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Uncle, will you put your dick in my hole, please

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My 10 year old niece was staying over for a few days and she asked me a question, a naughty one. At first I refused, but now I’m glad I gave in.

A funny thing happened to me a few months ago, it involved my 10 year old niece, Grace, I’m her 35 year old uncle, and she was spending the weekend with me while her parents were doing some renovations to their house.

I’m single, happy to be, and live in a simple 1-bedroom apartment, it’s nice, I’m happy, and I love having Grace round to visit, and we were in my bed, she’s always slept in my bed with me whenever she slept over, there was nothing weird about it, she is just a kid, I wasn’t going to touch her.

Grace was under the covers with her head propped up on a pillow watching the television, and I was on top of the covers, in my shirt and boxers, doing the daily puzzle in the paper, when completely out of the blue she asks me a very awkward and inappropriate question.

“Uncle Mark…” she asked.

“…Yes?” I responded, not taking my eyes off my puzzle, just raising my eyebrows a little to show her I was listening.

“Will you put your dick in my hole?” she asked.

I was so shocked at what she had just said, I ended up putting the tip of my pen through the paper while filling in a box, I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard, then I just assumed I’d heard it wrong, I mean, why would a 10 year old girl ask such a thing, I turned my head and looked at her, “Sorry, love, what did you say?” I asked her.

“Will you put your dick in my hole?” she replied, nope, I didn’t hear it wrong at all, that is what she asked me.

I still couldn’t quite believe it, then I thought okay maybe she’s talking in some sort of slang terms, some new made up kid chat code or something, and I was misunderstanding, “What exactly do you mean by ‘Put my dick in your hole’” I asked her for clarification.

“You know…” she said, then she pointed to my crotch, “…Put that…” then she pointed to her crotch, “…In there.”

“What? – Why? – What?!” I said, seriously bemused, I dropped my paper on the floor and stood up from the bed, giving myself a bit of distance from her.

“You don’t have to keep it in. Just put it in for a minute. So I know what it feels like.” She said.

“No! – Grace! – I won’t put my….my….why would I do that. You can’t ask me to do that, I’m your uncle, and you’re ten. You shouldn’t be doing that, it’s not right at your age. Wait, have you do it before? – Has someone put their – thing – inside of you? – Has someone hurt you?” I asked, firing out questions like a crazy person.

Then she went on to tell me what happened 2-years ago which lead to her now asking me to do what she’s asking me to do.

One night she was playing with her dolls in her room on the floor, her mom asked her to get a shower, after her shower she went back in to her bedroom and continued playing with her dolls, but at some point she partially stood up to lean across to reach one of her toys when she slipped and landed hard on her bottom.

But that wasn’t all she landed on, she had landed on a toy salt-shaker, which penetrated her pussy when she landed on top of it hard, she was only wearing her nighty at the time and no panties, so it went straight in to her hole, it hurt, she lifted up the bottom of her nighty and saw part of it sticking out of her pussy.

She cried but due to the area it was in, she was too embarrassed to call her mom for help, so she slowly removed it herself.

In the nights that followed, she kept touching herself, checking there was nothing inside of her and she wasn’t bleeding, and she quickly realised that touching herself felt good, so she started masturbating and inserting other things inside herself like pencils, hairbrush handles, thick marker pens, anything she could find.

Then a few days before she came to stay with me she had her first sex-education class at school, and that is when she learnt what her pussy was for and what was meant to go inside of it, which brings us back to this night and why she asked what she asked.

“No. I’m not doing it.” I said, walking around the bed.

“Please Uncle Mark.” She begged, starting to cry because I wouldn’t do it.

“NO!” I yelled, storming out of the room.

“I HATE YOU!!” she screamed at me.

“Good. That’s fine with me.” I shouted back, closing the door behind me as I left.

I stayed out of the room for nearly an hour, even having myself a glass of rum to calm myself down, but I could still hear her sobbing, and honestly it was killing me because I hated her being upset, so I went back in to the bedroom, she pulled the sheet up over her head when she saw me come in, and she was still crying.

I sat on the edge of the bed by her side, trying to pry the sheet off her face, “Come on, Grace. Don’t be upset, darling.” I said, but she wouldn’t let me see her, “Go away!” she huffed.

“Alright, I’ll leave you alone. But what you asked me was really inappropriate, you do understand why I said no, don’t you?” I asked.

She pulled the sheet off her face and looked at me angrily with her red tear soaked face “No I don’t understand.” she replied.

“Well for one thing we’re family, and family members don’t do that sort of stuff with each other. And then there’s the fact that you’re really too young to be doing things like that. Touching yourself is fine, but no one else should be doing it.” I replied.

“I just want to know what it feels like inside of me…” she said, then she threw the sheet off her, her nighty was rolled up to above her belly-button, she wasn’t wearing her panties, her legs were open, and she had her finger in her pussy, “…The hole is already open, you just have to put it in, look. I promise I won’t tell anyone, Uncle Mark. I know how to keep a secret. I just want to know what it feels like. Please, Uncle Mark.” She said.

Her pussy looked amazing, unreal, it looked smooth, wet, and there wasn’t a single pubic hair in sight, not even stubble, I didn’t know it was possible for a girl her age to have such a perfect looking pussy, and watching her gently slide her finger in and out of it, with her fingered covered in a glistening layer of sexual fluid awakened my sexual desire.

I wanted to feel her insides, my cock was twitching in my boxers, my balls were tightening with desire, and my heart was racing, “I’ll do it. But only for a few seconds okay.” I said.

“Yep. Thanks, Uncle Mark.” She replied, now smiling and happy.

I slid myself underneath the blanket with her and got on top of her, I didn’t want her to see my cock so I made sure the seat was covering us, I got in to position, Grace spread her legs eagerly, allowing me to slide myself between them, I reached down and pulled my erect cock out of my shorts, then I slipped on a condom, and I began to rub my cock against her hot smooth pussy.

“Just a few seconds. I’m going to push it in, okay?” I said.

She nodded with an excited smile.

I worked my tip in to her folds and then pushed it inside her, “Mm-Ungh” she moaned out as I penetrated her, I could feel her small hole stretching around my girth, her innards densely packed making it a tight squeeze, but a joyous squeeze, I had never felt such intensity before, it was an incredibly good feeling, her tight pussy gave my cock such an intense burst of pleasure I almost blew my nut right then, thankfully I managed to hold it back.

“How does that feel?” I asked her, with at least 4-inches of my cock inside of her.

She was staring deep in to my eyes with a big grin on her face, “So-So Good.” She gasped out.

“Okay. I’m pulling out now.” I said, and I started to slide it out.

“No!” she screamed, then she lifted her legs and then dug the ankles of her feet in to my butt cheeks and force me back inside of her, “I want to feel more.” She said, holding on to me tightly.

“We agreed only a few seconds.” I said.

“I want to feel more. Please.” She begged.

I figured I was already inside of her, and I was wearing a condom, nothing bad can happen here, we’re just two flesh and blood human’s having sex, “Okay, why not.” I replied, and I pulled her nighty off over her head.

Then I put my arms around-under her and started to kiss her face, her mouth, her neck, and her chest, then I started pumping my cock in and out of her tight little pussy, it went in deeper and deeper, and after a few minutes she had an orgasm, her insides clenched around my cock, squeezing it so hard I thought she was actually going to crush my cock, her body was shaking and she got goose bumps all over her skin, and she let out a long intense moan, “Ooooaaa—Ugh- Oooah!”

I kept going, fucking her harder, deeper, faster, I was having the best sex of my life and I liked it, I didn’t care that I was about to split this little girl in half, I was just enjoying her tight pussy so damn much.

I felt the condom bust open, but I didn’t stop, I didn’t care, I continued thrusting in to her repeatedly until nearly 15 minutes later I ejaculated, an explosion of semen shot out of my cock and flooded her young pussy, drowning her cervix in my seed.

When she felt my cock swell and ejaculate inside her, her face lit up with wonder and joy, “What was that?” she asked.

“I’ve come – I’ve just come.” I replied, gasping.

Afterwards I had to explain to her what “I’ve come.” Meant, and she said she liked how it felt and wanted me to come again, I told her no, that once was enough, I’d done what she’d asked me to do, but she kept asking, begging for it, so I fucked her again an hour later, minus the condom completely, and we did it again a few hours after that, we spend all Saturday night and well in to Sunday morning just fucking and fucking over and over again.

I’ve been fucking Grace every chance we get since that first weekend, I know that I shouldn’t be doing it, she’s only 10 years old and she’s family, but I can’t stop myself, my cock just loves her pussy, and she keeps asking me for it, how can I say no.

My favourite position with her has been having her on top riding me, because I get to look at her entire little body and her adorable happy sex face while she bounces herself up and down on my hard cock, she’s so small, so sexy, and so damn irresistible.

I’m telling you guys, you need to get your cocks wet inside a little girl, you won’t regret it, they’re so much better than women.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Mikey G ID:1ess0n0wektm

    Lucky you

  • Reply LucyWants ID:1ddlxorrnm5t

    Damn!!! Never had an uncle like this but a much older neighbour. He loved my tight pussy as much as I loved his big cock! He started to play with me when I was 11, taught me all the fun things

  • Reply Horny ID:11avdmioxia

    I’ve been wanting to be fucked since I was 9, I remember at that age sending nudes to older guys and sexting them, wish I actually got a chance to meet up with one of them before I grew up

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      I love sending 😊 I’m 15 male btw

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      When I was 35 years old my next door neighbour’s daughter sees me all the time she would be in the window undressing always making sure the window is open she was only 12 year old and you start to Blossom one night I was in my shed working and she was up the window and she asked if she could come over I said you sure anyway she come over and we were just talking in the shed and talk and she asked me if I like to show she was putting on I said you’d of course ID like to show that she asked if I wanted to go up stairs and she could show me the person anyway we went upstairs into the lounge room and I sat on the lounge and she stood in the middle of the lounge room then started taking the clothes off well a little tits wer no more then a mouthful she took off her knickers and stood in front of me and said to me would you like to touch well what was I supposed to do I felt her kissed her nipples then put my hand between her legs she was wet wet wet

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    It is our humanly duty to teach these girls that are ready and willing to receive the gift as it was intended. freely and flowing.
    I love them all as did I this story.

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      a 13, 11 and a 9 year old in less than 5 months—uh-huh. and they all have never even accidently said anything to anyone. and none of your neighbors ever notice a steady stream of little girls stopping by your house. i see life in prison in your future—without parole

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