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Got my dick sucked by an older guy when I was 14

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Got some a bj from an old guy off Grindr. One which ill never forget.

It was the summer of 2018 and I was 14, recently moved to a pretty rural area and so didn’t know many people.

I didn’t have a girlfriend or anything at the time, and I was living at my parents’ house. It was a hot day, and I remember having a two week load in my balls and I badly wanted some head. It’s worth noting I’m straight, but out of sheer horniness I downloaded Grindr, hoping to get my cock sucked. After downloading it, I spotted a guy who was only 14 metres away, and was 56 according to his profile. He was obviously a lot older, chubby and bald but I was so horny I didn’t care. His bio expressed his interest in sucking cock and that he knew how to make teens cum hard.

I immediately messaged him about wanting to get head, and told him my age (which he was okay with) and my cock size, I was hung even at 14. After asking where he lived it turned out he was my neighbour, whom I hadn’t noticed since I had just moved to the area. He gladly accepted my request to get my dick sucked and invited me round to his since he lived alone. I knocked on his door and he answered almost straight away. He showed me inside and we chatted for a bit in his front room. I asked him about his profile and how he made teens cum hard. “Special tongue motion technique”, he said “some guys go crazy over it”.

“I don’t know whether to be turned on or scared” I said, and I sat down on his sofa, and spread my legs so he had space to kneel. He positioned himself inbetween my legs on the floor. He started to feel my bulge through my pants. He unzipped them, and pulled them off, and my boxers shortly after, revealing my already hard cock and my balls. I was so horny and excited that I was gonna get head. “I have a two week load in my balls by the way”, I said. “You’ll be empty after I’m done with you boy”, and that was the last thing he said before he started sucking my dick.

He started sucking and slowly rolled his tongue around the bellend of my cock as he sucked, I started moaning as this felt really good. He sucked me slowly, which was frustrating as I was so horny and wanted to cum. But it felt amazing, he focused his tongue on the V-shaped area of my dick head, this felt unreal and I knew that I’d soon cum if he wasn’t careful. It started getting really sloppy and his spit ran down my cock. He started playing with my balls as he slowly sucked and teased my cock. I moaned in frustration as I wanted to cum so badly, he knew he was teasing the fuck out of me. I was completely helpless as his head slowly bobbed up and down on my cock, and only he would decide when I was allowed to cum.

It was going on like this for 40 minutes, and I was going nuts, “oh fuck please let me cum” I said. To my surprise, he starts speeding up. His tongue rolls around my head as he’s sucking, however even faster. It started to feel really good, and I knew I was going to bust. “Fuck I’m gonna nut…” he kept sucking and didn’t slow down. “Ohhh FUCKKK”, I was shooting my 14 year old nut in his mouth, his tongue flicked around my bellend even faster. For the next 30 seconds, I moaned and cussed loudly as this fat old guy basically drained me of my two week load without mercy, I had stopped cumming by now but cock was extremely sensitive but yet he kept sucking.

”’P-please s-stop” I stuttered. He flicked by now empty balls and kept blowing me, I was shaking and trembling by this point, my bellend is very sensitive after I cum but he kept going anyway. And then, to my surprise, I felt the feeling I felt less than a minute prior, I was going to cum… again, and then I started to shoot cum for the second time. I couldn’t even speak the pleasure was so fucking intense, and still his head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I moaned like crazy and was still shaking, “ohh fuck please stop” I begged, I was expecting a flick to my nuts but he stopped sucking, my cock still in his mouth. I felt his tongue rolling around my bellend again, and he eventually took my cock out of his mouth. My cock was limp and my balls were fully drained of their spunk.

“How did that feel?” He asked, smiling at my flaccid penis drooped between my legs, “fucking unreal” I said. I eventually put my boxers and pants back on and promptly left.

If any people have any stories of something similar feel free to share.

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  • Reply KarenCD ID:22lquenoid

    I had a similar experience at the age of 14 but it was in a hotel bathroom.
    Now, I am the cock suckin faggot. I love sucking cock.

  • Reply M18 ID:2v2ywbg6ii

    When I was 15 I had a similar situation with my neighbour next door but one, chubby guy in his 50s who would suck my dick every day after school. Before I moved away when I was 17 he milked me with a fleshlight.

    • M18 ID:2v2ywbg6ii

      Oh and he’d always let me bust my nut in his mouth 😉

  • Reply Spudd ID:43xy3vnqm

    I’m In Upstate NY. I give the Best Head. HMU and I’ll drsin Ur ballz. Any Teen can Use my throat😉

    • Spudd ID:43xy3vnqm

      Drain ur ballz I meant🤦🏼‍♂️

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      when did you start sucking cock

  • Reply Mark67 ID:2v2ywbg6ii

    Fuck, he knows what he’s doing. I’m 67 and regularly suck young teens. All they have to do is unzip… and it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes for them to nut in my mouth… and yes I keep sucking their sensitive cocks until they beg me to stop.. but I keep blowing them until they go soft.

    • Pghteen69 ID:2a73uwtb0d

      Damn, I’m 15 now wish I had someone like you around lol

    • Mark67 ID:2v2ywbg6ii

      @Pghteen69 love sucking young hung teen guys. 😉

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      when did you start sucking cock

  • Reply S ID:1idyk8gcm9k

    Wow i never got any chance

  • Reply Donovan ID:101b6qgf8rk

    You are sooooo fucking lucky to have a guy like him for a neighbour. NEVER, say no to him! Wish I was you or him.

  • Reply t ID:dj4o9i9d2

    Im playing with my cock now, going to cummm soon

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I was about 14 first time I sucked my friends dick in his garage. it was pretty thick too, I couldn’t believe that I down between his legs before I opened my mouth and started sucking

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    That sounds like one talented cocksucker it’s may be very interested in sucking on young cock