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Little Huan my Chinese Neighbor 2

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Haun is about to get her birthday wish.

Huan was a studious and athletic type of young girl. I had taken her to school and swimming practice for over a year now. She came over to get her daily ride. I noticed she was wearing a very short mini skirt I had never seen before. She turned and started walking towards my SUV then dropped a book. She bent over and exposing her sweet ass and white panties. I knew she had done it intentional because she turned and smiled. We got to the school and before getting out she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek then slid out and ran up to the school.

I was at the school to pick her up that afternoon. She saw me and came running, then jumped into the SUV. Not noticing her skirt had scooted up all the way to her upper thigh exposing half of her white panties covering her ever-loving mound. She noticed me looking as I turned around to drive away. Instead of covering herself she moved her skirt up a little more and opened her legs, showing her total covered pussy. At the stop light I looked over she saw me and smiled.

We pulled into the driveway and. I looked over at her then placed my hand on the inside of her thigh. She reached over and put her arms around my neck, we kissed so passionately. My erection was so massive it almost hurt. I moved my finger up and down rapidly on the outside of her panties. She began breathing heavily her hips moving from side to side. Then slipping my finger under her panties rubbing her as fast, my finger working her smooth bald slit as fast as I could. Soon she was moaning, I felt the wetness dripping from her ever so tight pussy. She went stiff then relaxed then sucking my tongue. We broke away looking into each other’s eyes.

She reached down and grabbed my cock from the outside of my shorts. Sam, I want to see your thingy. Not now but Friday is my birthday I’ll be 10. I want to see your thingy for my present mom says it’s huge! I go your mom? Yep I want you to do the same thing to me.. Laughing she jumped out of my SUV and ran into her house.

Friday night I went over to my neighbors, Lan came to the door smiling she whispered you going to give Huan her birthday present? We’ll come over tonight after husband leaves. Huan will stay all night but I will have to come home.

Soon she came out in a white short sheer nighty. She was so beautiful, long legs, her hair down, her lips glistened so moist, very small titty mounds with the nipples hard, her mound was bare, bearing a small slit. I brought her close telling her she was so beautiful. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms, she placed her arms around my neck and began kissing me furiously.

I stood her up by the bed. We were close I took my hand on her breasts began massaging it softly and tweaking the nipple in my fingers. Kissing and sucking her neck. I pulled her nighty up by the hem and began sucking her firm breast and tonguing the nipple. She was moaning and giggling a bit when I took my other hand down her mid-section massaging as I went. Her head was tilted back as she felt goosebumps all over her body.

My hand reached between her legs then she spread them. I began kissing her stomach and licking in her belly button, uh, uh, uh, …. continuous. Licking my middle finger, I began at the top of her slit rubbing her gently. I could feel her body trembling wanting more. Reaching the top of her slit with my tongue I started tonguing her clit. Opening her outer lips, I ran my tongue up and down her wet pussy. My tongue entered her pussy hole and I took her clit in my finger and thumb and began rubbing it slowly.

She reached and began holding my head and the other massaging her nipple. She suddenly began screeching, shaking, her hips going wild. She pushed my head hard into her pussy. I slipped my thumb and tongue in her she was going wild. She was having another orgasm a wild one. I stood up hugged each other and we were kissing passionately.

Taking her nighty by the hem I lifted it over her head. She unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it to the floor. She kissed my chest working down to my trousers. Unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning, then unzipping, she pulled my trousers down and I stepped out of them. I was there in my boxer shorts she gripped my throbbing cock. Her eyes looked up at me smiling, he’s so big. She reached in the fly and pulled the massive cock out, the mushroom head was throbbing, precum seeping from the slit, the vein on top was pulsating, ready for her.

She gripped it with both hands staring saying it is so hard but soft. I looked down at her having her lick the head and tongue the slit, she tasted the precum, mmmm it’s so good. I pushed the back of her head and told her to put it in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and popped the head in and out a few times. Then holding the head in her mouth tonguing the slit while stroking my cock at the same time was driving me wild. She then eased it further in still stroking the shaft. She began to gag a little when it was almost halfway, I pushed her head a bit.

She took it all, I began fucking her mouth slowly, ugh, ugh, ugh…was coming from her. I was going deep in her throat she gagged I pulled out a bit. I began fucking her mouth faster my balls bouncing off her chin. My cock head swollen; I began exploding in her mouth. She gagged and pulled my cock out continuing to shoot its load all over her face. She put it back in her mouth and sucked me dry.

Standing her up I laughed she was so cute with cum dripping from her face. I wiped it off and kissed her on the forehead. She hugged me so tight whispering I want you in my pussy Sam.

She layed on the bed that beautiful little body of hers glistening in the soft light. I kneeled beside her flopping my heavy cock on her sweet little tittys. I slid a pillow under the small of her back raising her pelvis a bit in the air. Then rubbing my cock all over her tits and stomach. Reaching down with my right hand between her legs. She spread her legs wide then slowoly then faster with my open hand began rubbing her pussy. SHe was bucking my cock dripping precum all over her body. I reached over and grabbed the KY off the night stand and gave it to her. Baby girl I go sit up and give MR. Winky a nice rub. This will help me get your hole. She stroked it on all nice and lubed now.

I went between her legs lifting her ass up poking the mushroom head of my cock in her ever so tight virgin hole. I was able to get the head in her slippery little hole. Easying it a bit further she came up on her elbows to get a better view. She was sweating her eyes so big Her head tilted back she began to screech. I slipped more in and stopped. I couldn’t feel the hymen. I went in deeper she screamed stop stop. I stopped her pelvis started moving fast she was pushing against me. I grabbed her hips drove him home. She’s screaming more more. I was fucking her now fast and furious. My large balls bouncing off her ass.

I stopped told her to get on all fours. I got behind her ramming my cock into her so fine bare pussy. I looked on the bed and the tube of KY was there. I reached with one hand then squeezing a glob down her ass crack. With my thumb I began rimming her sweet tight ass star. Then slipping my thumb to the first knucle in her ass. She moaned then screamed. Oh gawd oh gawd fuck me hard. Sam fuck me hard.

My balls tighten up and a full load of hot cum shot deep in her. I was fucking her faster she was going limp almost to pass out. I pulled out rolling her over and shot another load of cum on her stomach and little tittys. Another stream shot in her face. SHe was exhausted but laughing smearing my um all over her body. I knelt beside her head letting her stroke every drop of cum from my now withering cock.

I felt someone behind me and turned. There was Lan naked smiling. Now Sam mother and daughter are going to take care of you. Our new fuck toy…

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    Mother/Daughter combo is awesome …. being Asian Mother/Daughter makes it the best… who wouldn’t enjoy having that and them both pregnant together …
    Same ID on Wikr …HMU

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      Filipinos are so beautiful

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    Good god I love mother daughter combo’s. It is a complete pleasure teaching young daughter how to relax and take a cock for the first time. All females should enjoy a good cock orgasm at any age if they so chose to. A female asking for cock should never be turned down and actually be taught at a young age. When they are taught young they have monster orgasms throughout their entire lives.

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    You can’t beat a mother and young daughter in your bed at the same time . I love a nice tight 10 year old cock bouncing up and down on my 65 year old cock .

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    Breed mom and daughter

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