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How I played with 11 yearold girl

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When I was 16 my mate and I used to baby sit, I had a play once.

When I was 16 my freind (15) and I uses to baby sit for this couple who had two boys 7 & 9 and a girl 11. Well when I say we they asked my mate and I just tagged along.

Most of the time all 3 kids were awake and that was hectic as they were little cunts. Bit then sometimes we got lucky and 2 or all would.be awake.

This one time all 3 were asleep my freind ( Mike) a I watching tv downstairs drinking Wight Lightening cider, chatting shit usuall things teenage boys do. When he started to throw out the dares.

He dared me to go and find if the mother ( her name was Sharon but so was the daughters) a dildo, so off I go to have a rummage around her bedroom, I take a look in her bedside table in her draws and wardrobe but no dildo found, I did fine her thongs which I wore on my head when I went back down stairs.

When mike saw them he got all excited snatched them from me and gave them a long sniff.

I told them their clean. He then stuffs them I his pocket and say that he will use them to wank with. I laught call him a perv and sit back to watch the tv and think of his dare.

So I’m thinking what would be a good one to do? Something I don’t think he would do? Then it hits me little Sharon is asleep up stairs in her room.

I I look at him smile an evil smile and say ” I dare you to feel Sharon little titties) now Sharon has these little boobies which are about half way to an A cup. He looks back at me and says “fuck it ok” and gets up to go up stairs. I think he going to bottle it and say he did it so I follow him.
Once in her room he stands there looking at her sleeping, she has no covers on her and her light is on, she is wearing a vest and knickers. She is laying on her back fast asleep.

I’m behind him and say go on then a dare is a dare, if you don’t do it I win your babysitting money. He turns and say double dare you to do it, I say your a knob then slip past him and stand by her bed. I kneel down next to her a reach out and place my hand on her laft tittie, mike asks how it feels and I say you could have found out yourself if you had the balls. I then decide to slid my hand into her vest so can get to flesh, Mike then says ok you win let’s go back down stairs.

The layout of the upstairs is a centre stair case two rooms to the left and bathroom toilet and master room to the right.

So we are back watching Total Recall, and I say just going for a pass Mike say yeah thanks needed to know that. So I head up stairs to the toilet I sit on the toilet with the door open and can see right into little Sharon’s room. I say to myself why not, I walk into her room kneel down next to her bed & pull her vest over so I can see her left tit, I crease it a little and think let’s go further so I lower my face down and lightly suck on her little tittie, I suck gently on her and flick her nipple with my tongue, I can feel the nip getting hard I suck on her breastfeeding for about 5 minutes and then stop wondering what else I can do?
So there I am looking her up and down bare legs on show I hear a little snore from her and think yes she still sleeping.

My pervert mind starts racing now thinking about what I could do before I go back down stairs, I smile to myself, and reach for her knickers and pull them to the side to look and her little bald fanny (for Americans fanny in the UK is pussy not butt) I look at it for couple of seconds then replace her knickers and head back down.

So there we watching the movie and I’m trying to thing if was to get back upstairs to Sharon then ping light bulb moment, I say to Mike this cider is making me miss like a race horse, think I might swamp myself if I’m not carefull. So get up and head back for another so called fake piss.

I walk straight into Sharon’s room, pull her knickers across again and look, she hasn’t mover an inch since I left her 40 minutes ago. So looking at her little.hairless vagina I wonder what it would taste like so I lean over her I stick my tongue between the little folds of her pussy lips, thus is when I fi d out she has started growing public hair as I can feel them on my tongue, I move my tongue around the lips of her pussy pushing as far in as I dare to go not wanting to.wake her up, I can taste her sweetness and have to restrain myself from sticking my tongue right inside her.
I rearrange her clothing and go back down stairs, then get bombarded with insults of having a badder of an old man and a girl.

The rest of the night goes without me trying to eat the little 11 year old pussy. Then a week latter Mike asks me again if I would come babysit with him.

I say yes but this time it’s earlier and all three are awake, and it’s really hot weather,I bring some bottle of Coke and 7Up to drink. Both boys ate there and so is little Sharon watching tv I say it hot in here and go sit on the shad roof to cool off, Sharon and her brother comes out, ask if they can come up? I jump down and help them up making sure I really get a good feel of Sharon’s bum, for a 11 year old she has a nice firm full butt.
We sit on the roof for a bit her brother gets bored jumps of onto the grass rolls and disappears inside. So I left with her and we chat she ask if I have a girlfreind I say no, then she asks if I’ve done things with girls ?

I ask like what? She says you know kissing fingerings fucking. I tell her I’ve done those things yes, she says ah OK asks me to help her down so I do. We both head inside.

Mike knowing I’ve got money ( because I work) say why don’t you go buy some sweets and cider. I say I can’t as the closest shop won’t serve my booze. Sharon says well you can still get sweets ” I’ll come with you, we go to the shop we get back.

At this point for no reason I’m horny as fuck so say I’m going outside its to hit in here amdi go to the shed this time I go in the shed, pull the door shut sit down on the blanket that was is there, get my 5inch cock out and start to wank, suddenly the door opens. I shit myself and try and hind my bits when I walks Sharon, she asks me what am I doing? I say nothing.

She says “I don’t belive you! Your shorts are undone” I think fuck what do I do now.

So I tell her the truth ” I was.having a wank” she giggles and her eyes light up, she looks out the shed and says show me!!

I say “What”?

She says “show me how you wank” I want to see it. I then have a wicked idea and she if you take you knickers off I’ll wank. Then quick as a flash she’s removed her.knickers.

I release my cock and start to wank slowly Sharon comes and kneels down next to me and places her hand on my balls , she looks up and says they feel funny.

At this time she is in a dungaree dress with no vest or bra on and I can see her little tits. I say have you ever wanked? She replies girls can’t wank they get fingered. I say what about licked?

I’ll lay back and you put you fanny on my face and I will make you feel good? She thinks about it for a minute or two then says mmm OK, so I lay back and she puts her knees either side of my head her little pussy inches from my mouth. I lift my head and lick her pussy, she says that feels funny but I carry on licking her after a couple of minutes she starts to let out little moans, aahhh arrgh mmmm aahh, I know she is enjoying it so I start to lick harder I lick her little clit then up to here little hole stick my tongue in her a d then move back to her clit, she starts to moan loaded AARRRGGH AAHH MMMAAARRGH I stop and say open your mouth as she does I stick my cock in there and say lick it like an icelolly.

She starts to suck on my cock the inexperience really shows with this as she uses to much teeth .
But I think as long as.it keeps her quite I go back to eating her sweet tasting little pussy working mostly on and around her clit with licking up to her hole ever so often then she grinds her pussy onto my face I think she’s going to cum, so I lick harder really making sure I hit all the right places, she has my cock still in her mouth just sucking on it nothing more, when I her her muffled moans MMMMHHHH HHAHHHHMMH MMPPHHHH

Then ones last long muffled scream AAAARRRGʻGMMMPPPPHH MMMMMHHHHPP
she lifts her head up and says “fuck”
I laught and say you enjoy that ?
She says what you think.
I’m even hornier then before so I say to her I want to fuck her, she says if it’s as good as.what you just did do, so I lay her on the blanket and line my cock up with her tiny pussy, I rub the tip up and down her slit, she closes her eyes and let’s out a mmmmhhhhh.
I rub up and down her little pussy line the tip of my cock up with her hole and I ask her are.you ready? Before she even answers I start to slid my cock into her rocking back and forth going deeper each time, I ask her if she is OK she says yes so I slide fully into her, as I do I plant a kiss on her mouth to hide any screams.

I’m now fully in her balls deep I just leave it inside her allowing her to get used to having a cock inside her, I ask her again if she is OK she says yes.

I ask here you want me to carry on? She answers if that’s what you want.
I think fucking of course.thats what I want, so I slowly start.to fuck her slowly pulling out of her to then slowly put all my cock back inside of her, I do thus for a minute or 2 and then start to speed up as I do she let’s out an ah argh ah, this really gets me going so I speed up even more. Her breathing quicken and even time I push my cock into her she let’s out an argh.

This is getting to much for me and I can feel my balls tighten I speed up more knowing I’m close I lean down so my face is next to hers and say I’m almost done, she didn’t understand what I meant and says. Arrgg O aargh K.

I really start to ram my cock into her now long strokes she is so tight she has pulled my foreskin back with her pussy she feels to nice, she moans aarrgghh arrgghh, then I cum I fire a huge load of my teenage cum into this 11 year olds pussy, my balls tighten my whole body spasm as jet after jet of hot cum fire deep inside Sharon’s pussy.

And then it was over I lay ontop of her getting my breath back hugging her, I ask how that was for her , she says I little sore but wow it’s nice, I pull my cock out of her gently and a trail of cum and blood follows it out. I say to her you going to bed to clean yourself up asap, I put my cock away still cover in both our.juices and her blood.

She stands up and her legs go wobbly I catch her and hold her till she gets her balance.

And then she heads back inside the house to go and clean herself. I go I sit on the sofa and say to mike and the two boys it’s still hot in here where’s the 7Up.

I would like to say that I got to fuck Sharon again after that,.but unfortunately mike went back to school and when they needed someone I was.needing to work so wasn’t able to do her again. Just glad she never got pregnant. Never did see her again after that bight either.

I’m 45 now and can’t help but look at all the young girls when they walk past my house, wondering if could ever get to fuck any of those. I’d even pay

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