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Chronicles of a Dirty Litte Girl

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Chapt.1 My name’s Melissa. At age 11 I was atypical girl but I had a sassy mouth that was forever getting me in trouble and my daddy had enough

The characters are fictional.

Learning Not To Sass Daddy

She was well versed in the proper way to behave. She had also been sheltered from many things in life. She knew that in the company of some she had to be the innocent 11 year old that most are around her age. Those people included mainstream society. She was expected to maintain friendships with other girls, go to school daily, ride the neighborhood church van every Sunday, visit family members etc. On the other hand in the company of her father, whom was raising her on his own she was to service him anyway he sees fit. He had began grooming her at the young age of 10. She remembers the day it began when she sassed off to him and instead of the usual week long grounding, he told her to go to her room and he would be there in a few minutes. She waited for what felt like a lifetime until he appeared. He carried with him her small chair from her table she used when she hosted tea parties with her favorite stuffed animals. In his other hand he held something that she didn’t recognize. She now knows it’s a flogger., used many times over since then.
“Stand up Girl.” Daddy said very quietly but firmly. I knew by his tone I better not protest. “ Take off all of your clothes and fold them neatly and do not speak one word to me until I tell you to. You will not sass me again.” I was thoroughly confused because I had just gotten dressed and the only time I was naked in front of my daddy was for bath time. I slipped off my pants and removed my tee-shirt, standing there in my panties. After folding them I turned to face him.
“The panties too Girl. Take off those panties and follow me. “
Daddy took me into the basement and had me sit in the chair. It was chilly in the basement with no clothes on and I was more confused than ever. As I sat down, Daddy said “Open up your legs by placing your feet on the floor and one leg each side of the chair.” I could now feel cool air between my legs. Daddy has always taught me to call it my pussy and at bath time he always washed it really good for me, then had me practice whike he watched; sometimes having to show me again the right way to wash it.
“You are 10 now and groundings are no longer enough. Today starts with your new punishments. You may choose to either receive a whipping or you can put daddies cock in your mouth. You may speak now”
Except I couldn’t speak because I was confused. Daddy had never spanked me and I couldn’t understand why I would have to have his cock in my mouth.
“ANSWER ME NOW GJRL!” In a shaking voice I answered him.
“I don’t want a spanking cuz it will hurt me. I don’t know about putting your cock in my mouth….what will happen?” I asked him trying not to cry
“I will piss in that sassy mouth. Now you have about 10 seconds to decide your punishment or you will get both”
I was terrified of a spanking and so ashamed that I was getting ready to drink my daddies piss. “ OK OK OK. Daddy I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I won’t sass you anymore.” And I began to cry.

“…..8,9,10……. Ok girl stand up and bend over that chair and keep your legs spread wide open and your ass poked out so I can see that pussy as spank you. Do not let go of the chair or move. You may cry all you need to, which is why we are down here….”
I did what he asked me to do. The first time those leather strings hit my ass I screamed out begging him to stop. Relentlessly daddy spanked me and twice it hit my pussy making the pain unbearable. I only let go of the chair once and got rewarded by having my hand-tied to it. After my spanking my daddy approached me. He smiled and told me to open my mouth up real big.
He slowly inserted his cock into my mouth. Quickly warm piss filled my 10 year old mouth.
“Swallow it girl and keep your eyes open at all times during your punishments!” daddy demanded as he grinned looking down at me
I was covered in piss and had welts stinging my little ass. When I walked I could feel my pussy was puffed our and swollen. School was going to be uncomfortable today.
“Put those clothes back on except for the panties. You no longer will be wearing any. When your done come finish your breakfast.” My daddy told me I would not have time to shower before the bus came. I knew I had to smell like pee.
When I got downstairs daddy looked at me and laughed.
“I love you Girl. That’s why I must make you understand your place in life. When you sit to eat a meal you spread open your legs as wide as possible to let whoever know how grateful you are. If you are wearing pants, you take them off. Ok?”
I nodded and sat down to my now cold bowl of plain grits. Daddy had added some toast to my meal.
“See that toast.’Daddy made it special for his baby. Touch that white gooey stuff Girl”
I touched it and it was slimy . It completely coved two slices if bread.
“Good little girl! That’s daddy’s cum. You will be eating it everyday now. Well you’ve been eating it since you were 3 but now I don’t need to hide it. Go ahead and eat NOW!”
I ate the toast covered in the cum and then the cold grits. I went to tell my daddy bye. This time instead of quick kiss he made me open my mouth and put our tounges together.
“U are making me very happy Girl! ? Don’t forget our house rules about not telling anyone what happens in my house. I’m taking today off and I will be waiting for you with a special surprise when you get home. Today in class you are to ask your teacher if you may sit at the front of the classroom. Make sure to keep your skirt pulled up and your legs open. I put a bottle in your backpack filled with daddy’s cum. Every hour today you will need to rub some on your pussy to help it feel better. You are to do that in class- not the bathroom. I am so proud of you for becoming a big girl today!”
Even though the spanking hurt and I smelled like pee I felt so great for making my daddy happy. Plus I would be getting a surprise when I got home. I checked my backpack and made sure I knew where daddys cum bottle was. My pussy was so sore and I couldn’t hardly wait to rub it on there when I got to school. As the bus pulled up I felt like the biggest princess in the world and for the first time I felt little tingles between my legs.

Chapter 2 coming soon

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