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Uncle Ted and Tina

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How I got together with my uncle after my dad died. Teen, incest.

Hi, I’m Tina. I’m a fourteen year old white girl and I thought you might enjoy my story.

My dad died suddenly, a little over a year ago. Mom and I were really shocked and very sad. For almost two months Mom was really down and cried frequently. Then my uncle Ted started coming around a lot. We have both always both liked him a lot. Mom started acting more normal and happy again. Ted is my father’s younger brother. He is two years younger than Dad, the same age as Mom.

One night after I went to bed, Ted was still there. An hour or so later I started hearing the same noises that I used to hear when Mom and Dad were having sex in their bedroom. I got out of bed and went to her door and carefully opened it just enough to look in. I had watched Mom and Dad a couple of times.

Mom was naked, on her back, with her legs spread wide. Uncle Ted was naked too. He was between her legs, really letting her have it. The headboard of the bed was knocking against the wall. Mom was making happy moans. “Oh Ted yes, fuck me hard and deep. Ohhhh. I haven’t done anything since Dan died and I’m so horny. My fingers just don’t do a good job but your big cock sure does. It’s even longer than Dan’s. It’s going so deep. She let out a loud moan. It was almost a scream. “Shoot your cum deep in my cunt. I want it so bad.” Ted groaned and held himself deep in my mother. I was sure he was coming in her. Mom collapsed and just lay there limp. Ted got up and started to get dressed. “I wish you could sleep with me all night but we would not want Tina to find you still here in the morning.” I went back to my room and jilled off before going to sleep.

The next morning Mom was in better spirits than she had been since we lost Dad. She fed me a nice breakfast and packed my school lunch.

You would probably like to know a little about me. Like I said, my name is Tina. I just turned fourteen. I’m 5’3” and have a slim body with B-cup breasts and a fair complexion. I have light brown hair that comes to the tops of my shoulders and I keep straight with just a little bit of a natural curl. Dad had tattoos and he let me get one. I play on my school soccer team. I’m not a virgin but I had only done it twice, with my boyfriend. The first time hurt a lot and I almost didn’t let him do it again but I knew that Mom and Dad enjoyed it so I let him. The second time was a lot better.

Mom gave Ted a key. He kept coming over and staying after I went to bed. I kept watching them. I liked it best when Mom was on her knees and elbows and Ted was doing her from behind with his big cock while her D-cup boobs swung back and forth under her. I started rubbing myself while I watched them.

Dad’s insurance kept the mortgage and most other bills paid but there was not much left over. Ted started chipping in and we ate better and did things like getting cable TV.

One time, while I was watching them, I guess I made a noise or something, because Ted turned his head and looked at me. He didn’t stop or say anything. He just smiled at me and then turned back to fucking Mom. I watched a couple more times after that and uncle Ted spent more time watching me watch them. Mom never caught me spying on them screwing.

One day he came up behind me and put his arms around me. “Do you come while you rub yourself as you watch us?”

I’m sure I blushed as red as a tomato. “I guess so. It feels good and I get wet down there.”

“Your mom has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Would you like it if I came over when you get home from school and really make you feel good?” I’m sure I blushed again. I nodded my head yes. “Are you a virgin?” I shook my head no. Ted kissed me and I kissed him back.

The next day, Ted was alone in the house when I got home from school. He said Hi and then kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss. “OK Honey, take your clothes off.” I couldn’t look him in the eye but I slowly removed my blouse and then my bra. “You have very beautiful tits, Tina. Let me do the rest.” First he licked and sucked on each of my nipples and then he got down on his knees, unfastened my jeans and pulled them and my panties down at the same time. I stepped out of them and he gently pushed me back till I sat on the couch.

Ted kissed the inside of each of my thighs and then pressed his mouth to my sex. His tongue slid thru my pubic hair and slipped between my pussy lips till it touched my clit. It felt like an electric shock and I jumped and moaned. “Relax, you’re gonna love this.” It didn’t take long before I had the hardest orgasm of my life. I grabbed his head and pulled him tight to me as I shook and cried out and came on his face. He reached up and kissed me. This kiss was longer. I could taste myself on his lips.

“Are you ready to have that pretty little pussy fucked by a man’s cock?”

I weakly said, “Yes.”

Ted stood up and dropped his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear. He was already hard. He was a lot longer and a lot thicker than my boyfriend. I wasn’t sure that I was ready but I didn’t say a word. He pulled my hips to the edge of the couch and then he moved forward and I felt the end of his prick touch my mound. He slid it between my outer lips and rubbed it against my clit. I moaned.

Holding it with his hand, he lined it up with my hole and pushed the head inside. It hurt and I was about to tell him to stop when he pushed again and had two inches in me. He held still and the pain eased off. Another push and another inch went in. He was going as gently as he could. I could feel him spread my love tunnel each time he went further. It was so tight. If he was any bigger, I don’t think I could have taken him.

Ted was five inches in me when he started pulling out and pushing back in. I was lubricating to help him. Soon he was full depth in me. “Are you OK, Tina?”

“Oh yes, more than OK. Do it. Fuck me.” That was the first time I ever remember saying the word fuck. Just a few months ago, a boy had a wiener or a peepee and a girl had a coochie or her peepee. Now it was a cock and a cunt.

Ted picked up speed till he was plowing himself into me as good as I had ever seen him fuck my mother. After not much more than a minute I expected him to come like my boyfriend did but he just kept going. I should have known he would last a long time after watching him fuck my mother but I was thinking about how it was with my boyfriend. After about five minutes I felt I was going to have an orgasm and I did. It felt wonderful. Ted just kept going. After another five minutes I was lifting my hips up to match his down strokes, when I felt him swell even thicker and he groaned. I felt his sperm flooding my insides which made me have another and even stronger orgasm.

He left his cock in me as we both calmed down. Finally he pulled his shrinking shaft out and sat on the couch next to me and kissed me again. “We better get dressed. Your mom will be home soon.” She got home about fifteen minutes later and we acted like nothing had happened.

For the next month, Ted kept us both satisfied. He and Mom had sex most nights and he and I fucked whenever we could get time alone. I also let my boyfriend fuck me again but it was not even close to being good. I still watched Ted and Mom and learned some new things. I saw her on top, riding him like a girl riding a horse and I saw her suck his cock till he came in her mouth. I was anxious to try both of these new things. He told me that we needed to figure out how to get me birth control because we were taking too many chances of me getting pregnant. He hates condoms and I love the feeling of cum filling me.

I came home from school one day and Ted and Mom were sitting on the couch. “Your mom knows. She asked me if I was fucking you and I said yes. She wasn’t mad. She said that she had guessed that we were having sex. We can still do it as long as she gets all she wants. She made an appointment to go see the doctor to get you the pill.”

Mom came over and hugged me. “Did you agree or did he force you?”

“We both wanted it and I did it because I wanted to.”

“Then it is OK with me, too. I was twelve when I had sex for the first time.”

Now, Ted has moved in and sleeps openly with Mom every night. They leave the bedroom door wide open. Ted and I still frequently fuck and Mom has even watched. One of these days I want to see if they will have a threesome so we can both share Ted’s cock at the same time. One of my teachers has started flirting with me. I think I will let him have my pussy so I have started flirting back.

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