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My Hot Sexy Sister

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Sisters fucking their brothers it’s not that uncommon.

Running around the house in her bikini panties and bra holding her B cup titties bouncing up & down which made my thick 9in.cock hard. Now I had been getting aroused by her hot sexy body. She had long black hair pretty face green eyes she had her makeup on she had been sear makeup since her breasts developed at a 12 . You see she’s been flaunting her sexuality to me,for years. She would leave her door open,while undressing or taking her shower.She sees me looking at her, teasing me,for years.
In a sense she was responsible for
What happened! I got on my Harley, went out and got some meth. I was horny still had the hard dick, I had come to see the hot slut,fore what she was my friends tell me she’s a straight whore at school.So I’m taking that ass first for tormenting. All those years ago.so I locked up the house. She was shaking her ass to some music in front of me So I got up,snatched her little ass up she was hollering let me go.yell all you want,no one around for miles.I pulled her teasing ass to the couch
Pulled her across my lap,I pulled her panties off exposeing her white plump ass cheeks. I then cominced to spanking that ass after about 50 ass seats she was crying her white ass now a cherry red. That’s for teasing me for all those years.I had virgin olive oil, so I began rubbing it on her burning ass cheeks as I rubbed It into her hot ass cheeks I got up holding her by her arm I undo
My pants so my big cock can smell,
What he’s doing.I now pull her across my naked lap, sister sees my big cock for the first time your going to rape me with that monster dick.The fuck I’m not after I get Thur
Fucking you with this big dick, you’ll be begging me to fuck you.Now I’m going to eat your ass out then I’m fucking. As I bent her over the ,. As I went in I sniffed her ass so I started licking her ass up & down her asscrack.Damn man,she was saying that’s it big brother lick my ass it feels great, when I took my big tongue, started licking her pink rectum,she moaned oh my god that feels great. Yes big brother lick my hot sexy asshole as I pushed my tongue into her tight rectum. Alright sister no I’m about to FUCK that tight virgin asshole that you’ve got .I’m telling you up front this is going to hurt at first,play with your pussy as you get loose you will love it.soi started lubing her tight assholeI’ll
Put my big cock head up against her lubed up rectum.I pushed hard against her asshole finally it popped in her tight rectum, I pause inside her asshole so she can get used to the hurt. She tells me take it out, I grab her long sexy black hair and pull it shut up you teasing slut whore
.Take this dick bitch,as I pushed up
Her tight asshole its so tight I’m going to cum easily.as I started to FUCK her beautiful tight asshole
oh yeah sister your ass is the best fuck I’ve ever had, as I get to cum I in the hottest asshole there is oh big brother fucking my hot sexy ass is feeling good
I’m about to cum so fuck me harder
Cumingthank you for raping me .

We went on to FUCK the whole weekend,were still fucking each other to this day.


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  • Reply Beachboy here ID:1cueu1xd131a

    Hmm well okay but I don’t know what happened but I was drinking and smoking and looking at my sister’s ass and the ass was mine that night

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh my god Jaiedene !!!! you are so rough !!! but in a way your story made me cum in my spandex leggings sweetie !! I’m not into ass fucking but I’ll make an exception for you !!! only if you use olive oil in my tushy !!!! Oh ! and thank you for commenting on my story !!! Britney