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I let my Dad ejaculate inside me, we both knew it was wrong and we just didn’t care

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In a micro second, we both knew what we wanted

I looked at a few stories before I decided to write mine, I can’t believe how many call their Dads Daddy trying to sound sincere! To me my father is Dad! My name is Debora, 23 and I’m 5ft tall in my heels! But I’m well proportioned! I have or should I say had a boyfriend until this virus and all the lockdowns started, at school I had all the jokes about being small and was glad when I left, my Mum is/was an NHS ambulance driver, a job she adored but my Dad has a car recycling (scrap yard!) and I work for him as it is a family business, Dad is a looker for his age and has always got a lot of attention from woman! And he played up to it! and was always a joker, knowing that a lot or woman fancied him made mum proud he was hers I think but she was also very pretty too.
I suppose the crap hit the fan for the first time with me during the first lockdown, I had given myself remote access to his laptop without telling him, one night I was bored and decided to use it activating his camera and I wish I hadn’t, there he was on his bed having sex! The screen was angled upwards but I saw enough, more than enough really so I hit screen record! I needed something in case he denied it didn’t I, I was hurt angry and crying, I couldn’t believe he had taken advantage of not being able to see me and done this but he has and lets just sat he got what was coming to him, telling him never to contact me again or I’ll post the footage online with his name and address! I had a 5 year contraceptive implant put in too!!!!!!!!

I felt much better after and he never once tried to call me! Mum & Dad asked me why they hadn’t seen him so I told them and showed them, they were furious.
Now with Mum being an ambulance driver she was very busy, and with the lockdowns especially at night and with me no longer having a boyfriend we would be on our own, we took to watching films together since we couldn’t go out and our DVD library has grown, the days were ok as people still kept crashing there cars keeping us busy with the tow truck!
It was nice snuggling up to Dad on the sofa with a drink waiting for mum to come home, but then we got a call saying she was ill, despite all her precautions she had contracted this virus and this was before there was any vaccines, it took a week and we lost her, can’t even put into words how that felt, to say we were both lost just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Step forward a few months, we couldn’t really talk about it immediately, just going to work and trying to push through it but eventually we did, we talked so easily as we had never done before, about everything, his trouble and mine as we made our way through a bottle of brandy, The alcohol was letting us lose our inhibitions as we sat on the sofa,  I began to confide in my Dad letting him know just how much I missed Mum and sex with my ex, He listened to me intently as I explained my troubles and that’s when I realised that I was so turned on, I even told him just how hard it was to have to masturbate by yourself most every night, he told me he knew all about masturbating by himself since Mum had passed as he also missed that part of their lives, I decided touch his leg as I told him more of my worries, gently riding it up his thigh as I spoke, I just couldn’t help myself.

Dad moved in closer to me and moved his hand down my cheek and across my breasts, I sat completely still and just moaned at his touch, at this particular moment neither of us cared, we looked at each other and in a micro second, we both knew what we wanted, we both knew it was wrong and we just didn’t care, He jumped from where he was sitting and began kissing at my neck, using his hands to undress me,
as he got to my breasts I suddenly covered them, I guess that was moment of panic, he gently took my hands away and undid my bra exposing my breasts, and they were aching to be touched like never before, he sucked on my nipples and flicked them with his tongue, after a few minutes he started making his way down to my jeans kissing every inch of me, he loosened my jeans pulling them down then removed my panties, he didn’t hold back and plunged his tongue inside of me.
Let me tell you Dad knew exactly what he was doing as he flicked and sucked my clit, he then gently pulled at my clit with his tongue and made me entire body shake.

He took a step back, I sat up and undid his belt pulling his trousers down,  His cock was rock hard, I
could see it through his underwear, I pulled it out and I was gobsmacked at the size, my ex was nowhere near as big as this, it felt so good in my hand and caressed his balls with my free hand, they were big and heavy, I wanted it inside me despite his size, I lay back on the couch, Dad then pulled at my waist and pulled me closer to him, spreading my legs as he did so, I felt that huge cock of his on my pussy lips, he started to push, I couldn’t believe how good it felt as he pushed it deep inside of me and I was being stretched a lot further than ever before and with each thrust the wet patch beneath us grew bigger, after a few very deep thrust he pulled himself out, I sat up seeing his glistening wet cock, I couldn’t help myself as I pulled his hard cock into my mouth, it tasted just like my pussy and he tried thrusting his cock deeper down my throat as I licked that massive head, I stood up and turned him around so he sat on the couch.

I climbed over the top of him straddling him, I guided his cock between my lips then sank down onto it,
I rode him as hard as I possibly could. I was desperate to cum and I knew he was too, he played with my breasts as I steadied myself with my hands on his chest, I kept on riding him as hard as possible, taking every inch of his cock in my pussy, he felt so tight it was unbelievable, I moaned out in pleasure, I hadn’t felt like this in a long time, neither of us had, I was so close to coming, I slowed down a little as it built up, he knew what was happening, he reached forward and rubbed my little clit, it was too much, my pussy exploded like never before, I sat on him while my pussy gripped him, exploding all over his cock, my cum dripping down his penis, he pinched my nipples which made me shake more.

He had still not cum though I don’t know how, he stood up and carried me turning us around and laying me on the couch, he started thrusting in and out of me, my pussy was so sensitive to every touch since I had just cum, he worked in a gorgeous steady rhythm, I don’t know if he knew I had an implant but their was no stopping him now, I felt him ejaculate the biggest load I had ever felt, shooting his warm load up inside of me, when it finished he slid out of me, my pussy spilling out a lot of his spunk, we both panted and recovered ourselves for a few minutes before getting up, we went to the shower to clean up, sort of, instead we repeated what had just happened downstairs, , Dad held me like a doll moving me up and down on his cock, we both came again then got cleaned up, needless to say that night we didn’t sleep alone.
I do have to be honest though, I said I was small at the at the start of this and Dad is a hell of a lot bigger than my ex, the next day I was really sore and I winced when I sat down, we worked it out though and he takes his time with me and I have got used to him, and when he ejaculates, he pulls out a little so I can feel it squirting on my cervix which is gorgeous, and of course I have the most amazing orgasms now.
I have post a couple of pics on the link below!

Me & my Dad

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