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Caught them in the act

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It was a Saturday morning and I’d just got home from going through the markets. I could hear loud moaning sounds from down the hall so I went to see what was going on. I reached my bedroom door and saw my husband having his way with our 11 year old daughter. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was watching him hump her young body but I was getting really horny. I started playing with my pusssy and I went into my bedroom and took off my shorts and underwear and I then told my daughter to eat my pusssy out while her daddy fucks her. She did as she was told and after a minute or so I was cumming all over her face. Her dad then came inside her and then told me I had to clean her out while he watched. I couldn’t wait to eat his cum out of her pusssy and I made her cum again. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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  • Reply duz ID:wz9ena6ic

    Gonzo cuz Chloe watch you fuck her yet ….. ducking so hard you better be making phoebe squirt …. duz she like it rough tell me what you do to her I bet you’ve came in my daughter so much your so lucky ..’.fuck your daddy [email protected] phoebe

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely hot

  • Reply duzzyy ID:wz9en9m9a

    I hope pop o reeves fucks her in front of me I wanna see him roughly fuck phoebe till she squirts like crazy I want us all to cum
    i hope shes been
    Sucking pauls cock for years secretly ino cuz shes mine ino she will fuck her dads either way just ask her if she would meet me to fuck

  • Reply fan ID:3zxisycdv9a

    Get her pregnant and use your grandchild

  • Reply DOM55 ID:3zxjfle2d9d

    My wife walked in on me fucking our daughter when she was 9. Rather than getting pissed, she got in on the act. I knew she had a kinky streak and that is certainly the case now. Daughter is 13 now and her developing buds are just too sexy (mom is large chested). The 3 of us get into all sorts of nasty games.

    Lately wife and daughter go out and fuck with other men and stream the nastiest crap so I can watch. I also go out and enjoy young pussy which gets streamed to others watching.

    • Bima ID:1bqrd7cjb0d

      Mmmm tell me more in detail

    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

      Absolutely sexy the thought of your daughter and wife fucking older men And streaming the content fantastic I would love to watch both of you

    • Phoebe hint hint ID:wz9ena6ic

      I want to know more please

    • Carlos ID:7ajrccf2zl

      You are definitely one lucky man

  • Reply Chloe Tandy ID:1ntqrh

    Duzzy is my ex I want my daughter to run to her dad cuz into duzzy will fuck phoebe I could put money on it. Its not like i m ever gonna tell on him I want her to fuck her dad and I want her to fuck my feiance pop will Reaves but I don’t know how to get this to happen my name is Chloe I love naughtiness like this

    • Duzzy Phoebes real daddy ID:wz9en9m9a

      Hi Chloe it’s duzzy lol i cant wait to see phoebes pussy i will do anything she wants i I wanna fucj phoebe so bad. i will do anything you want we can meet when evdr you want i will watch paul cuck her but i hope hes massive i want to see him fuck my baby better than me im so hard i canymt believe I found you let’s make it happen if Facebook me we was together. We are the same I bet phoebe will love it xxxxx

    • duzzy Chloe's ex. its really me ya lisa ID:wz9en9m9a

      Tell phoebe to show her pussy I bet paul wont be able to resist her. I cant wait to cum in my actual daughter… I won’t ever ever ever say suffin I want it as much as you so Facebook me asap …… Message me n u say this as a code so ino you know that you seen my reply…. Phoebes starting to ask about you…. Say that word for word xxxxxx I love you all. I hope phoebe already is on Paul’s dick . she’s my child I know she will love to fuck her dads xxxxxx see you soon ….
      I wank about you getting your sons to eat your pussy then you squirt on there dace I cum like mad xxz

    • duzzy for real ID:wz9en9m9a

      Facebook me I will tell you I will message you back saying I seen it and yes I wanna fyck phoebe we are gonna meet up for phoebes Daddy’s to cum deep i p in her xxxxx
      I can prove its me it u message me xxxx

    • duz ID:wz9en9m9a

      Ino you know I know now ino your getting wetter and wetter. Your so fucking hot omg I wish I could fuck you and phoebe together … Come meet me tell phoebe to suck it she will I bet

  • Reply Pete ID:7ylren8hr9

    Do yall plan on breeding her

    • duzzy ID:wz9en9m9a

      Hopefully I want to fuck a baby into her if Chloe let me

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren3hr9

    I wanna be ur neighbor and join in the fun.

    • duz ID:4172kdj88r9

      Is this who I think it is

    • Gonzo ID:1rou10v2

      In the flesh!, Chloe loves my stories.

  • Reply Jason ID:5u1d7cdqra

    Glad you wasn’t mad that your husband turn your daughter into a slut.

    • Me ID:wz9ena6ic

      It’s ok lol

  • Reply trucker ID:4aosu2u1qrk

    That sounds like a true story. Lots of wives are into that. Mine was

    • D Man ID:3k40n6rnt0k

      Would love to hear about your wife! Hehe