave me. Alone, forever.

I guess he knew I was gullible, always. Ever since he told me that the walnuts in his yard were fossilized sub-terannian pig-worms. Since they broke in half, and the flat side looked like a pig snout, or an elephant trunk. So, he told me to come over, and look at the fossils in his yard, and I believed him.

He got a big kick out of that, and told everyone how he tricked me, but you’d think I’d take a hint. Never want to hang out with him, ever again, but no. I never got to hang out with boys before, because no girls allowed, and who wants to play around in their smelly fort anyway? it doesn’t even have walls, and they just wanted to play stupid boy games, like. Uh, you know. Cops, and robbers, cowboys and Indians, or whoever was shooting up whatever, with their guns, and stuff.

“Huh!” They looked so cute, though, and thought kissing was gross. Most of them, but not Gary, I swear, I just wanted to kiss, and hold hands, then maybe make out a little when we got older, but he tricked me.

All though. You kinda have to wonder why mom did it, in the first place, if it hurts so bad, or it’s disgusting. Well, maybe it’s not That disgusting, if you wash it out real good first, while you wash the extra hair die out, in the shower. It just surprised me, when he touched my butthole with his penis. Then, he did it again, and again.

“It slipped,” he lied.

“Yeah, right, it just slipped, again. It slipped up, or it slipped down, how come it slips up when I bend over, but slips down when I’m laying down, like this. Huh? That doesn’t feel so bad.”

Now, I’m talking to myself, too. “Great, I must be going crazy. Talking to myself, but.” Butt…

My fingers are nice and slippery, I must be really juicy too, because when I pulled them out, a little rolled down, warm, and wet. Like the thick blop of dad’s sperm when he pulled out to shoot the rest of it all over mom’s crotch, and the back of her hand. Her knuckles, and her fingers pumping in and out, while dad sank in to the pubes. Then, she grunted, and her pucker puffed out so the big blop rolled out, and down her pussy.

“Uh?” I should really cut my nails. “No,” I should stop. Isn’t this just what Gary wanted to do, all along? Get me into butt sex. Dirty butt sex, but mom, and dad sure do it a lot.

“Stuff me, stuff me full, and pound me. Uh, pound my ass with your big hard cock,” she said.

You know what? I think she was talking dirty to herself, too. Just like the time he walked in on her, playing with her sex toys, and grabbed the camera. “Relax,” she said, “Don’t tense up, it won’t hurt if you just relax.”

Good advice, I guess I tensed up when Gary tried to stick in there, and you think he’d come back, if I texted him, and said that I was ready, to do it up the butt?

No, don’t be stupid. Sure, he’d come back, as long as he gets what he wanted, and then he’ll just leave me again, for those sluts who’ll do anything, without even hesitating.

“Hmn!” I think that’s the nail, all the way through. “Uh!” So, I don’t have to worry about scratching it up as much, but it sure feels tender, and sensitive in there. Here comes the first big knuckle.

“Relax, uh! Just relax, try not to tense up.”

I can’t help remembering the video of when it was dad’s turn to try it. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else, but the bright yellow rubber. The dish-washing gloves mom wore, and wondering if she threw those out, before she washed more dishes.

“Ihnmhnhihehahuh?” Weird, it puckers in, and out when I laugh, but dad did most of the talking. Maybe you do most of the talking when you take it, up the butthole. “Nice hot tight little butthole, huh? You like it? You like it up the butt, you slut. Huh!”

Yeah, I do. I knew I would, just watching mom, and then dad when she had to check his prostate. He didn’t want to do it again, but just that once. “I think it’s a little deeper,” he said, and grunted.

“Relax,” she said, feeling around in his butt pucker, until she found it. Then, a little drop leaked out of the tip, but it wasn’t pee, and it wasn’t quite semen, either. It was clear, instead of white, but thick, and greasy when she touched it with the rubber thumb-tip. Then, it pulled out in a clear string that got fine as a thread, before it broke, and a tiny drop formed on the end.

“Uh, huh!” Can I get an O this way? “Nghm hn!” Now, my big knuckle can pop in and out, so my pucker stretches, and then pulls tight on one side. Then the other when i push the knuckle back in, and I don’t know whether I like this even better than the regular hole, or not? “It feels, soh. Huh, sliph?”

I’m drooling?

“Hhuh uh. Huh!” Just like that. Not too fast, and not too slow. Just right, Goldie Locks. Only there not golden any more, and now I remember Gary. His big surprise, when he made me lay down, and close my eyes, so he could pull his pants down, and show me his one eyed wiggly worm.

Like the subterranian pig-worms, only with one hole in the end, and up-side down so the pink head looked like a heart, and that’s why I nodded when he asked me if I liked it?

Then, he peed on me, and laughed, and pulled his pants up, but before that. I got to see him shake the last of it out, and it wasn’t like that. Clear greasy juice mom milked out of dad’s prostate, with her fingers, and the bright yellow rubber dishwashing gloves pulled up almost to her elbows.

I guess maybe it made him feel gay, and that’s why he didn’t want to take it up the butt any more. Mom got out the toys, but he said no, and she took no for an answer. Because she loves him, and she’s not a lying cheating sack of shit that only likes him because he’s gullible enough to talk into doing anything.

It turns out, he just had a hernia. That’s what he had the surgery for, he got an Inguinal hernia, and they had to stick the piece of intestine back up where it belongs, somehow. I guess, what do I know about surgery? I’m just a dumb blonde that thought that dying my hair would.

Well, at least make me look smarter, maybe I should get some glasses too. Boys don’t take advantage of nerdy brunettes with glasses, because there afraid they might be too smart to fall for their stupid lines, and cockamamie stories.

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